Year 2014 At a Glance With Hacknovations


This year ( 2014 ) had been a great year, it is now only 4 months I am about to complete my second year in blogging. I started Hacknovations on April 22, 2013. I wasn’t so serious regarding it,in the initial stage, but with the time being I found blogging more and more interesting , and my interest deepen. Been such a great year overall, I thought to write an article, taking the year 2014 at a glance. Below are the incidents happened with me, in this year.

Starting the Blog

Starting the blog itself proved to be the best , as I wrote above, I started blogging on April 22, 2013. I started with blogger, remained with them for 5 months, during this time I tightened my grip over html, as everything needed there to be done with editing the html of the template, In the initial 2 months I blogged on a sub-domain then moved to a top level domain ( ). Blogger worked fine, but then I realized it didn’t allow much customizations, also your blog was always at risk of being suspended by google , as they owned your blog. It was then, when I moved to wordpress – self hosted. I moved my posts to word-press ( although I realized they were now of no use, and deleted them later and started with from a new point )

Using the Hostinger

When I was searching for a new home for my blog ( web-host ) I found hostinger, they made my life easier. I was quite convinced with there services and support. On November 10th this year I wrote a full review outlining the main features of hostinger. I remained on the free package for 3 months and my site worked fine, for more performance I moved on to a premium server. This change decreased my load time and helped me load fast, which in turn increased conversion rates.

Meeting Aloukik Rathore

It made no sense to talk about SEO and such things in 11th standard, as most of the folks around including the teachers too didn’t knew what It was. Then, I met Aloukik, a 17 year, fulled with enthusiasm, our aim and thoughts matched 99.99%. The only difference I guess between us are the marks ( he scores more =D ). Aloukik is  a fast learner as grasp things quick, we together discussed several articles. He writes mainly smartphones and related topics. When it comes to design and theme, he has a beautiful mind.

Making of

SanjiviniFoundation is NGO, working for child abuse and similar social issues, but why I am talking about it ? This year sanjivinifoundation hired us to make a website for them. We took the project data, assembled it together and declared the site working in a week. This project was important, not in terms of finance. We earned great experience on how to deal with advertisers and clients, fixing the deadlines, and manner of working, and make the client happy so it comes again. ( you can check out our work @ ) we were provided the design and layout by the client.

Meeting Rakshit Joshi

He wrote several great articles, prime focus of whom were windows phone, smartphones, and Internet tutorials. Rakshit has been with Hacknovations since the starting, when we were quite small. Although he checked in-out several times. Rakshit knows how to bake excellent articles and spread them on the web to make them live forever.

Short Lived Coupon Site

Using the resources I had, I made a coupon site. It made $200 on the opening day, but it didn’t lived long. It closed within a week, the mistake was, I used a nulled theme. And it was harming the site’s servers. So, we decided to take it out and removed it from our servers. However we do plan to open another coupon site, this time using clean things. The site is planned to be launched on 1st March 2015. If you wish to be notified on the launch, do subscribe via email through the box in the right ( I don’t spam, promise ! )

Youtube Channel

I just started a youtube channel ( hacknovations4u ) a few days ago, and uploaded a couple of videos. The basic moto was to upload the video tutorials of the articles I wrote, to make it more easy for readers to grasp them. In future I’ll be uploading more and more videos on youtube, be sure you subscribe, so that you don’t miss any single video.

Final words : It has been a great year and we hope to make the year 2015 even greater. I am  looking forward in making relations with more and more bloggers and advertisers. I am about to about to make an advertise section in the blog, making it easier for advertisers to reach their audience better.

So, how has been 2014 been for you ? Share your story I’d love to hear ..


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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