WordPress Might Crowdfund Your Next Visit to WordCamp !

Independent of where you’re located, you must have seen an increase in the WordCamp events. It seems like WordPress is focusing more and more on growing and cultivating the community spirit. After organizing a fair number of events (with success), WordPress community members figured out some minor loopholes and are working to fix them up.

WordCamp events are paid. More than that, sometimes the attendees come from a distant location to attend the event. It’s not a big problem for those who’re making a fair income. But for some people who’ve just started or not making enough money, these expenses are hard to handle. To tackle this issue, WordPress community member Ines van Essen has started a new nonprofit initiative.

Ines van Essen

Ines van Essen’s image from Donate WC Website

The aim of the initiative is to offer financial assistance to community members to make them convenient for them to attend WordCamps. This initiative is called DonateWC. It is a crowdfunding based campaign aimed at covering costs of getting things running smoothly.

With the website properly setup, she has also raised initial funds. She is now planning to set up a nonprofit organization. From the donations that she’ll receive from sponsors, she aims at helping people all over the world to attend/speak at WordCamps.

On her initiative website, she shares her story by telling that she used to be a freelancer before finally joining Automattic. She shared that she was invited to the 2015 community summit. Because of the fact that she was a freelancer, she had no company to back up for the fund required to visit the event. She spent a month’s worth of her income into traveling, living and attending the event.

Ines mentioned that she considers herself to be lucky that she could at least afford to attend the event. She mentions that if attending WordCamp burned a little hole in the pocket of someone from first world country, how would it like to be for other people.

What will the crowdfund be used for?

The fund collected via this initiative will help the deserving community members with the following things :

  • WordCamp ticket
  • Accommodation
  • Food & drink
  • Door to door transportation
  • & Internet access

Editor’s note: I appreciate the efforts of Ines. The only problem would be if the non-deserving candidates got sponsored. I am still wondering as of how the deserving candidates would be selected. Also, apart from crowdfunding, if there is an option for companies to sponsor the event in lieu of distributing their merch ( t-shirt, or mug ), it would be a great reason for WordPress theme & plugin companies to invest in these events.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Hello Rachit,

Well I haven’t attended any wordpress wordcamp event yet but this seems pretty great opportunity for me.


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