WordPress 4.9 to Be Launched on 14th Nov, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

WordPress 4.9 is likely to be released on November 14th, 2017 ( which happens to be my birthday ). The first beta version of WordPress 4.9 launched checkout the new features and changes. In this article, I will highlight WordPress 4.9  features and changes.

Wondering How I got WordPress 4.9 beta version?

Well, You can get it too via WordPress Beta Tester. But I strongly recommend you to test it on your testing server and full backup of your website as it’s not stable and maybe have some security flaws which is not suitable for your personal or money-making blog.

You can test it offline using XAMPP.

What’s New In WordPress 4.9

WordPress is going to introduce some new Features in upcoming 4.9 version. This is the overview of all new features and changes.

  • Draft and schedule option
  • ‘Add Media’ button in text widget
  • New Gallary Widget

Some new Options in code editor

Draft and Schedule Changes in Customizer.
draft option in customizer

Many of us (including me) use to do different experiments with WordPress sometimes even without knowing what we are doing, and sometimes it becomes a mess and takes a lot of time to get it fixed. WordPress understands us and introduced the draft option to helped us to deal with it.  So, Cheers and happy experimenting.

Schedule Option

wordpress schedule

WordPress also introduced a new option to schedule customizing changes which is pretty cool. It will help in scheduling your customized changes time to time means now you can change the appearance of your site even when you’re not using the site.

New Add media option in Text Widget of WordPress 4.9

Many people were tired of coding in the widget to perform various media functions like adding images, videos, links in the widget. But now WordPress introduced the new ‘Add Media’ option in text widget now you can perform these tasks easily with few clicks.

The New Gallary

WordPress introduced the new gallery widget in WordPress 4.9 which will help you to easily place images in a gallery grid mode with text. This is what going to make version 4.9 great because it will help users to easily make galleries without installing any plugin.

Improved Code Editing and enhancing Experience

css wordpress 4.9

WordPress 4.9 provides a far greater code editing and enhancing the experience. You will notice an increased code editor while cropping and editing code in custom CSS, theme editor, or plugin editor. This code editor includes syntax highlighting, code ideas, and auto-completion.

Code editing and enhancing in WordPress 4.9

If you’ve ever faced syntax mistake when enhancing your theme, then this development will automatically fix many common errors that cause such problems. The best thing about this update is that it highlights the problems and errors.

Other updates include

  • Disable syntax highlighting
  • Miscellaneous Changes

I’m eagerly waiting for my birthday (also for the WordPress update) and waiting to use new features of WordPress 4.9 and as I already said that it’s not safe to run the beta version on the main site if you want to run it on a testing server.

There are a lot more features introduced in this beta version more you can read at WordPress official blog.

I’m sure that many of you expect a lot more from WordPress. Comment down your expectations so that some freelancers can get an idea to make plugin on it so you can use it in future.

Jashn Harish

Jashn is a passionate blogger, student and has a keen interest in learning new things ( especially about Internet marketing ).

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