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Today I am reviewing a software which has been with me since I started developing websites. It is the web page maker. We all love websites, some like to watch, others like to create them. If you too want to start a website, but the must-to-have HTML knowledge stops you from doing this, then Web page maker can be a real fix for you. HTML stands for hyper text markup language, it is most-basic language, which people often learn first, when  they start web-designing. The latest version of this language is HTML5. But if you don’t know HTML, you can still create a website using the online website building tools or software. One such software is Web page maker. With this article I would show you some reasons why this software is worth to be downloaded.

Quick look at its star features :-

  • Lightweight and portable (5mb)
  • User friendly GUI
  • You can easily import/export your site made
  • Easy to add effects, css and media

How to use Web page maker ?

The software is quite user friendly, with drag and drop website making system, this is pretty easy to use software. You can add text, images with just one click. Further more boxes, backgrounds, navigation bar, etc can also be added. The software is custom build by keeping in mind all the needs of a site, including SEO too. For each and every page, you can enter separate meta description, author etc tags. This seems too much keeping in mind its light size.

web page maker

You can easily add your own background or choose from the wide list available in the software. You can also choose its size, repeat, fixed or scroll and even select it for all the pages in one click.

There are some items which need to be placed on every page, these include the logo, header, navigation bar, footer etc. Instead of adding them separately each time you can select them to include them on all pages easily.

How to Import/Export Pages ?

You probably won’t create your site for keeping it in your computer, and get happy watching it. You need it to be on the internet and people watching it. For this you would need to put it on the internet. Which you can do easily, with the export to html feature or the direct upload feature. Both are easy to use. Exporting a site to html takes a minute and FTP takes two.

export to html

Once you export your site to html, you can easily upload it your web host‘s file manager.

Download web page maker

There are several great options and features apart from what I told you in this software. The only way to browse those features is to download the software. The software is not a freeware, although it gives a 15 day trial for you to use. The software is available free of cost at its official website. And can be registered with the following keys :

  • 12110-14394-65626-76778
  • 78868-17867-62153-10020
  • 14528-33413-46607-74360
  • 18093-33234-46786-70795

Final words : Although you can possibly make websites without html knowledge using this tool, still html is a must to learn language. It not only helps you to understand web pages better, but also would help you understand how web pages work.

But leave this apart, did you made any site ?


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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