How to Promote a New Blog : Ways New Bloggers Can Promote their Blog

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Bloggers can have a lot of doubts, but most of them can be classified under some categories : 1. technical, 2. how to bring traffic 3. how to make money. This question falls in the 2nd category. Where the blogger is confused as of how to get more people to read his/her blog. I can relate to the question. Not a lot of people visit this blog, but it certainly has seen better times. I am working on getting it back to where it was.

In the meantime, I’ve grown mulitple client project blogs and some micro niche blogs.

As much as I can understand, the person who posted the question is looking for ways to bring traffic or readers to his new blog. Old blogs also need promotion, but not as much as new ones do. The blogs that have been around for a while, people already know them. A large number of people are subscribed to their email newsletter. So, even if they stop promoting and only focus on publishing content, their audience will promote their content further via social media and mouth of word. But that is not same for new blogs.

For new blogs, no one knows them, other than the person who has made the blog and his friends, family or maybe relative. It is in this phase that the blogger wants his blog to “blast”. He needs some way to get more people to read his content. Here are a few things that I’d recommend.

#1. Facebook Groups

There are a bunch of groups of facebook dedicated to blogging, or topics around it, like affiliate marketing, PBN, guest posting and much more. Your first step should be joining one such group and introduce yourself (not your blog, yourself !) if the admin allows. Gradually, you’ll get to know the people in the group. Based on how much you can contribute, start contributing to the group. This is done by commenting on queries raised by people. If you are a complete beginner, you can simply begin by liking other people’s post. What you’re doing is just spreading your name in the group and letting more and more people know about you.

#2. Start Contributing to Quora and other Q/A sites

The reason I love quora is you can bring traffic to your websites without doing a lot of SEO. For a beginner, SEO can be overwhelming. Thereby, he/she should focus on other ways to drive traffic in the start. Also, SEO takes some time before the traffic starts flowing in (especially for new blogs). So, figure out topics related to your blog, and begin answering them. It is a good idea to write a blog post, then write an answer on quora, then provide a link to your blog post in the answer footer.

#3. Guest Posting

I’ve read this somewhere, but I can’t remember where. The quote goes “Publish your best content to other sites rather than your own website”. As a ghostwriter, this has worked wonders for me. A lot of the times, my websites are down and I have clients who need my writing samples. Luckily, I’ve contributed to a few blogs and I provide their URL. Guest posting is a highly benefitial for anyone, big or small, doesn’t matter.

Because, there is this blog, which already has an audience, already has people coming to it. You go it, contribute on it, the owner gets valuable content while you get some limelight from his blog. Some of his audience gets to kown you. That’s why I’ve always been a big fan of guest posting.

I’ve got more gigs after publishing on, then cold pitching clients for 15 days straight.

#4. Commenting

Commenting can also be profitable when you’re working on bring people on your blog. But the ROI on commenting depends on the blog that you’re going to comment. If the blog is more of a community, you’re going to get traffic, but if it’s like a silent blog, your comment will also sit there with no one other than the blog owner to look at it.

In commenting, even if you don’t get anyone’s attention, you always get the attention of the blog owner. The blog owner will notice your blog and if sounds interesting, will give a visit too.

#5. Target Better Keywords

More than a thousand times, I’ve told people this thing. I was doing this mistake for a long time(still doing it on this blog). I get messages from people who tell me that they’ve ranked on first page for xyz keywords but no one is visiting their blog and they are getting no leads. When I search that keyword, I find out that the keyword has no search volume.

So, basically, you ranked on top for a keyword that no one searches. Thereby, you won’t get any traffic.  You can use Keyword Everywhere extension to get an idea of how many people search for that keyword.

Final Words

I hope this answer would have helped you. If it did, leave a comment below. If you have any further doubts, ask them in comments or head over to ask questions page.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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