Videopal Review : How it Works, How it Can Help & More

To summarise, Videopal lets you make animated and human spokesperson videos. These videos can be used on your website for different purposes. The tool is available in 24 languages and comes equipped with superb text to speech technology.

It’s totally up to you what you want your animated or human spokesperson to say. They also have a library of “done for you” videos which you can use for your business. You can also upload a video of a real human talking with a chroma key background, and Videopal will make background transparent and make videos ready to host on your website.

Videopal Review: Salient Features 

  • User Friendly: Their easy to use interface lets you easily create avatars that look like created by an expert and too without any learning curve.
  • Global: Is your target a specific language or country?
  • Videopal lets you create avatars that can speak in 47 languages. They also have a built-in auto-translation system that converts your script into a professional and mistake-free script. Making your avatars speak to the audience in their native language is super effective for marketing.
  • Easy Deployment: All you need to do to embed their videos on your website is to paste their HTML code or use their live link to add Videopal to your website. I was amazed by the quick response time and how easy they’ve made this whole process.
  • Decrease Bounce Rate: It’s a long fact in marketing, that if you manage to make your visitors interact with your website rather than close the tab, you stand a better chance to score a lead. This means, you leave fewer clients on the table and make more sales.
  • Unique Idea: There are not a lot of apps that let you do this, with this much power, customization, and at this price ( or cheaper ).
  • Responsive: It doesn’t matter which device your traffic source is from. From desktops to smartphones, Videopal’s system is compatible with all of them.

VideoPal Review: Explained 

Videopal is a revolutionary tool suite that comprises of great 2D, and 3D animated videos, and Human Spokespersons and allows you to add them onto any website ( even on websites you don’t necessarily own ). You can add them to blogs, eCommerce sites, landing pages, sign-up forms and much more to boost conversion rate. 

Videopal is compatible with smartphones and other devices as well. The tool also has a superb text to speech technology to speak any message which could boost sales or visitor engagement. Videopal has more than 47 male and female voices across 24 different languages, which makes the tool extremely flexible and be able to convert sales around the globe.

You can add opt-in forms, countdown timers, call to action buttons, coupon codes on top of your videos to improve your conversion rate even more. Users can also upload their custom green screen video convert them to fully compatible videopals in seconds. This isn’t all, the tool is filled with features.

Text to Speech 

The product has 47 female and male voices in 24 different languages. 


Since VideoPal is cloud-based, there is nothing for people to install whatsoever. 

Video Suite

You get to choose from 3D/2D human characters to instantly boost your profits and sales. 


Their tech is compatible with all devices to ensure you don’t lose a single conversion.

VideoPal lets you interact and connect with your website visitors with widgets, pop-ups, that not a lot of tools allow. You can get their attention in a matter of seconds and boost your conversion rate while decreasing the bounce rate.

You can get your user to do whatever user action you desire: like, submit email, click on the buy button, and much more. 

VideoPal in Nutshell

  • Since VideoPal can handle your video creation and renders avatars right on your website, you can save costs by not investing in a costly freelancer or video editing software.
  • Videopal has a got a great built-in library of actresses and actors for human avatars which saves you all the time of hiring them manually and getting to say them stuff, this saves a ton of money and time.
  • Videopal also has an inbuilt library that has ready-made scripts for commonly used statements like offering discounts, asking to subscribe, and more.
  • You can upload your custom original script and get it turned into a video.
  • You can create a video from your script in any of their 24 languages with more than 47 male and female voices, thanks to their lifelike text to speech technology.
  • Videopal helps you get rid of many things like hiring expensive voice-overs and offering you amazing flexibility for geo-specific marketing. You can also get your voice-over track or video that you’d like to use instead of text to speech.
  • You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge or a huge learning curve because Videopal has been made extremely easy to use. 

VideoPal Review: Use Cases

Internet Marketing

You can add Videopal to your affiliate landing pages, website, and blogs to boost your email opt-in rate, boost clicks for the affiliate product, or get more people to go towards a specific page or comment something.

Offline Consultant

Offer an amazing service to your clients for a fixed monthly fee, once you set it on their website, you can simply forget about it and bill per month.

Social Media Marketing

Videopal can be used to leverage content on other websites that have good branding. By simply using videopal’s live link technology. You can share links, and invite the person who opens links to perform what action you want them to perform. This can be very helpful to get good quality leads at very cheap rates.

Ecommerce Store

Embed videos that notify your users of discounts, grab their attention, and offer them incentives to subscribe to your email list. Make users complete their orders rather than abandoning their cart by adding videos on crucial pages.

Brick and Mortar Business

Use effective avatars to offer bonus items like Buy1 Get1 free, or discount coupons. You can also create your product ads for your customers to bring light to the new product.

Product Creator

You can embed Videopal Videos on your sales pages and checkout pages to better educate your visitors about your product and offer them incentives or discounts.


Videopal can help you get more engagement from your blog’s readers and convert them into loyal subscribers for a long term relationship.

Affiliate Marketer

 You can feature your winning products using VideoPal to boost your conversion rate, and get more in commissions. No matter what your niche is, you can always use Videopal on your landing pages, review posts, and skyrocket your affiliate conversion rate and commissions without a lot of effort. 

VideoPal Review : Pros & Cons

Pros :

  • Excellent training guide for new users
  • Easy to learn and user-friendly dashboard
  • No installation needed since the software is cloud-based
  • It takes less than five minutes to create & embed avatar code to your website
  • Realistic movements and speech patterns of 3d animated avatars
  • A unique and creative way to get profit from traffic
  • Multiple languages, faces, and accents available for using
  • Voice actors deliver good speeches which are quite believable.
  • Can be embedded on a website that you don’t own
  • No restriction to text, audio or appearance
  • Use your voice and videos
  • Create your personalized avatar based on their video recording guidelines.


  • Embedding 3D avatars or Human avatars can impact website loading times if you haven’t optimized website properly
  • Their exit technology can sometimes perform weird which goes against the purpose of selling tool
  • All statistics offered based on performance are not accurate
  • The countdown timer can create a small pressure or force on the customer.


Concluding, I’d say, it’s a great software package that allows you to create very good videos to explain a topic or promote a product on your website.

The ultimate goal is to maximize the ROI of already incoming traffic and generate new leads out of it. Videopal brings a new level of interaction for eCommerce platforms and businesses that are struggling to rise from anonymity.

Although the result is highly customizable, it isn’t true that it’ll work for you all the time. The premade videos or done for you videos are generic and will most likely not get viewers t0 stick on your website. You’d still have to put great content and very good selling points ( which is a no-brainer ).

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