Don't Miss a Single Match, Get UC Browser !

Cricket is more than just a game. People are crazy about it. From young kids who like to hit sixes in the playground, to old chaps who miss their old days, every one loves cricket. Cricket matches and victories are celebrated with a great zeal. The celebration is quite like a festival.

Cricket is so popular that people miss their important daily schedule tasks to see the match. Their is a large crowd outside the stadium who are hungry for tickets. On the same hand, every one watching the match on their television skip their work. Overall, cricket is no less than a festival.

However it is not always possible to be at home when their is a match. Most of the times students have to go tuitions, classes, schools, colleges etc. Sometimes the match falls right during office hours. Sometimes we aren’t at home to stick to our television sets. Their are many more reasons why you can miss a match. Surely you can check out the news headlines later, but honestly the fun of watching the match live is far more enjoyable than reading the headlines.

If you too are a cricket fan who can’t afford to miss a match, download the latest uc browser and remain connected with the match.

UC broswer is not like any other web-broswer, it is custom packed with smart features such as fast downloading, accelerated video play and live cricket scores. The browser is available for all the major smartphone platforms like android, ios etc. There is more than one way you can remain connected to cricket with UC browser.

1. The Browser has a dedicated section name UC cricket where you can view current match scores, wickets and much more. You can also information about match schedules, teams about to play etc. This section has a lot to offer for cricket fans. Their are also videos, news, albums, TV live and several great features being offered in this section .

2. The Browser has a built in options to create notifications in the notification are to give you minute to minute update of the game. The option can be checked in or off according to the taste. When turned on, it notifies you with what is happening in the match through notifications. This is quite handy if you are engaged in some sort of work on your smartphone.

The browser has several more features and advantages over other browsers too. UC browser offers amazing features such as faster downloading speeds, integrated smart video player, handy download manager, add-ons, faster facebook browsing, video manager, themes, night view and much more.

Final words – I’ve been using this browser since I got my smartphone. The browser is quite lightweight and runs fast without any glitch or freeze . The browser is available free of cost at uc web’s official website. It also has smart integrated features such as gesture support etc.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Wow , didn’t know that UC browser could do that much before reading this post.
People can also check live cricket updates there


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