10 Things to plan Before starting a Blog

After the Internet Boom what was once a Personal diary changed its definition significantly , Yes I am talking about Blogs. Now these online journals also serve as a medium to Reach better to the new audience, even there is a wide scope in Pro-Blogging also. In my last article I wrote about starting a Free WordPress self hosted Blog. Today I am compiling below a list of 10 things you should plan before starting a Blog. When I started Blogging I wish there was someone who’d told me about these things. I made several mistakes while Blogging and learned this things. And compiling them below in the Article. These are several things you should pre-plan before starting a Blog.

1. Blogging Platform : Which One you Will Choose ?

When it comes to Blogging there are two Blogging platforms used by most of the leading Bloggers, namely WordPress and Blogger. Individual Bloggers have their individual choices, some love WordPress whereas some are Hardcore Blogger’s. Blogger is a Google’s Free Blogging platform on which you can create a free .blogspot.com blog and add your domain to it later. And WordPress is an open source Blogging script which can be downloaded and Installed if you have a domain and a web-host for Free. WordPress provides a greater flexibility and a more wider range of services. In WordPress plugins make the Job very easy and hassle free. I started with Blogger and I Blogged for 9 months on Blogger before I migrated. During this time I faced a hands on approach for HTML, which made my command on HTML. The choice is Yours, And I would suggest WordPress. [How to Create a Free WordPress Self hosted Blog]

2. Domain and Web-Hosting

Domain is Your Address on the Wide-Wide web. For Example mine is hacknovations.org. Domain has no storage capacity and you cannot Upload Files on Domain, For this you need a Web-Host such as Hostinger. . If you use Blogger you can save up the cost of Web-Hosting. You have to make a choice About which Domain provider and Web-Host you want to get started with. There are popular Domain providers such as Godaddy, hostgator and much more and Several Web-host also. If you want to get started with WordPress I would suggest Bluehost. Whereas I use Domain from Net4 <don’t even=”” think=”” about=”” starting=”” with=”” net4,=”” services=”” are=”” very=”” poor=””> and Hostinger <Satisfied with the services 🙂 >

3. What Will you Blog About ?

The Content is the main stream of a Blog and niche is what around which the content runs. You should decide what will you Blog about. Blogging without aim is same as Shooting without guns <won’t yield you anything>. Think about what you are good at and a subject you can easily express yourself in and discuss openly with anyone. When I started Blogging I started with 10 friends, only 2 of them are blogging now, the rest left Blogging due to lack of patience. Before starting a Blog prepare a pen paper version of what your Blog would like. While choosing a subject don’t select the subject because “He” is successful in it, Pick up a subject you are perfect it. Sooner or later you would surely succeed.

4. Brand Name : Yes, It Matters

Pick up a Domain that suits your niche, Prefer using a name which has two words followed by a dot com such as :- You-Tube dot com, Face- book dot com etc.Pick up a name that is easy to remember. Always keep in mind it might become a Brand name Tomorrow. So Take your time and Choose a Good name. Consult your Friends and relatives about it. I was given this name by my Father. Their are many Online name generators which would help you.

5. Posting Frequency : How Often You’ll write ?

Decide how often will you publish a post, daily, weekly, monthly or the time you want but be regular. Remember it is better to post an article per week than posting 5 Articles at a random day of month. If you are regular then readers will visit your Blog that day for some new “meal”. I have a Posting Frequency Of one Article Per Week but For this month I have to Fill up the Blog again so I am posting more Frequently. Remember If you ever come across a chance to choose from Quality or Quantity Go with Quality. As You can see My Blog has only 5 Articles and Still a fair alexa rank, And I’ve seen websites with hundred of posts and a poor alexa rank.

6. The Content Stock : The Bigger ; The Better

Before you start a Blog Write down at least 30 posts and reserve them as Stock for times when Life gets busy. Don’t Start publishing them when you start. Start writing new posts and publish them and when sometime you need more time for making an Article better or you don’t have time for Writing, these Stock Articles would help you. Meanwhile you can Write down and complete your Articles or make the Stock even bigger.

7. Social Reach : A Much Needed Thing

Social Media plays a vital role in SEO now. Make sure you are on Major Social networking websites. These Sites can help you Spread your content at a Greater extent. If you don’t have, make accounts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, linkedin, pinterest etc. Write down at these sites regularly rather than Writing when You are Free.

8. Logo : So That You Stand Unique

Apart From a Good Brand name you will need a Logo as well. There are many Online Logo creators some Free some Paid. Try to get a logo that has some sense. Hiring a Designer for creating a logo For your Blog would be an Ideal choice or If you are Budget minded, try your hands on Free Online Logo generators or Photoshop.

9. Audience : Everybody Needs them

You Need people to read your post. You can’t just write them down and smile looking at them =D . Think about the age group you are writing for, who will be benefited from your Posts. And Modify yourself according to them. Don’t think that your Topic has less Audience. On the Wide web, If you are writing something you surely will get great audience.

10. The Set Of Tools : You can’t work Without Them

Every Blogger needs a set Of tools he can’t work without. Especially If you are in Tech Niche. You need to post screen shots, video tutorials and much more. You should have a Kit of Softwares that make your Work easier. Such as For Photo Editing You can use Photoscape, photoshop or picasa. And For Video Tutorials VirtulDJ, snag.it work fine.

Final Words :- There was no one to teach me When I started Blogging. For the first 4 months I Blogged Without any Guidance. I Hope these things would be in your mind when you start a Blog. If you think I missed something in the list do comment it Below. Leave down your feedback, opinions and comments Below.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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