The Anatomy of an Opt-In Form That Drives Traffic in Droves

It’s no secret that opt-in forms are an integral part of your email campaign to increase your site traffic.

The key to increasing the number of visitors coming in and out your site is to build an engaged readership. First, you need to establish trust with the content you write and publish. By posting articles on your site that resonates with your readers, the more chances that will return to your site for more.

However, to make it easier for visitors to view your latest content, you must set up an email opt-in form so they won’t have to check your site out every time. Upon signing up, they must confirm a notification to receive the newsletters or email from you anytime.

This strategy helps in building site traffic as you deepen your relationship with your followers and readers. The more engaged they become with the email you will be sending upon subscribing, the more likely they will share your content with their audience.

What you must worry about now, however, is the appearance, placement, and feel of your opt-in form, all of which are crucial to the success and failure of building your email list. If your visitors cannot find the form on the page, you can expect to have very low subscribers, if not none at all.

Without subscribers who will receive your emails, you’ve already failed before you even started.Then again, it would be better to keep your form hidden unless you want visitors to see how hideous the design and grammatically incorrect the copy of your form is!

Therefore, it is imperative that you learn how to make compelling and irresistible opt-in forms that will leave your visitors no choice but to sign up and receive top-notch newsletters from you in their inbox.

In this article, we will be discussing:

  • Making your forms much visible so visitors can find the form and subscribe to your email list
  • Creating a landing page, so you can optimize the page and encourage visitors from search engines to subscribe to your list
  • Write irresistible calls to action so visitors will be compelled to sign up and join your list

All these factors contribute to hiking up your subscriber count and sending them with email newsletters with the aim of increasing your site traffic.

Make your form pop up

It’s not enough that you set up an account from any of the popular email marketing platforms out there and embed the default form on the sidebar of your site or blog.

The problem of the forms offered is that they don’t grab the attention of visitors as much as they should.

To help you make your form much more visible to your visitors, you ought to use either SumoMe and HelloBar. Both widgets give you the opportunity to make your form much more dynamic and stand out so visitors will be able to take notice of it. Below are options on how you can make your forms appear on the screen using either widget.

  • Bar – The form will appear on the very top part of your site or blog. The bar will follow the visitors as they scroll down the page.
  • Scroll-triggered – Once visitors have scrolled down the page, a box will slide up on the corner of the screen with the sign-up form inside it.
  • In-line – Once the page loads, the in-line opt-in form box will appear in the middle of the screen so visitors can subscribe to the list. It’s much more disruptive than the bar or scroll-triggered form, so you need an excellent copy in the box to encourage visitors to sign up.
  • Overlay – Similar to the in-line form, but the overlay will occupy the entire screen. If done correctly, the overlay shouldn’t be obtrusive to the visitors and will even encourage them to sign up. In fact, a study conducted by eConsultancy reveals that there’s a 400% increase in signups for marketers who used the overlay form as opposed to the in-line form.

Using any of these forms judiciously should help you hike up your subscriber count. You can use a combination of forms in a page and test them out to see how each performs at a specific time.

Landing page creation

A dedicated page for your sign-up form allows you to boost a page in your site or blog using the most effective SEO techniques. By optimizing the page with the content that leads to encouraging visitors to sign up, you can get the landing page to rank in search results for your target keyword.

The possible obstacle that you may have to get through is your proficiency in web design. Thankfully, the gap between coding and building a landing page specifically for building your email list is made easier with GetResponse. Their awesome tool utilizes the drag-and-drop technology so non-designers can make a page that best matches their brand and vision.

Choose from its selection of 100+ template and built-in web forms that you can just place on the page using your mouse drastically cuts down the design learning curve to create a professional looking landing page.

Great copywriting

Words are pretty important in an opt-in form. While the purpose of the design is to attract, the role of web copy is to sell the idea to visitors and encourage them to perform a particular action.


Below are some of the more basic and often overlooked copywriting practices in email marketing.

  • Use action words. Start the sentence will verbs like “buy,” “sign up,” “enter,” and other words with the purpose of enticing readers to give away their email addresses. Having a clear action for visitors and subscribers to take when they see the form allows them to take action much easier as well.
  • Employ a consistent tone of voice – The copy’s tone in your opt-in form should be similar to the tone of your content in your site or blog. If you use a humorous and conversational tone, it should also reflect in the copy of your form.
  • Give them a good reason to sign up. It’s obvious that you want them to sign up your form. What you need to tell them now is why they should sign up. Will signing up help them improve their lives, increase their salary, solve their financial problems, and cure cancer? About this, you may want to offer something free like a PDF ebook in exchange for them signing up. A free product or service should be incentive enough for visitors to subscribe to your list.
  • Keep testing. Most email marketing platforms allow A/B testing so you can see which version of the copy received the most. clicks Take the good things that you did will the copy that scored the most clicks so you can apply them to your upcoming campaigns.

Final thoughts: Breaking down the opt-in form and coming up with these factors should help you come up with your own opt-in form that will increase your subscriber count. You can conduct email campaigns and enjoy the benefits that come with the use of email marketing.

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