Sumo Me VS Hello Bar VS Hotjar – Clash of Three Analytics Tool

sumo me vs hello bar vs hotjar

Hotjar, sumo me and Hello bar are among the list of most used analytics tool online. Over the months, I’ve tested all of these tools. I have used these tools over at this blog too. I even wrote a review about one of these tools – Hotjar.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Tools are a blogger’s best friend ![/inlinetweet] . They help us ease our work and cut down work time significantly.

These utilities serve for different purposes, however some of their features are similar. This is in fact the prime reason these services often end up being compared.

Choosing one out of these three tools can be tricky. Their features are quite similar and can easily confuse you to make a selection.

In this post, I’ll compare these three analytics tools and break down their pros and cons.

Let’s start with a brief introduction, to know what these tools are :-

Sumo me : The tool can help you in nearly anything ranging from list building, share button, image hover share buttons, content analytics, scroll box, heatmaps, pop-ups, up to contact forms etc. However most of the options worth using are premium and you would need to pay in order to use them. Nevertheless features are still free. Sumo me embeds their branding text in their free versions.

Hello Bar : Coined by non-other than neil patel, this tool helps you to achieve four goals. These goals are – 1. Email list building 2. Driving traffic to specific URL 3. Showing announcement 4. Increasing social shares. Hello bar offers greater flexibility. However it also embeds branding text in free versions.

Hotjar : Hotjar offers features such as content analytics, heatmaps, funnels, polls, surveys, visitor recordings etc. Hotjar allows a free account as well. Like above two, they also place their branding text in free accounts. I wrote a review about Hotjar, read this review to know about Hotjar in detail.

The comment point in all these tools ?

These tools are available for all platforms. If you have access to edit the basic coding of your website, you can use these tools. One more thing common between in these analytics tools is that they don’t store data on your servers. This is one interesting feature. I don’t like those plugins who create extra table(s) in my database and consume my server space. Thankfully none of these tools do this.

Sumo me vs Hello Bar

There is one feature common between both the services.

sumo me vs hello bar

Both Sumo me as well as Hello bar offers feature to Build Smart bar, scroll box bar, pop-up and Page take over. These features however, are named differently.

The difference in the name has been mentioned in the above image as well.

  1. List Builder : Modal ~ This feature allows you  to add a pop-up which popups right in the middle of page. Sumo me leaves behind hello bar in this features. The reason is that sumo me allows far more customization than Hello bar. In sumo me, you can customize background colors, button color and much more. However in Hello bar, you can only choose a primary color.
  2. Scroll box : Slider ~ Both the features are exactly the same. But the same applies for this feature too. Hello bar doesn’t offer much customization in this feature too. Sumo me allows you to edit even the fonts of the scroll box. Hello bar also has feature to edit fonts, however choices are less than what sumo me offers.
  3. Welcome mat : Page Takeover ~ Like as in the above two options, sumo me offers more customization than Hello bar in welcome mat as well. Sumo me also offers a more range of themes and templates compared to Hello bar.
  4. Smart Bar : Bar ~ In the above two round ups, hello bar offered less customization. However in smart bar, both hello bar and sumo me offer equal customization. But sumo me leaves Hello bar one step behind as it offers more versatile range of themes for creating smart bars.

Winner Between Sumo Me and Hello bar is : -> Sumo me

Hotjar Vs Sumo Me

content analysis

Now the next part of the round up. Under this let us compare the features of Hotjar and Sumo me. The features worth comparing in these two analytics tool are heatmaps and content analytics.

However Hotjar is a huge content analytics tools and offers far more content analysis tool in comparison to sumo me.

The two common features in Hotjar and Sumo Me are as follows – Heatmaps and content analytics.

Heatmaps : Both the services allow you to capture heatmaps based upon reader behavior.  However Hotjar allows more flexibility than sumo me. In sumo me, you can only create heatmaps based on mouse clicks. But in Hotjar, you can create heatmaps based on mouse clicks, scroll etc.

Content analytics : This is another common feature among two services. This feature is equal in both of the services.

But [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Hotjar has couple of features which can boost your content analytics. [/inlinetweet]

Hotjar has amazing features such as creating funnels to track where most of your readers leave your website, creating polls, receiving feedbacks, recruiting readers, heatmaps, content analytics, forms, visitor recording, surveys.

Thats a whole lot of features !

The Winner between Sumo Me and Hotjar is : -> Hotjar

Conclusion – Hello bar and Hotjar have no common features. These tools are certainly worth using.

If you are aiming for a tool to grow your leads, you should use Sumo me. However if you want to work on content analytics, there is no better option than Hotjar.

Additionally I should mention that Hello bar makes no impact over loading time. Sumo me, on the other hand, sometimes makes an impact on loading time.

If you’ve used any of these tools, let me know your experience in the comments below.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Theodore Nwangene

This is a very interesting comparison between Hello Bar and Sumome Rachit,
The truth is that both tools are really good at what they do which is list building but from your post, its very obvious that sumome is better.

There is certainly nothing like having the option to customize the look and feel of whatever tool you’re using in order for it to blend with your blog and, i love Sumome for that.

Thanks for sharing.


    I Agree Theodore, Customization is quite helpful to blend elements with your website.

    Sumo me is quite awesome in offering customization, however majority of the worth trying customization templates are paid. The free templates are satisfying too, but to get a more wider impact, premium ones are worth giving a “sneak peek”.

    Nice to see you again, thanks for commenting.


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