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#1. I don’t Spam

I am a blogger by heart and marketer by the brain. I understand how some bloggers these days spam the f*k of your email inbox.

I do understand that, I’ve been there!

We publish almost every day, and most often on random intervals. Despite all this, we don’t send a newsletter for each of our blog posts. We compile them in one single newsletter and send it once a week.

#2. Startup Spirit

When I ask you to “subscribe”, it doesn’t mean I only want you to read my blog articles. I want to share my vision with you, and more importantly, help you grow.

#3. It’s FREE!

Subscription to this blog is free. It won’t cost you a penny to get the latest WordPress news, theme and plugin reviews. You’d get access to a resource, a publication where you can turn to talk about anything WordPress.

I grew this blog with the right startup spirit. I focus on publishing quality rather than quantity. You’ll get to read quality articles on WordPress. More than anything, you’ll be connected with a startup You’ll also get to hear from my office, a place from where the magic happens.

#4. Contributor account

When you enroll to our newsletter, you get more near to being a contributor on this blog. You can submit WordPress news and blogging tutorials on this blog. One of the key things we check before approving a contributor on this blog is, how much they know our audience and our blog.

Our readers matter a lot. Thereby we only allow contribution from people who’re close to this blog.

#5. Early Access to Giveaways, Deals & Discounts

We get pitched by a lot of brands to get featured on this blog. We do this in multiple ways, one of which is giveaways. We love giveaways because they’re beneficial for our readers as well.

One of the best ways to win these giveaways, is enroll to our newsletter ( our subscribers get discount updates early ).

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