Stylish : Add-on for All Major Browsers Review

If you are not convinced with the usual styles of popular websites, here is a crazy idea from my side, Why don’t you change the designs ? Stylish is an add-on available for all major web-browser which can help you change the visual appearance of all the popular websites. When I refer to popular websites, I mean websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, WikiPedia, Youtube etc. Today I am reviewing the Stylish Add-on which is available for Major web-browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.

Stylish : Add-on Review : Installation

Stylish Add-on as I mentioned above is available for most of the browsers and is distributed free of cost. Installing stylish is as easy as a walk in a park. You can install Stylish on browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Internet Explorer , Opera mini. Below are steps on how to Install Stylish on Mozilla Firefox :-

1. Click on the

Options , click on Add-ons. Alternatively press ctrl + shift + A.

2. In the Search box above Type “Stylish”, Install the Add-on.

3. After the plugin would be successfully installed , a “S” would be shown besides bookmarks tool-bar. Its usual that Mozilla Firefox will ask for a restart. Restart your browser for stylish to take effects.

Stylish : Add-on Review : Working

1. Open your Favorite Website , For example Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other similar website. As an example I am going to use this trick on Google. So visit

user stylish search

2. Click on the S button, in the drop down button select find styles for this website. A new tab would be opened showcasing all new styles for Google.

install with stylish

3. Click on a title to view the style, on the page that opens up ,click on the button that says “Install with stylish”

Similarly you can install this on all major web-browsers. And you can customize all popular websites according to your need.


All the styles are created by members and hosted at, a website whose is to “restyle the web” . Userstyle is a popular website and falls under the world’s top 20k websites. The website is quite simple and user friendly to use. It hosts all the images, css and scripts that change the visual appearance of your website.

Final words and ratings :- Although the website might work as a charm, but it has failed to achieve 5 stars. There were more than one reasons for the stars being dropped. The first reason is , the website doesn’t provide a Live preview button to view the style before applying. Secondly, most of the scripts make your browser to freeze, hang and behave abnormally. Although not all scripts do so, but I tested 10 scripts and 8 slowed down the browser performance. Some scripts behave not likewise or as you see in the screenshot, others increase the page load time which is quite frustrating . I can’t figure out why would anyone use the styles which make his/her computer as slow as internet explorer !

I found the stylish add-on not worth using, and had a terrible experience. I tested it on two computers, one with old hardwares, and other with new one. The add-on slowed down both of them ! although the new one took less time to recover. Also if the developer adds a tracking code in the web styles, you would never know !

As a result to the things mentioned above , I rate stylish 2.5 out of 5 !

If you’ve used this add-on please leave down your user experiences and feedback below.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Rakshit Joshi

I tried it about an year ago. And frankly, it just sucks. I also feel that there is no need for it. Userscripts are much better and much more customisable.


I use dial-up on one of my old computers, so Facebook took some time, after I installed stylish for testing, it took 4X more time.


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