SocialPilot Review : Cheap Pricing, But What About Features ?

SocialPilot is a comprehensive social media marketing tool which helps professionals, teams and businesses automate their social media management. You can schedule your posts to be published on the date and time of your choice.

Posting your blog’s latest content on social networks is a great way to gain more readers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are excellent tools for blog promotion, especially when you have many friends or followers.

It allows your content to get shared among your network and beyond, giving your blog the exposure and traffic, you are aiming for and SocialPilot is here to everything for you at a same time.

Features of SocialPilot:

More Accounts + More Posts = Better Value for Money

Add all your social media accounts, and then some. Post all your updates without ever worrying about running out of limits. Go beyond the popular social networks to increase engagement and leads with #1 social media scheduling and publishing tool.

Powerful Social Media Analytics and White Label PDF Reports with One Click

Make data-driven decisions to improve engagement and finetune your social media strategy. Download and Share beautiful and presentable social media reports in PDF format with just one click.

Engage Efficiently with Social Inbox

Being trusted social media engagement tool, Reply to all your comments, messages and posts on multiple Facebook Pages – in real-time with SocialPilot. Filter conversations and focus on the ones that matter – so that you don’t miss replying to any customer.

Collaborate with Teams and Manage Clients with some charges

Use workflows to collaborate with teams better. Review and approve all content before it is posted. Invite clients to connect accounts and share reports through white label emails. Charges are as follows:

  • AGENCY- $83.33/month, 24*7 support service, 10 Facebook Ad accounts and 100 social media accounts.
  • SMALL TEAM- $41.66/month, 50 social media accounts, 5 Facebook Ad accounts and support service.
  • PROFESSIONAL- $25/month, 25 Social Media Accounts, Analytics and Reports (Web), 2 Facebook Ad Accounts and Support service.

Discover & Publish Popular Content with Curated Content, RSS Feeds Automation, Bulk Upload

Discover the most popular content and schedule them directly to your account with RSS feeds and content curation. If you have a lot of things to publish, use their bulk social media posting tool to upload posts in advance.

SocialPilot is right fit for the following organisations:

Small Businesses and Professionals

  • Use analytics to see what works for your business.
  • Post through web, mobile and browser extensions.
  • Content suggestion to never let your queue empty.
  • Priority email support to never let you down.

Marketing Agency and Teams

  • Collaborate with team members using in-built workflows.
  • Manage client profiles without asking for social media credentials.
  • White label PDF reports to share and present without any edits.
  • Priority email and phone support.


  • SocialPilot customized to your specific needs.
  • Profiles and posts configured to cater to all your clients.
  • Complete white label platform to support your branding.
  • Dedicated account manager with email and phone support.

SocialPilot Reviews from customers

There is a review box given on the site and customers can rate their experience according to the size of their enterprise and how it works. You can even filter the options according to your choice and preference which will help you to view the feedbacks and responses from the customers side.

Grid Report for Social Media Management, Spring 2020

Social Media Management Software: Social media management software provides functionality to administer social media accounts, schedule posts, suggest content, and boost posts.

These solutions are used by social media, marketing, and communications departments to increase brand awareness, manage workflows, and engage online communities. Such teams use social media management tools to create engaging content that can be used in marketing campaigns, as well as to maintain an online presence.

The products often provide tools such as user access control, content creation, content libraries, calendars, scheduling, archives, and performance analytics. These social media marketing management tools are aimed at maximizing search engine optimization along with increasing inbound traffic, customer satisfaction, and customer conversion.

Social media management software often provides functionality of social media monitoring software and social media analytics software. It can be a part of a social media suite as a standalone or integrated component. Many marketing automation products offer social media management as a feature. In order to qualify for inclusion in the Social Media Management category, a product must:

  • Plan social media content
  • Publish social media posts
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Automate and schedule social media posts
  • Store content and archive posts

Social Media Management Grid Scoring:

Products shown on the Grid® for Social Media Management have received a minimum of 10 reviews/ratings in data gathered by March 03, 2020. Products are ranked by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact) and placed into four categories on the Grid:

Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: HubSpot, Hootsuite, Zoho Social, TweetDeck, Sprout Social, Facebook Pages Manager, Buffer,, AgoraPulse, Sendible, Statusbrew, Thryv, Sprinklr Modern Engagement,, Tailwind, Socialbakers, Vendasta, and Clarabridge Engage

High Performing products have high customer Satisfaction scores and low Market Presence compared to the rest of the category. High Performers include: Loomly, e-clincher, ContentStudio, Social Report, PromoRepublic, HeyOrca, SocialBee, Oktopost, MomentFeed, Kontentino, Postcron, CoSchedule Social Organizer,, ContentCal,, SmarterQueue, MavSocial, MeetEdgar, SALESmanago, SocialPilot, Sked Social, Echobox, Act-On, Chatmeter, SocialGest, Planable, NiceJob, Mention,, Publer, Social Aider, Gremlin Social, Mish Guru, Missinglettr, and Amplifr

Contender products have relatively low customer Satisfaction scores and high Market Presence compared to the rest of the category. While they may have positive reviews, they do not have enough reviews to validate those ratings. Contenders include: Hearsay, SOCi, Crowdfire, Salesforce Social Studio, Meltwater Social, Khoros Marketing, and SinglePlatform

Niche products have relatively low Satisfaction scores and low Market Presence compared to the rest of the category. While they may have positive reviews, they do not have enough reviews to validate those ratings. Niche products include: Facelift Cloud, Orlo, RebelMouse, ActionSprout, UberSocial, GroupTweet, ManageFlitter, SocialFlow, Oracle Social Cloud, Viraltag, webZunder, NUVI, SocialOomph, Post Planner, Everypost, and Instavast.

PROS and CONS from customers


“It is a useful tool, although I would recommend fine-tuning some of the advanced features to create better, more useful functionality.”

“Overall I was pleased with the platform, but they should really have a free version for entry-level onboarding of people who want to get started with their platform.”

“So, the fact that SocialPilot makes postings for me on my behalf even when I am too busy to do so, counts very much in their favour. I love how SocialPilot does most of the work for me.”

“It is designed in such a fantastic way that anybody can learn to use it. It is so easy to schedule posts to my various social media platforms ahead of time I just love the efficiency of SocialPilot.”


“There is no automatic alert if any queue where to fail. This has only happened once in the past 8 months of using SocialPilot, but you do need to keep your eye on the posting queue.”

“It is fairly easy to use, and they don’t Nickle and dime you to death. So, I would say no real cons.”

“The only real downside I see to SP is that they’ve taken away monthly options at the lower limits but that’s not something that affects me.”

“There are just sometimes, when messages to post comes one time in my mind or situation. But if I will post all in one time, audience tend to skip/ disregard some messages.”

Additional Information about competitors

Customer Preferences: Hootsuite has led the social media management landscape. It hasn’t dominated the way a company like Google does for search, but they’ve been around a long time—since 2008—and have earned a pretty good reputation since then. If an upstart is going to compete with Hootsuite, they’re going to have to match them in features and beat them on price. And, overall the product should be at least as easy to use.

This is the lens through which I’m viewing Social Pilot, which was founded in 2014. How do they stack up against not just Hootsuite, but all of the notable players in this space? They’re not exactly newcomers, but they haven’t really made a big splash yet. I say “yet,” because its long list of features make it a legitimate contender in the SMM marketplace. And while you may not have heard of the platform, companies like Amazon, Gartner, Samsung, and Vodafone have.

With solid momentum built up in 2018, Social Pilot has set its sights squarely on their competition and it’s not a stretch to imagine that Hootsuite is in their crosshairs. Social Pilot matches them on nearly every feature, nails the interface, and their pricing seems purpose-built to be read as a side-by-side comparison, with Social Pilot coming out as the better value on paper.

Ease of Use: Any company looking to compete with Hootsuite would be wise to focus on that software’s two weak spots: pricing and interface. Looking at the fees above, it’s obvious that Social Pilot had this in mind when they designed their pricing tiers. But what about the user interface?

Well, there’s nothing ground-breaking or revolutionary about it, and that serves them very well. It’s simple, clean and very organised. Personally, I’ve always found the Hootsuite interface to be too much. Sure, it’s dynamic and flexible but it can also very easily become a confused and cluttered mess.

It’s very easy to get lost in it, trying to figure out which stream is your Facebook page and which is your Insta; which stream shows your followers and which one shows who you’re following; everything can be turned into a stream which makes it difficult to stay organized.

With Social Pilot, the layout and navigation is much more traditional, there’s no getting lost. Even better, on your first login, the platform guides you through the initial setup, showing you where and how to connect your various accounts, and creating an initial posting schedule. The rest of the platform is easy enough to figure out just by clicking through each module on the navigation bar, and there’s always an icon for accessing help on the page you’re working with.

Integrations: Social Pilot doesn’t have much in the way of third-party integrations or apps. This is one area that hurts the platforms chances with bigger companies, who’ll likely have larger technology ecosystem, not just social media related.

Apps connecting project management, ecommerce, CRM, and many other pieces of the marketing pie with SMM platforms are plentiful—there are over 150 that work with Hootsuite. This shouldn’t affect Social Pilot’s customers on the small side of things (Professional and Small Teams plans), and these app integrations aren’t necessary to build a successful social media presence, but some larger clients might want to do their research and make sure they can (or will be able to) connect to their other software solutions.

For the time being, though, Social Pilot offers a kind of workaround by supporting integration with Zapier, a third party web service that handles the integration of other web apps. If you connect your Social Pilot account with your Zapier account, you can then connect any of more than 1,000 apps back to Social Pilot, sharing data between them to ease workflows. Of course, this isn’t free, and so is going to cost you another monthly fee, paid to another company.

On the plus side, you’re still saving money with Social Pilot over Hootsuite.


Social Pilot has been around since 2014, but they’re still widely perceived as a new player in the SMM market. They’ve used the time since their founding wisely, building a product that’s full featured, collaborative, and incredibly easy to use. If they can make enough noise this year and get people to notice, they’ll likely win over a lot of new customers who are tired of overpaying for competing products.

There are still a few things that need to be addressed/brought up to speed, most notably the platform’s lack of Instagram functionality.

While you can link your Instagram accounts to the platform and schedule things through it, all that gets you is the ability to see what you’re doing on Instagram alongside everything else. You won’t actually be able to do anything with Instagram (no direct publishing, no data).

That’s something they’ve got in the works, but it’s a problem for marketers and SM managers who are working with Instagram every day. Still, for smaller businesses, and any business or agency managing prominent Facebook pages, Social Pilot will be a welcome change of scenery.

Add to the fact it supports Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, Google+, and LinkedIn, and it all makes for a very impressive platform. For any brand starting to get serious about social media management, or agencies looking to better manage their multiple clients, Social Pilot should be in your shortlist of platforms to check out.

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