Samriddhi – Free Adsense Ready WordPress theme

samriddhi a free adsense ready wordpress theme
Samriddhi is a Free adsense ready wordpress theme from Among the set of tools for SEO , comes a good theme, which is custom packed with features which suit your blog. Once SEO falls in right place, you can focus on your articles and posts. Among the list of aspects I focus while selecting a theme comes its loading time, appearance , how seo friendly it is, and how much customizable it is, to customize design and ads. I use adsense at my blogs, and it can be added/embedded by pasting piece of html in the page wherever you want. But usually there aren’t many options by default if you are using wordpress as CMS ( Content management system ). The large number of plugins are exceptions and make this work easy.

Samriddhi is a custom made wordpress theme made by keeping adsense in mind. There are lot of themes made with adsense as focus, some are paid, others are free. I tested the theme this morning, and writing down a review about same. The theme is centered around three things : First is speed and second is ads and third is SEO. But somewhere around, the developer fails to produce the much needed appearance to make readers and bloggers stick with this theme ( I’ll point this out later in this article ).


Yes I actually used it

Above is the screen shot of how my blog looked with the samriddhi jacket ( theme ) on it. But the theme didn’t last long enough. It took me an hour to implement and remove the theme.

Salient Features of Samriddhi


  1. Adsene Ready Theme : The built in Adsense system automatically places your adsene code at the best positions and thus you receive best CTR. You can manage all these Adsense Code from Theme Admin panel
  2. Highly Optimized for SEO :  Logo is not rendered through H1 tag and Each Page is designed to have h1 , h2, h3 and h4 Tags. Featured Images, and other Images automatically generating alt tags and Description along with size.
  3. Built in Related Post : After Every post the theme features related articles on the base of tags. No need to search for buggy related post plugins that just keep on querying your database unnecessarily for most than once.
  4. Built in pagination : – No extra plugin is required and the theme does not use excessive database.  The fetured is called using built in pagination system used by WordPress itself.
  5. Logo and Favicon Support : Built in Admin Panel for Easy Transition of Logo and favicon. Upload your Logo and favicon through media uploader and supply their path in theme Admin Panel. ( Logo PSD available in theme Image Folder )
  6. Built in Widgets : The theme installs two in-built plugins ( Popular posts ) and ( Random posts ). Which can be embedded in sidebar easily.
  7. Built in Page Templates : The theme has page templates such as single side, no sidebar , left sidebar and right sidebar page template.
  8. Built in Featured Image: Samriddhi Free Adsene Theme automatically places a column in post panel so you can know which posts have featured image. The theme has a sample image, in case you forgot to add a featured image.
  9. Nested Comments : Theme support Nested comments, still we recommend you to allow upto maximum 5 level. Nested comments allow readers to start and manage a conversation easily. Their are plugins for nested comments, although their is no need of plugin if you are using this theme.
  10. Based On PageSpeed Theme: The theme is said to be the trimmed out version of Pagespeed WordPress theme , the same theme which scores 99/100 on

Although the theme is custom packed with so many features, but it failed to convince me in the appearance. It reduced my blog’s loading time from 5-6 seconds to a amazing 2 seconds ( measured on pingdom tools ). But I switched back to my theme because it lacked to satisfy the appearance. Below I’ve mentioned some things which place this theme to the back foot.

  • Dark Footer : The footer wasn’t so much friendly, neither did it matched color combination. Dark grey text on black background, and dark blue on black isn’t easy to read. If the text and link their had been in light contrast, footer would’ve been better. I thought to remove all the widgets so that footer isn’t visible, but it led to a thick black line below stuff.
  • footer
  • Pagination : The pagination too failed to match with color combinations, light grey text on even light block isn’t suitable.
  • Google Fonts : If you are using google fonts on your site, you might not know, before the browser renders them they browser shows default font, which in most cases is times new roman 14px. Still google font wasn’t able to mess with the speed, but the ones used on this theme weren’t so comfortable to read. Google has fonts such as Oswald for headings and the very famous open sans for body.
  • similar
  • Suggested Similar articles : Bend it like Jetpack ! The theme has related posts, but they load regardless there are related suggestions or not, and this creates a confusion. The theme should be customized to place the suggestions only if the articles has some.

Bag it or Grab it ?

Well, I pointed both the up sides and down sides of this them. I think It is now up to you to use it at your blog. The theme is quick and light weight and is sure to decrease your site load time. If you are not so minded about the appearance of your blog, this theme would rock your blog, as well as increases your adsense earnings ( the purpose why it was made ).

Final words and Ratings : Finishing I would rate this theme 2.5 out of 5, may be I am expecting too much from a free theme, but still there are several free theme in the wordpress directory which stand 5 out of 5 stars in my reviews. Well, if you aren’t satisfied with the theme you are using, you can hire us to build a custom theme for you, It would be made just as you want your lovely blog to be. For hiring us you can contact us.

Have you used samriddhi ? If no, download it and tell me how your experience has been. You can check its demo too.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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