Review Procedure at Hacknovations

A bunch of co-bloggers asked me about the turnaround time of my blog posts, and how things are done here.

It is no secret that my blog’s primary content is reviewed about internet marketing tools, and things around it, I thought it’d be cool to share how I get things done.

My average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks per blog post. Sometimes I’ll publish post more frequently, sometimes I tend to spend more time as I try to give the final touch to the blog post. I am not focused on publishing as much content I possibly can, rather publishing few but blog posts rich in quality.

1. The review starts with first landing at what product would I be talking about. There are a bunch of criteria that I use to judge whether or not I’ll review the product. First and foremost it should be linked (even remotely) to marketing, blogging or SEO. I then look whether the product has users looking for it.

2. Once the product is finalized, I’ll start using it. I usually review the things that I’ve been using for a while which cuts down the time of testing. Average time I spent on testing depends on what product it is. For example, if I do hosting review, I’ll be spending 3-4 months just testing how it is, how much traffic does it handle, how is support and so on. In case of a WordPress theme, I’ll test it for like a week or even less.

3. During the testing time, I keep making note of things. I make on paper, not a digital file. At the end of testing, I have one or two full pages of notes. I then sit down and figure how to structure those in a systematic way. At this time, I’ll also do a content research and read what other people have written about it.

4. Then comes the final writing part. I first prepare a structure. I think of what way the user would want the information. If it is a theme, the user would want a demo, if it is a plugin, the user would want to see the dashboard and so on. I then prepare that particular information.

5. By this point, I have a rough draft in libre. I then throw it into Grammarly and plagiarism checker to remove as many mistakes as possible. I try my level best to prevent, but if any typos get through, I am apologetic for it.

6. Once I have content in the clean form, I open my blog and fire up page builder. Then, it is a 1-hour long endeavor in my page builder. This is the time when featured image is made, and informative links are added.

7. Even after setting up the post fully, it is only half the battle won. It is then time for working on the video part. Video part takes me another 3-4 day depending on the article.

8. For the video, I don’t write a full script, rather, I prepare bullet points of what points to hit. With some bullet points in hand, I start recording the video and invest my efforts in improv. Not all times the video is done in one take. Sometimes it takes as much as 12 takes to get the video done. I remove a lot of parts whom I find not worth putting. To give an idea, a raw footage is 30 minutes and published video will be 8-10 minutes.

9. Once the video is shot, I do minor editing and publish it on youtube with a good thumbnail.

10. The video is then embedded in post and post is finally checked once more and published.

The reason I make videos or spend this much time on publishing single review is that I want to give my best to posts. Other blogs in my niche publish very frequently. Most of them are simply curating reviews from other blogs in order to rank and bank. For me, it is more about the process, about the final product I make. I don’t need to prove that I use the product, you can see me doing that in the video itself. I can also hike the process and publish posts much more frequently, but I simply enjoy working on these posts.