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I had written photoscape review earlier, but due to a server problem I lost all my Articles. So I am re-writing that Article now. Photoscape is a photo Editing Tool from the house of MOOII tech. This photo Editor is ranked #1 in his group on This software is Quick and light weight (Around 20 Mb) and works without any glitches. I use this software for Editing photos and screenshots for this Blog. For Example the Banner of this Article (Placed above) is made using Photoscape. And It took around 1 minute or Less to make It. Clean and Quick.. Isn’t it ? That’s why I came up with an Idea to introduce this to my Readers with a simple photoscape Review.


I use this software in addition to photoshop to prepare the images for this Blog. The Software works fine, with a wide range of Options and Effects available including the Film Effects and Vintage ones. The Software is really capable of Producing, Editing and giving the final touch to images.

Photoscape Review : Comprehensive Review

The Main Features of this Photo Editor Include :

1. Adding Photo to Photo : You can Paste an Image over another Image very Quickly. You can Adjust Its Opacity, width, height etc.

2. Adding Text/Quote/Special Character : You can Add Text/Quote/Special character and configure Its Opacity, Color, Font, Size, Shadow, Outline. Useful for Adding Captions or Message on a Photo. Like I placed the Text ‘Hacknovations’ and ‘Photoscape Review’ on the Banner above.

3. Crop/Resize/Rotate : If you feel like slicing off a part of an Image you can do it Quickly with a lot of crop options available. You can also resize and Rotate the Photo as Per Your Need.

4. Light Effects : Photoscape can configure/refine Brightness, contrast of Your Photo. And in addition to this you can Film effects, Bloom and Back light also.

5. Photo Effects : You can apply a lot of Photo Effects including Black and white, Lens Flare, Pencil, crayon, Mono graving and many more. There are much more effects available in photoscape.

Final Words :  I would love to know your opinion about this software. Your response motivates me a lot. You can leave down your feedback and Opinions below in the comments.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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