On Page SEO Checklist to Nail SEO Every Time You Publish

Having an idea of starting your website or creating your blog posts is not at all a bad notion. There are so many guidelines and tools are available in the market to assist you in creating your website or blogs till the end of witnessing the visible growth of your pages and blogs. Even though there is so many guidance handy, the base of all your ideas must be professional and workable.

Many of you think of starting on a website or blogs as your career. This will make some sense that you devote your whole time and hard work to this thing. On the other hand, some of you will be planning to start a website page or blog just as a passion that you like doing it so much.

Now there are so many things that you must look after before you think of doing all this stuff. This is not an easy job in the prevailing world. There are millions of competitors and more and more unique stuff coming up each day through websites and blogs.

So to stand out from all of your competitors the way you think and execute things must be exceptional and super unique in that it attracts more traffic to your website or blog posts as time pass by. Before you have the plan of starting websites and blog posts make sure at least you know the basics regarding this field and gradually you’ll gain more experience once you are in.

Among all the other factors some significant components are highly required to gain more traffic and SEO for your websites. Some of those factors include On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. So all of these components combine and make your website and blog posts more attractive and profit-yielding businesses.

In this article, I am going to focus primarily on On-Page SEO and its checklist. This will be so helpful if you are trying to concentrate more on On-Page SEO for your website or blog posts or if you have any idea to start your website or blog then this article on the On-Page SEO Checklist for sure will be immensely helpful for you to succeed in your career and achieve all your goals.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is nothing but the process of optimizing search engine rankings and drive more relevant traffic to the individual content from websites or blog posts. This has so much influence on the elements of your own website. Many factors impact the On-Page SEO of your website including the quality of your website, visual and textual content, and the overall  user interface of your webpages.

The On-Page SEO mainly focuses on certain aspects that aim at optimizing some elements in your website such as the page speed, keyword density, backlinks, and so on. All of these factors together aim at providing quality content to the users and also ensures that it improves the ranking and traffic of your website in the search engines.

To optimize your On-Page SEO you must be focused on some distinct attributes which include the following,

  • Content
  • Speed
  • Keywords
  • URL
  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Heading tags
  • Internal linking
  • Alt tags
  • Images
  • Mobile-friendliness

All of these factors are so important for the all-around development of your website. Now I will brief you on some of the On-Page SEO Checklist that is vital for your website’s quality performance and consistent growth.

On-Page SEO Checklist 

Here are some of the On-page SEO Checklist that you must adopt to substantiate a good and positive way of the growth of your website. All of these checklists are very simple if you properly implement them. Even if you lack the basic knowledge regarding the On-Page SEO functionaries this article will help you gain some adequate knowledge about all those basic yet effective checklists.

  • Perform keyword Research
  • Always Write The Original Content
  • Write Contents Of Higher Quality
  • Add Relevant Links To Your Content
  • Never Fail To Proofread And Check Your Content
  • Check For Spelling And Grammar errors

Here I have listed some of the On-Page SEO checklists that you must ensure that you follow the right things and unfollow the incorrect things. Be prepared to make some amendments to the entire outlook and also to the internal aspects of your website and blog posts. Always remember that the change comes from only within. So often give primary importance to your internal base and structure of your website.

Perform keyword Research

You all know how much important  the keyword for your content has. It plays a very major role when it comes to the ranking and readability of the contents of your website.

How to select the right keyword for the given topic? This the most frequently asked and doubted question for all the beginners. So before providing answers to this question, I would like to know whether you all are aware of the keyword research tools that are available in the market.

The keyword research tools are specifically designed to research and choose the right keyword for the topic. There are so many features and options available in these tools but this may vary depending upon the software that you opt for. Some of the popular keyword research tools include Google Keyword Planner, Soolve, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer,  Jaaxy, and so many other top-rat keyword research tools are available for all your different requirements.

While choosing the right keyword you must always look after whether the keyword is relevant to the topic, check out whether that particular selected keyword is most searched by the audience, and also analyze whether the keyword is within your site’s mainstream.

Also, choose a primary keyword for the content which is fresh and unique, and with that, you can also select three or four related keywords for better performance of your content. Always know that keywords are of great importance when it comes to content writing so make sure that you lack nowhere particularly in this part of the On-page SEO Checklist.

Always Write The Original Content

Everyone likes the content that they search is completely original and there are no false facts or duplicate content. As per the requirements of your target audience, you must develop and write the content for your websites or blog posts. It is not sufficient that you check almost everything about your content but fail to analyze whether the written content is original or  plagiarized.

To protect your website or blog posts from all the hazards you must make sure that your content is fully original because Google forums restrict plagiarism and once caught with duplicate content, all of your works and rankings will end up in vain and there is no way out then.

So before you post the content on the internet always cross-check whether the content is original and plagiarism free. So to make this job even easier you can use tools like duplicate content checker or plagiarism checker to find out the duplication in the content.

Write Contents Of Higher Quality 

When your content is unique and of high-quality obviously the audience will love it. So now your main focus is to get a ranking in the SEO. But even though your aim is to be ranked at top of the SEO you must not lose your focus on the quality of the content that you provide. Even to rank higher in the SEO you need high-quality content and at the same time, it must be unique too.

Try experimenting and write your own content with high-quality words and phrases. Do not try to bring down the quality of your content by practicing plagiarism or writing duplicate content. These are all not fair and I’ve already briefed you regarding this.

Add Relevant Links To Your Content 

Links! Links! Links! Yes, links play a very major role in enhancing the SEO rating of your website or blog posts. There are so many things that can be done with a single link. So now adding more relevant links to a particular content can help you to gain more On-Page SEO which is so good and healthier for your website.

For instance, you are posting content related to fitness on your website. So after your part of the content creation is done now it’s time to give some more clarifications and in-depth knowledge regarding your content.

This can be done by adding more links to other pages that are related to fitness which can be a healthy diet, simple workouts, yoga, and stuff like that. Before you add a link of a particular page make sure that they are well established and have a good On-Page SEO rating. This helps you to gain more natural backlinks which is an added bonus.

Never Fail To Proofread And Check Your Content

Proofreading is one of the important aspects of content writing. It helps you in a lot of ways and sometimes proofreading the written content can be a Savior from you being careless of all the mistakes that you might have made while you write the content. For all those of you who are not aware of, what is proof reading?

Here is the answer. Proofreading is the process of re-reading the written content after 12 hours to ensure that there are no mistakes in the content. Why after 12 hours of writing? Because after a time gap of 12 hours you must have come out of that topic and now you will be feeling fresh.

So by this time, your thought process will be different and that is why you need to check your content once again to gain a good place in the search engine results.

Check For Spelling And Grammar errors

As you all know error-free contents are of first preference all the time and all the place. So to have a nice SEO ranking and drive more traffic to your website your content must be free of spelling and grammar errors which are the two major errors that most of you make as a person. Make up your mind not to make these types of errors while you write.

But this cannot work out all the time. There will be some times where you go carelessly ignoring the errors unknowingly. In such circumstances, you can rely on some of the lifesavers that are the tools specially made for finding and rectifying these types of errors.

The best application for  grammar errors and spelling mistakes free articles must be Grammarly. This is the best-known application for finding and revising the errors that occurred.

Now you have come to the end of this article after gaining some important information on the On-Page SEO Checklist. All of these simple but effective ways can surely give their hands when you need them

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