Monthly Report : March 2015

Finally March is about to end, this month hadn’t been so great in comparison to other months i.e January and February. This month I tried more than one crazy thing on Hacknovations , although I learned a lot this month. I realize that I hadn’t been updating this blog as often as I do regularly. Some of you might know, I am in 11th standard, and I had exams overhead, so I wasn’t able to update this blog as often as I did. The most terrifying incidents were instant traffic drops and increasing alexa rank. Below is what happened during this month –

Traffic Stats : Total Monthly Traffic

monthly report march

In the previous month my monthly traffic was 4,347, and this month it dropped to 2,047 ! thats estimated nearly half of it. The sudden drop in traffic was terrifying for me, same was the sudden drop in alexa rankings too. Although the traffic trends this month were strange , my blog had traffic from Google, and back-links. The thing which saved traffic quite much was, I’ve commented on several blogs, wrote guests posts , and posted on forums too. The back-links generated traffic, as well as Google searches too. The totally thing ironic to the situation was , I earned double compared to the earnings of last months.

This month I had 21.1% traffic from returning users, and rest 78.9% from new visitors. Most of the new visitors came from Google searches and yahoo, bing searches. Rest of the new traffic came from forums.

The Alexa rank Drop

Because I wasn’t consistent in publishing posts this month, I observed a great fluctuation and drop in the alexa rank. During the month My Alexa rank dropped from 99,897 to 102,187. One of my prime aims for the next month would surely be to raise back the alexa rank and get my Blog under the mark of 100,000 popular websites.

Country trends and demographics

country demographic

The demographic above shows country trends this month. Majority of the traffic this month came from United states, India, United kingdom, Brazil, Indonesia, Netherlands, Italy and Philippines, Germany, Vietnam, France and Canada. The countries listed above were top 12 country from where traffic came to Hacknovations.

United states has been on the top of this list since January, February. I’ve targeted selected countries to boost my countries, and I select my keywords with proper care too.

Earnings Report : March

This is the strangest thing I could ever expect, I made sales in the month in which traffic was fairly low. Although I am making money with Google Adsense, but frankly it isn’t making me much money in comparison to Affiliate marketing and other sources. Below are some facts and figures you might enjoy –

Affiliate marketing – $180

  • Sahifa WordPress theme [Review] – $20
  • Hostinger Web-hosting [Review]  – $55
  • Ipage Web-hosting [Review] – $105

Sponsored Reviews –  $108

URL Shortner – $15

Total Earnings Combined – $303

*Please note that just because I earn from sponsored posts, I won’t ask you to buy anything without me confirming it thrice before publishing. The earnings above represent exact figures.

What I planned for this month – And how it Went

This month I planned to publish podcasts, increasing traffic and increasing subscribers as well. I wasn’t able to publish any podcast because of my Exams, although I published a Video on YouTube. Certainly I could raise traffic, but I increased my subscribers. For increasing subscribers, I distributed my First E-book ( How to Create a Social network ) free of cost.

What are my plans for the coming month – April

  • Increase Blog traffic
  • Continue to Increase subscribers
  • Increase Adsense Earnings
  • Raise back Alexa rank
  • Publishing podcasts and Tutorials

Final words – This month wasn’t so much happening if we look at the traffic charts, but looking at the earnings tab, the Blog made some profit this month. In April, I might offer another Free E-book for subscribers. You might have noticed I have enabled Commentluv for comments. If you wish to promote one of your blog posts with your comment, check the box underneath comment section.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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