Monthly Report : April 2015

Its the First day of the new month as I am writing this post. Moments ago I had a haircut and took a bath, with a fresh mood I though to write a monthly report for the month of April. I announced in my yearly report that I am now in the 12th standard, which makes it hard for me to devote time to blog. There are too many things to find ample time out of, the school, the homework , the tuition etc.

If you leave this thing apart, the month had been great in terms of income and engagement. I removed Google Ad-sense advertisements from my blog, made a few changes in the blog ( described in the report below ).

1. Removed Google Ad-sense

You would have noticed it as well that I no longer sell my ad space for Google Ad-sense advertisements in my sidebar. The reason behind this move was rather simple , not only Google Ads were reducing my Gtmetrix score, but also I wasn’t facing enough traffic.

I asked a few co-bloggers and finally decided that I would place them back on once I start receiving good amount of traffic again. So, you might see them again in the sidebar in a few months.

2. Changed my WordPress theme

You might be aware that Google brought a decent in their search result listings with their mobile friendly algorithm. In case you missed it, read this post of mine to know what it was and how it may be affecting your website.

As a step to prevent my blog being affected by the new algorithm I changed to a mobile friendly theme. The new theme is not only computer friendly but also loads pretty well on mobile devices.

3. Need for Speed !

lloading time

I also worked a lot to reduce my blog’s loading to as low as it can, after tweaking the database files and optimizing my blog with a cdn I was able to get some pleasing results. I am using shared hosting, and you can see the loading time in the screen shot above.

Total Comments on this blog in April 2015

Hi, My name is albin thomas.
I made 2 awesome comments.
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12 comment authors with 14 comments in the month of April 2015

Monthly Report ~ Earnings Report : April 2015

  • Sponsored posts – $250
  • URL shortener – $50

Affiliate marketing –

  • Ipage Web-Hosting – $210
  • Hostinger Web host – $50

Combined earnings = $560 ( These earnings are independent earnings of this blog, this doesn’t include any payments from other blogs in my network )

Note :- Just because I get paid for sponsored posts this doesn’t mean that I’ll ask you or recommend you to buy a product I didn’t use or don’t trust. I promote products after using and satisfaction, you can see the sreenshots in the posts which prove I use the service before recommending.

Final words – Thanks a lot for a great month, the monthly traffic and income are increasing, and as well is the reader base. In the coming month I’ll be aiming to increase subscribers and increasing traffic more than earning. Also, I have limited the number of sponsored posts to 3 per month for ensuring quality.

Leave down your opinions and suggestions below, and Happy Labour day !


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Piyush Ranjan

Congratulations buddy.
Well affiliate marketing always rocks.
I would like to ask why you removed adsense ads?
I have tried your blog both in laptop and mobile version, both are looking awesome. Also the loading time is great.
Cheers buddy. Enjoy the day.


    I talked and discussed with several pro-bloggers, most of them recommended that I should remove Google Adsense If the traffic was low. So, I decided to first achieve 100,000 visits per month before publishing ads again.
    Thanks for commenting.

Mahesh Dobhal

Congrats buddy. hope you’ll achieve more in future. ALL the best


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