How to make animated gif's Easily

How To Create Your Own animated gif
Animated gifs are just great, they are eye catching and every one love them. From funny images to ads, they can be found every where on the web. But have you ever though how they are made ? or how you can make one for yourself ? Well, today in this article I’ll discuss about the same. There are several tools for you to use, many online, many offline. I’ll use photoscape during this tutorial as it is really easy and quick.

How Far you can get with Animated Gif ?

To understand this, we first need to understand what is an animated gif .. GIF here stands for Graphics interchange format, files of these extension have .gif at end. Basically it combines several images as separate frames and then exchange among the frames.

moving pingu
When each image is passed in front of the eye for a specific time, the eye perceives it as a single image and the brain tries to interconnect them, 9th standard science ! brought to use.  For correct demonstration I decided to create an animated gif, the same is located in the left of this paragraph, you already noticed it, ain’t you ? This image is a basic animated gif, much more can be done with these .gif’s

How to Make your Animated Gif’s ?

To begin with the tutorial, you should first download and install photoscape. As a starter you’ll need some images too, download these images numbered from 1-9. Once you understand how this is done, you can use your own images too. Before moving, I am assuming that you have installed the photoscape as well as downloaded the images.

  1. right menu
    Open the photoscape
  2. From the upper navigation tab in the software itself, go to animated gif.
  3. In the right side, click on add and from the file manager pop-up select all the images you downloaded above. For avoiding confusion keep them in a separate folder.
  4. From “Change time” and “Change effect” in the right you can change its speed and animation.
  5. When you are convinced click on web browser preview and then finally hit save.

The Right menu would be just like the one in the right, Below the “web broswer preview” Button, the area shows you the number of frames your image has. Below it is “Change time, effect” Buttons. Followed by Photo resize buttons. Remember, It is better to resize your image right here, as it might not animate if resized from any other editor, or if you add extra text on your image.

How to share these Animated Gif’s with your friends ?

If you want to share these images on the web, there is a slight change. If you post these images on Facebook, It won’t show the animation, Only a frame will show up. The question arises, how can you then share these images with your friends around the web. The first handy option is upload them to your blog, website as I’ve done above. But not everybody has a blog, If you don’t have a blog go to postimage and click on Upload gif.

After you upload your image, the page which opens up will give you its links, Direct links, forum links, website links and the deletion link. Such as the link I got when I uploaded the above animated image.

Final words : I hope you would have liked the article. I can’t deny the fact that there are several other gif creator online online and offline too, but using photoscape is very handy and easy. If you think I missed something do tell me in the comments.

And If you have any suggestions, feedback, opinions do tell them in the comments below.

So, where is your animated gif ?


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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