Lucky6 By FatCat Smartphone App Review

Recently I Used FatCat’s Jackpot Based Smartphone app Called Lucky6, the same I am Reviewing today.

What If I said You could win cash and Luxury holidays and that too playing an Game ? You are lying .. You would say ! But It is True. With this app in your smartphone you can play, win and earn cash or I said above Enjoy luxury holidays. It sounds somewhat scam but It is certainly not !

The Game is available Free of Cost at its Official Website. The Game as I said is basically a lottery type game. Where you have to select 6 Brands, and If they finish at the top you win ! Sweet and Simple, Isn’t it ? Let me Introduce with some “Inside Screenshots” of this game to tell how the game basically is.

The First Screen I saw after I opened the game. The game’s first screen shows 4 slides Introducing the game. The Screen displays “What is game about ” “How to play the game” and what you can win with this game. The Screen had “Log in” and Sign Up Button Common in them. Creating an account Was too easy, You type your email and password and a confirmation Email is sent to the Email for Security and Verification purposes.


The Login Screen as shown in the Right shows two places. One to enter the Email Address and the second one is for password. As you can see clearly from the dots, you can enter a Password of 5 characters. You can Also recover your password in case you forget It. The GUI is quite friendly and Easy to understand. Once logged in You can easily start Wining by taking part in quiz.


See, in the snapshot below you can see You have to answer really simple questions to win. The First Question I had to answer was Where was the 2014 World cup held ? The Answer was quite simple. After Entering the answer You have to once confirm your answer, then an confirmation Email would be sent to you. After Answering you can either finish or Finish playing and move on to select Top 6 brands. And If they finish at Top 6 You will be Awarded.

How can you Download the game ?

Downloading the game is too simple, It comes for Ios and Android OS. The game is available for Download at its Official Website And on some Stores also, I Guess !

The Game as I said earlier, Is too easy to play and you can win several gifts and Travel tickets. The user interface is quite simple and tutorials and help is always available. This game would make the Lottery system re-live in India. And who would not love Winning Gifts for just answering some simple questions.

Another feature with which you can Earn is by sharing this game. Like several apps and websites this app also offers you referral feature through which you can share this game and Earn even more.  You can download the game from its Official website. And If you do, kindly tell me in the comments below.




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