Kellogg's perfect Corn Flakes breakfast Invitation

For a food and travel lover, a healthy and tasty breakfast is what makes the rest of the day perfect. There are thousand ways and dishes to start a good day with the perfect breakfast. One of the best breakfast is a Kellogg’s corn flakes. I prefer Kellogg’s corn flakes for a breakfast because they are nutritious , easy and quick to prepare and tastes good too. Kellogg’s recent advertisement on their YouTube channel “Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ka Nashta” . There are a lot of families who prefer using this meal as their breakfast. With over 100 mouth-watering recipes , Kellogg’s corn flakes is the perfect breakfast.

Below are some reasons why I would prefer going to Kellogg’s wale Gupta ji’s family for a breakfast.

I am a Food lover : This is the first reason Why I would love joining them for a breakfast. They have over 100 mouth-watering dishes, which I would love tasting them as a food lover. I do love trying out new dishes and recipes. Although I love cooking , but as an amateur cook its hard to cook a new dish every other day. But Kellogg’s corn flakes are easy to cook and serve.

Its Fast : All it needs to prepare a simple corn flakes is mix adequate amount of milk, sugar and a part of corn flakes in a bowl. I usually wake up late and don’t have enough time to prepare a breakfast. When I don’t have adequate time I prepare myself a bowl of Corn flakes, and it takes no more than 2 minutes !

Its nutritious : Because of the fact that it is made from grains , and a large amount of milk is mixed when it is prepared, there is no doubt that it is nutritious. Corn flakes are the best way you can ask your little kid to drink milk. A lot of kids hate milk, but when you offer them corn flakes, it becomes a treat that is hard to beat.

The best part is you don’t essentially need to mix milk in order to prepare your bowl of Corn flakes, you have a hundred recipes to select from. Also you can also discover your own way to make a corn flakes dish. There are at total of 56 corn flakes on tarladalal, and an additional 100 corn flakes recipes of Kellog’s corn flakes too. From so much to discover, a food lover can hardly stop himself from Kellog’s corn flakes.

Final words :– During this post I talked about why I would love to join Gupta ji’s family for a breakfast. If you are wondering who is Gupta ji, don’t think too much. He is part of an advert recently published by Kellog’s. You might have seen the same advert on YouTube and on your television too. I would love to your opinion on Kellog’s corn flakes. If you have ever tried Kellog’s corn flakes let me know your opinion in comments below. Also you can share your secret corn flakes recipes with me in the comments below.


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