iPage Vs Hostinger Review
Who is the Best ?

Ipage VS Hostinger : Who can compare Ipage from Hostinger better than one who've used both ! If you have been with my blog for a while, you must be aware I've been reviewing a variety of stuff here. I began my blogging carrier with hostinger, then after a 4 months time, I moved on to Ipage, and since I then it is the home for Hacknovations. In this comparison ( versus ) article I'll compare both the web-hostings and their features. There are 5 grounds upon which hostings have been marked ( ranked ).

The ground on basis of which I've compared Ipage and Hostinger are as follows : Pricing, security, customer support, Extra features, Auto-installer.

iPage vs Hostinger : Pricing


Hostinger is well known for its "Free" hosting. Their title itself says "Free hosting in ( Your Country ) with php and mySQL , website builder and no ads". And its not just advertisement or as if they trick you ! they offer you hosting with limited access to resources and features free of cost !

In the Free hosting you are provided with 2000 mb space, and 100GB of bandwidth. By investing a amount you can upgrade your website easily. You can upgrade your site to shared hosting by paying $38 ( annual charge ) !

The "Free thing" might seem something to try, but you are likely to get frustrated by the downtimes. The most common errors I faced while my site was with hostinger was "Internal server error" and "Under maintenance". I lost many clients as when they opened my site, they found it offline. And it wasn't a good impression.


Although Ipage doesn't has a free option, it offers quite affordable shared hosting. Ipage's hosting costs you $27 for a year. The best thing about the shared hosting package offered from Ipage is, it doesn't let you face any of the errors. Your site works great and runs smooth.

Winner : Ipage is certainly the winner of this round, as its shared hosting is much cheaper and affordable compared to Hostinger. Also, Ipage's hosting doesn't have any glitches or errors while running. Hostinger costs $38 for one year whereas Ipage costs $27 for one year.

iPage vs Hostinger : Security


Hostinger doesn't offers much security until you don't loose some bucks out of your pocket. After you spend some money on SSL, you would be provide some security. When I used hostinger, I relied on CDN's security features rather than hosting's.


Ipage takes individual's security as their own. The best incident which proved me, that they care for their clients is when I uploaded a nulled plugin in my directory and they detected it as spam / virus quickly and Emailed me to act upon the file instantly ! Even if you don't buy extra thing, Ipage takes regular automated security checkups of your site. And if you spend extra bucks in their "WP essentials" you would get even sharp security.

Winner : Ipage leads the round, as for me security is one of prime concerns of my Blog. When you run a blog, you work hard and probably don't want a virus to spoil all your hardwork. Ipage understands your hardwork and cares for your Blog, hence provides greater security than Hostinger.

iPage vs Hostinger : Support


What if your site crashed down, you rush to your web host customer support and they reply "You would be replied in 1-4 hours if you have purchased any service else you would be replied in 1-2 Business days !" This is exactly what hostinger says when you make a query with them. ( Not to mention that they don't have live support ).


Ipage loves its customers, and their friendly customer support proves it. Ipage has 24 X 7 live chat support as well as "Ticket" support system. Their representatives really know how to take you out of the mud, even from the hardest times. I've crashed my Blogs a number of times in the initial time as I was experimenting a lot, but thanks to their support, I didn't loose my data !

Winner : Ipage is a better choice as, it is not about live chat or ticket based support ( although it highly matters ) even with their ticket system ( hostinger ) the team isn't able to solve your problem ! And the good guys behind Ipage can get you out of problem quickly !

iPage vs Hostinger : Features


Hostinger doesn't offer anything for FREE as extra feature. Although the thing that it provides a free hosting is an exception to this statement. If hostinger would have been offering marketing services such as Facebook ad credits, Bing ad credits , Google adwords coupon etc. things would have been much friendly. Although hostinger provides regular coupon codes to reduce the price for you, in case you make a purchase there.


Ipage stuffs in your hosting a lot of stuff, to make your site blast ! The list of features you enjoy free of cost from Ipage are as follows : Facebook ad credits , Google ad credits , Bing ad credits, Free toll free number, Yellow page listing, Site lock credits, 1GB cloud space, Drag and drop builder, Shop site starter, GOmobi site builder.

Winner : Ipage leads the round, as usual. Ipage puts a lots of fruits in your basket, and of course everyone likes free stuff. The marketing services they offer for free can help your marketing and increase your traffic to a greater extent.

iPage vs Hostinger : Ease of Use


Hostinger offers a huge list of 97 Scripts which can be auto-installed on your domain within a few clicks ! This time hostinger made it huge, this list also includes popular CMS like wordpress, community and forums, guest books and much more.


Ipage however offers a slighter less number of script in its auto installer. Although it offers a fair amount around 65 !

Winner : Hostinger wins the round because of its wide range. There is a lots of stuff to experiment with in Hostinger. Although Ipage is too, not much far behind. Hostinger offers 97 scripts and ipage is at 65. There are several auto-installers which are common in both the web hosting. WordPress which is the best CMS is available in both the web hosts.

Final words : If you've used any of the web hosts I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

I used hostinger for 4 months and I came across several down times, after moving to Ipage things became better and there are no downtimes now. If you look at the quality of shared hosting of both the web hosts, Ipage is much better in both price and quality.

But for beginners, Hostinger does offer a free hostinger. And, one can't expect a lot from a free hosting.

So, whom do you love Ipage or Hostinger web hosting ?

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