Hacknovations : The Introduction

Hacknovations is a blog about everything WordPress. Our focus is publishing quality WordPress news, theme and plugin reviews. This page will guide you more on what this blog is, how to get the best out of it and much more.

Hacknovations isn't just a blog. We're a brand focused on helping WordPress users. With tons of themes and plugins available, it becomes hard to select the perfect theme or plugin. There are tons of factors that matter, apart from appearance. This includes things like how fast it loads, whether or not it affects your SEO and much more. We take this pain of theme and plugin selection away. 

I've been blogging for more than 3 years. During this tenure, I've developed more than a hundred in-house and client websites. I've tested more than 200 WordPress themes ( still counting ).


Rachit Singh from Hacknovations

Our Publishing Schedule

Monday - Ask Hacknovations ( A blog series where you send questions and I answer them.
Tuesday - WordPress News/Article
Wednesday - WordPress News/Article
Thursday - the Free theme of the Week ( Every week we pick up one theme that we think is worth being called the free theme of the week ).
Friday - WordPress theme review
Saturday - Best of #hacknovate ( You submit your blog posts via twitter and we pick up the best ones ).

Note: This is the schedule I try to stick to. Due to the fact that I don't have a strong team, sometimes I am not able to publish as much content as I intend to. Also, Infographics and WordPress News articles can be published without being in the editorial calendar.

More than a blog !

this blog loves you

This isn't "just another blog" that wants you to read its stuff. We're more focused on helping our end users - you people.

This blog is more eager to learn more about you. This is why we have several blog series running on this blog. This includes our "Ask Hacknovations" series, "Best of #Hacknovate" series.

Ask Hacknovations

"Only the dumbest student has no questions to ask" - Rachit
Singh ( during one of his conferences ).

Whether you need help setting up a new blog,
configuring a blog or choosing the right theme, you name
and we'll be there as a helping hand.

Ask Hacknovations is our weekly blog series where we pick
up questions from you guys and answer them on the
blog. You can ask anything about blogging.

Best of #hacknovate

Do you love your blog posts?

Of course, you do!

Well, we love your blog posts as much as you do!

Best of #hacknovate is a blog series where we pick up the best blog posts shared with us via twitter.

Share your blog posts with us via Twitter using #hacknovate and we'll read them ( and comment as well ).

How to Make the Best Out of Hacknovations ?

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Once done, you can head over to our homepage to read our latest blog posts. You can ask a question from this page, or tweet your blog post at us using #hacknovate.

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