How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings

I don’t know the reason you are here, but the fact that you came here makes me confident that you wish to increase your Google adsense earnings. A lot of bloggers use Adsense to earn profit from their blog, adsense is believed to be the best PPC ( Pay per click ) network. I’d like to tell you that my application for google adsense was rejected almost 14 times ( or may be more ), after some efforts when I got it approved, I thought it would make me some revenue out of my blog.

I had to make revenue as I started realizing that my passion for blogging was now costing a few dollars every month ( web-hosting cost ).  So, I thought google adsense would be perfect to make some profit online, but results and my earning graphs were telling totally a different story. For the first 4 months I made $3.5 only ! It took me time to increase my adsense earnings. In this article I am sharing what I learned, using these simple tactics and tricks I increased my adsense earnings.

Increase your Google Adsense Earnings


Understanding Google adsense : To maximize your adsense earnings, you first need to understand how much units you can place per page. You might have read on several blogs, and websites that you can place a maximum of 3 units per page, I agree, but thats half truth. The complete truth is, you can place a maximum of 8 units per page, including a maximum of 3 display ads, 3 text ads and two adsense search . Hence to increase your earnings you first need to maximize the number of advertisements being displayed on your page. But remember, don’t sacrifice user experience for earnings, no traffic means no earnings. So, maintain a balance between number of ad units you place and user experience.

recommended ad unit
Use recommended ad sizes : If you are using smaller ad units, switch to big ones. When you create a new ad unit in adsense, choose the ad unit which has been marked “recommended” below it. My best earning ad units are : 300 x 250 , 728 x 90, 336 x 280, 320 x 100, and 300 x 600. You must agree to the fact that every blog has a different niche and hence different audience, what suits my blog might not suit your blog and vice versa. Experiment with ad sizes, every time you’ll learn something which will make your earnings better next time.

Change ad placements : Its all about the approach ! changing the place where ads are placed on your website will bring a change in your earnings. Try to place one of your adverts in the above fold i.e the part of your blog which is visible to user without scroll . I have two units in my above fold , and one of them receives more clicks than other ad units. Most of the blogs place their advertisements in the sidebar, because it is most convenient spot. Although I suggest you should embed some ads into your posts too, but don’t sacrifice user experience for the sake of user experience. Ideally you can place an advert before post ( horizontal banner or Medium rectangle ) , one text ad between your posts, and one in footer of the post, but don’t overdo advertisements on your posts, as readers might get irritated with this.

Work on Quality : Write more quality articles , the more search traffic you receive , the greater will be your earnings. Write seo friendly posts. If you have been with my blog for a while, you might know I’ve published articles such as the best seo tools , how to write a perfect blog post, how to optimize your blog for SEO, these articles would help you maximize your search traffic and post quality.

Customize it : Make the advertisement look quite alike your website and its content. Later in this article I’ve covered how you can customize your advertisements to increase your earnings. You can check out , they have placed a adsense ad in the above fold The thing worth noticing is how they’ve blended their ad with their content. ( see the snapshot below ) Although this increases your earnings, but your readers might get irritated.


How to Embed Google Adsense Ads Perfectly ?

To achieve the best results, you need to place your adsense ads perfectly at the perfect spot. If you are using Google’s Blogger platform as a CMS ( content management system ) You can find options to place ads from the Earnings tab in the Blogger dashboard.

If you use WordPress self-hosted as CMS, there are plenty of plugins which can make your life easier. I’ve been using wordpress with adsense for quite a time, and between this time I tested a lot of plugins. The best plugins I suggest for embedding google adsense ads in your wordpress self hosted blogs are : Google publisher plugin , and advanced ads. Both of these plugins are free and can be downloaded from directory. Using both these plugins is pretty easy.

How to Customize Google adsense Ads ?

As I mentioned above, you need to customize your ads so that they look similar to your website content. To begin, create a new ad, go to your adsense dashboard and click on My Ads.

  • Click on New Ad unit button ( 
    new ad unit
    ) .
  • In the first text box, fill in the ad unit name. Select a ad unit , prefer selecting a recommended ad unit.
  • Click on the text ad style button (
    text ad style
    ) to un hide the text ad customization tab. Below is how text ad style customization tab looks, and how can you customize it. Below is snapshot of how the customization panel looks.

ad customization

  1. Click on copy and edit to copy the current text style and move ahead with editing your ad.
  2. Here you, can customize your border color, I prefer you should set your border color to your blog’s background.
  3. Here you customize your title color, you should set the title color to your blog’s link color.
  4. From the text box, you can customize your text color, the color of your font should be your blog’s font color.
  5. You should set the background color to the color of your blog’s background. Although in most cases white works fine.
  6. URL appears in the ads, you should select its color to be the color of your links. For example if your blog’s link color are blue, select the URL and title color to be blue as well.
  7. Select font family which suits your blog. For example if your blog uses arial font, select arial as your font family.
  8. You can also customize your font size, I prefer font size to be medium or the default ( optimal ).

Have patience : Patience is the virtue of a blogger, you need to be patient to earn online. Blogging is not get quick rich online scheme, blogging takes time and hard work to be invested. The blogs which are successful now have been online for more than 5 years or may be more. You need to be consistent and patient to earn online. It takes some time to increase adsense earnings.

Final words : For the first 4 months I earned as low as 3.5 $ only, but with time and the tricks I mentioned above I was  successful in increasing my adsense earnings. It might take some time for you too. After mentioning some tips above I still feel I’ve left a lot uncovered. If you have your own tips and tricks to increase adsense earnings, do comment them below.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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