How to Host a Giveaway for Free to Boost Traffic ?

Only tomorrow I hosted a giveaway as my blog completed its first year on the web. It was bit tricky as I hadn’t done it before , but with a bit of research and with help of sponsors I was able to carry out the giveaway successfully. The giveaway not only boosted the traffic but also made readers happy. If you are also looking for hosting a giveaway on your blog/website, you’ll learn how to host a giveaway for free in this article.

Why Host a Giveaway ?

why host a giveaway

You might be wondering Why you should host a giveaway. From my experience of the giveaway I hosted, I concluded that a giveaway is beneficial because It Increases your traffic quickly under a short time. And also Increases your social followers and engagements. You can always ask your readers or the giveaway participants to subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social networks and thus increasing your engagements and conversions.

Also when you are distributing valuable stuff for free, your readers are surely going to love it, as my readers did. I experienced a 125% increase in traffic and a significant increase in subscribers too.

What should you distribute in the giveaway ?

This is something you should be bit worried about, you have to choose the gift very wisely. For example if you are a fashion blogger and host a giveaway for a wordpress premium plugin, you readers would be less interested to participate in it. Instead if you distribute some beauty product, or even a E-book related to your topic, readers would be more interested to be a part of it.

The major choice you have to make is between the gift you are distributing would be free or cost you some bucks. Although I promote you distribute stuff you don’t have to pay for, but like I did, if you find a sponsor you can also distribute things like shopping vouchers etc.

The best option available is, you prepare an E-book related to the subject of your blog.

If you are owner of a website that provides full version software cracks, serials etc. Then you can distribute them as well.

Because if you niche blogger and blogging in the same niche for a while you develop readers of same taste and likes. So, distribute something related to your niche, which readers would be familiar with and would love to grab it too.

How to Host a Giveaway for Free ?

If you are hosting a giveaway for the first time, or if you are a fairly small blog you might be interested in hosting the giveaway free of cost instead of spending some bucks over it. There are several tools online with which you can host giveaways, both free and paid. Below you’ll learn how to host a giveaway without spending even a single buck out of your pocket.

1. Register a free account at .

2. Login with your information and in your dashboard, Click on New giveaway Icon in the left side.

add prize

3. Next, you would be asked for a prize, Enter the prize you are distributing. Apart from name you can also add an image for your readers to make it easy for them to understand. Additionally you can add more than one prizes.

add an entry
4. After filling in the prize name you need to select Entry options, as if how readers can participate in your giveaway. Their are variety of options available. Although there are couple of options there, but the best of them are paid , for using which you would have to upgrade your account. But, it is not needed , the free options work pretty well and you can carry out your giveaway without spending even a single buck.

date giveaway

5. When you are satisfied by adding entries, the next chance is to enter the correct dates , as of when the giveaway would start and when would it end. By default the time is measured according to the time in US and Canada i.e Eastern time, although you can change it your convenience.

6. Now, you are finished your giveaway, click on preview and install. After you are satisfied with the giveaway , you would be provided with an html code which can embed ; nearly anywhere in your website/blog. After you embed it, a box with your giveaway would start appearing, and your readers would be able to participate in it when the entered date comes.

Also, if you have a Facebook page with a lot of fans, you can also integrate your giveaway in your Facebook page.

What next ?

So, you created your giveaway and it is running now. But, what to do now ? Next, you can monitor over your entries and stats to know how many readers participated in your giveaway.

For doing this, go to your dashboard, the dashboard would be displaying your giveaways which are divided according to which are currently running and which have ended. Point to the giveaway whose entries you are interested to monitor.

As you move over to the giveaway name, it would show you a entries option. Click on that option. The new page which opens would provide you with two options :- 1. Select a random winner. 2. Show the Entries.

Scroll down the page and click on the show the entries button to view the entires. Your entries would be shown in a format which could be downloaded in excel sheet too. It would also show you which participant took part in most of the options and which participated in the least.


Analyze your data and observe the readers who participated in most/all of the options you entered. And be sure to award them.

Final words – I Hope this article would help you host your first giveaway, and if you do so, don’t forget to invite me over 😉 . If you are running low on traffic and looking for a solution to give you a quick traffic boost, then hosting a giveaway is something you shouldn’t miss. People like free stuff, so much that they end up buying the clothes or products with “Buy one get one free” .

When you are distributing your valuables , you are not just jolting a quick boost in your traffic, but also it would make your readers happy. You can make them stick your blog for even longer times.

So, Did you host your free giveaway ?


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Tara Nair

Hi Rachit! This is a vital information that you shared in the post. I was looking for guidance related to giveaway and by far this post has cleared up the most of my doubts. Thank you so much. I will be back if I find any issue in making this happen 🙂


    Good to know that It helped you clear the most of your doubts. Giveaway give great boost in traffic, for a beauty blog like yours , you can distribute PDF ebook of some of your best designs. I am sure your readers would love it.
    Be sure to come back if you encounter any problems.


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