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One of the things bloggers and webmasters are always crazy about is, what readers and visitors do at their website. There are couple of tools on the web which help you know and observe reader behavior, one of them is Hotjar. Hotjar is powerful tool that combines a total of features such as Heatmaps, Visitor recordings, Conversation Funnels , Feedback polls , Form analytics etc.

Of course you can pay and use these tools separately, but Hotjar provides all these features without charging you a single buck ! Although some of the features are limited but the ones provided are sufficient to meet your needs.

I’ve been using Hotjar from couple of days and found the tool worth sharing with the readers. The only reason Bloggers and webmasters try to understand and observe their readers is to make the website even better and more friendly for the readers. The same was my purpose of using Hotjar.

What is Hotjar and Why Hotjar ? ( Hotjar Review )


Hotjar as I mentioned above too is a powerful tool made for webmasters to observe and analyze their traffic better. To achieve this aim Hotjar provides webmasters with a couple of tools to be used at the website. Among the list of tools provided by the website are –

Heatmaps – Heatmaps are used to track the parts of the web-page where users mostly click or scroll past. This makes easy for webmasters to know which sections and parts of the web-page are clicked the most and which get least attention. You can also know how far readers scroll in your pages , this can be really useful if you are writing quality laden long posts and wondering if anyone reads it completely or not.

Visitor Recordings – While at one hand heatmaps only darken or lighten the region with specific colors to mark activity. However with visitor recordings, every single mouse move or anything done by reader is recorded as a video. This is surely one of the most powerful tool hotjar is offering.

Conversation Funnels – It is really important to monitor which pages are receiving most of the traffic and also the pages after which readers leave your website. Reason behind to reduce the bounce rates at your website. Once you know about the pages where readers mostly leave your website, you can then act on the pages to make them better.

Feedback polls – Ever wanted to ask anything from your readers ? You can do it easily with the feedback polls, easily design and set the poll. After the poll starts showing and readers start responding you finally have a answer to your question. The feedbacks are stored in a single place making it easy for you to analyze them and work accordingly.

Form analytics – Do you need something bigger than just an question to ask to your readers ? You can create a complete survey form with your own custom fields and options to carry a complete survey on your website. You would have complete control over the submitted results and submissions. It is quite helpful if you want to ask more than 1 question to your readers.

Hotjar Review ~ Hotjar, Recommended Analytics and Heatmap Tool

1. Heatmaps ( Know Where readers Click ) –


If you take a look at my Heat map above , you can clearly see that people mostly click on Search bar and the options in the navigation bar. Sections such as Blogging tips and Best reviews are clicked a lot , while the about and the contact page are clicked the least.

The heat map produced was quite large as it showed the completed page, the screen shot above is just a small part of it. I came to know that my sidebar widgets and footer’s most recent posts are clicked a lot too. While post are clicked as well. The least clicked spot is the empty area in my sidebar ( which I would now fill up to utilize the space ).

This is indeed the best part of the heat maps , you came to know which parts of your web-page are clicked the most and least. According to this you can place ads in the spots which receive most clicks. Using the best spots for placing ads will increase your CTR ( Click through rate ) and therefore increasing your earnings too.

In the free version of Hotjar you can place up to 3 heat maps, which are extended to unlimited once you upgrade your account from basic to premium ( and yes that requires money ).

2. Feedbacks Polls ( Ask your Readers what works out ) –

feedback poll

Noticed this box on my homepage ?

Its just a small box asking readers for some advice on how can I make hacknovations a better blog for them . You would be shocked that under 2 days I received more than 100 suggestions and responses.

Now , When I plan to improve this blog I would include all those terms to make the blog better.

Also collecting feedback about your blog occasionally can help you make it better by time. There are variety of options for you to configure your feedback. Such as to select between a dark and light theme, background color , question and the answer options, such as long text answer, short answer, radio or check box buttons etc.

Creating an Feedback ~ As Easy as it Gets

Creating a cute survey takes literally minutes with Hotjar, all you need to do is go to your dashboard, go to polls under feedback section. Simply click on the +NEW POLL button.


Apart from the Position and theme you can also choose your background color.  You can also choose between response box and options present. After you finish creating the poll, you can switch it to active and enter the pages where you want the poll to appear.

The best option is to target the pages which are receiving most of the traffic on your website. Like the heat map, you can add up to 3 polls to your website with the basic account. Which can be upgraded to premium to add more.

Final words :-  There is much more at Hotjar, one feature I specially love is video recording the complete session, the heatmaps and the funnels.

I would rate Hotjar 4 out of 5 stars.

If you are a existing hotjar user or if you have used it in the past, leave your experience below in the comments. Using such tools can widely increase your  traffic, audience conversations etc which directly reflect in your earnings.

So, What do you think about Hotjar ?


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Piyush Ranjan

Hello Rachit,
good posts indeed. Learn very much new stuff.


    Hi Piyush,
    Thanks for coming and stopping by to comment.
    Hotjar is extremely useful for bloggers such as you and me.
    Be sure to check it out !


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