10 Points to Focus to Grow Your Business via Digital Marketing

[toc]I could have started with benefits of digital marketing, but since you are already interested in reading how can you grow your business with it, I guess you are already aware of its benefits.

In a nutshell, Digital Marketing is preferred over traditional marketing due to its cost-effectiveness, ability to be fit under everyone’s budget and ability to track results and performance easily.

But, the only trick with digital marketing is that it is overwhelming and has too many options which can easily confuse you (like too many shirt colors confuse you when you go shopping !). Hence, you need to focus on specific things that will help your business grow.


Even Neil Patel, who’s a well-known marketing expert today was overwhelmed with the number of options available in digital marketing.

Below mentioned are 10 points on which you should be hyper-focused if you wish to grow your business via digital marketing.

Marketing Research

This would be perhaps the most time confusing and important process. This helps you determine what form your brand will grow and accumulate once it goes digital. You’ll get to know who is your target audience and what exactly do they expect. You’ll be able to plan how to cater to their demands

With the research, you’ll identify the right target audience for your brand and hence figure out what online channels you need to invest in. You’ll also get to know out what are your strong points and areas you need to work at.

Your research includes finding out who your target audience is, which platforms do they hang out on, and how are you going to increase your visibility there.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO ( search engine optimization ) is a process of optimizing your website for high rankings in search results and hence getting more traffic. This is done with a combination of onsite and offsite techniques mixed with quality content writing. You can streamline your business growth by figuring out an SEO strategy that works for your website.

For example, if you a shampoo company that solves hair fall and your company name is Hacknovations. In this case, your target audience is people with hair fall problem. But for them to know your brand, you need to get some visibility. Now, these people don’t know your brand and won’t search your name online. They’ll rather search “Hair fall solutions” or something similar. Therefore, to get sales, your website needs to rank for that search phrase.

Ranking can be achieved by multiple sets of activities. Each successful works as per an SEO action plan. That plan works for that particular website but might not work for you. It is best to design a unique plan for your website by experimenting and getting to know what works for you. You first need to study online competitors and influencers in order to learn how to capture targeted traffic. You can also work with a marketing agency such as Scribbify.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing (excuse me for being a little biased because I am a content marketer #tongueout ). The content you roll out is what represents your brand on Social media and the internet. The key to marketing is to cater right form of content on the right platform.

For example, if you have a company about food or similar thing. Text won’t be as good as a Youtube channel or Facebook Fan Page. Therefore, they key is to understand content types and which one is right for your brand. You need to first work on content creation and then heavily on content promotion.

For content marketing, you need human resources along with some tools. Human resources include people who will write content for you (such as me !), design graphics or video ( if applicable), share it on social media and interact on your behalf. Tools include analytics tool, social media schedulers and much more.

Content marketing takes time, effort and delivers long term results and branding.

Analytics Monitoring

You know how you sit with your team ( if you have one) and say “so, what progress have we done ?” and they show you some numbers saying “We invested $100 into advertising and sold 198 pieces making a profit worth $1746” and so on…

This is essentially you tracking your return on investment (ROI). This is done in digital marketing via analytics and tools. When it comes to me, I wasn’t good at maths in schools (and I hated it !) but I love numbers and records in digital marketing. Tracking helps you plan your next move.

For example, if you roll out an advertisement online, you keep track of how much you spent and how much traffic or sales you got. From that numbers, you can decide whether to advertise more or stop that particular ad piece. But collecting information isn’t that easy.

The best way for you to collect information is by using Google analytics. You’ll be able to dig your data into various filters and check how your strategies are performing. Google analytics will tell you everything from which country is consuming your content, where people spent the most time on your site, and to which browser they use and from which they abandon your website.

Social Media Marketing

This is crucial as well as fun part of your marketing plan. It is capable of delivering long-term benefits to your business. There are tons of platforms out there – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, and much more. Each of these platforms has one prime form of content type.

In youtube it is Video, Twitter is for text and links, and for facebook.. well, it copies from everyone so it has all sort of content mess. You need to dedicate your marketing platforms on one platform first.

For example, let’s say you have a company that deals in graphic design. You can focus on platforms like youtube ( creating how to tutorials and videos ), instagram ( because your create graphic content ) and some more. What you have to work on is to figure out which platform is right for you and start building on it.

Paid advertising

If you wish to get quick results and faster ROI, you should consider getting a splash in paid advertising. Not a whole splash, one foot at a time !

Paid advertising, self-explanatory from the name, is when you pay platforms like facebook, google etc to promote your content to a specific audience. Some quick tips that you should keep in mind before starting paid advertising are

  • Monitor your competition
  • Figure out your end goal
  • What is your budget for advertising ?
  • What platform would be the best for advertising ?

Also, it is highly recommended that you have a marketer help you setup your campaign, because, when you create a simple advertisement, the platforms will give you “general” traffic. But what you need is “targetted audience”. As I mentioned above from hairfall example.

It is same like when you go to a barber shop and ask him to cut your hair without instructions. You need someone who can configure your ad campaigns to bring results.

Conversion Optimization

Once you have a clear idea of your target audience, you then need to convert them into leads or sales. This is done in Conversion Optimization or as some call it “funnel”. This ensures that you don’t waste your traffic. This has a lot to do with the design of your website and call to actions.

What you basically do is tweak your website to give people a clear idea as of what to do, what actions to perform and so on. This also has a lot to do with understanding what goes inside your reader’s head. With right psychology and web design, you can get the perfect pages that help you convert your audience. Conversions ensure that you get maximum returns without investing a ton of advertising money.

It works like this, you first figure out a platform where your target audience is present. Then, you create a landing page for your product, then an advertisement for the platform that brings people from that platform to your website and persuades them to make a purchase.

Mobile Audience

Mcommere ( just a fancy name of mobile ecommerce ) has seen a huge increase in the recent years. Due to that huge user base, it became a vital factor for Google rankings and digital marketing as well. Your website should be thereby adapted for mobile viewing and be able to accommodate to all mobile devices.

Although all online marketing strategies work on mobile platforms too, it is advised to have a separate strategy for mobile users to make purchasing easy for them too. For example, a mobile strategy will focus on button links rather than normal text links. This will make it easier for mobile users to browse and surf your website.will focus on button links rather than normal text links. This will make it easier for mobile users to browse and surf your website.

Email marketing

Another strong element of digital marketing. This makes sure that you reinforce all your other marketing tactics. Unlike social media, email marketing is rather more private. It can help you create new bonds and also help you strengthen the old bonds that you have with your readers.

Again, like in every other tip, you need to funnel down the right people to build your list. Once you have a list, you need to figure out a schedule and strategy to feed your list.

You must have seen companies offering you something, like a free ebook, discount or something similar in return of an email?

That’s email marketing in action. When you submit your email, it gets on their list and you then get emails from them in future. The product that they offer is termed as “lead magnet“. To build your list, you also need to offer something as a lead magnet. This can include anything that you can create for free and still offers value to your audience.


Digital marketing is an awesome thing if you know how to make it work.

I have this friend who has a tattoo parlour nearby. Tattoo parlour sounds like a business where you can get clients only from local advertising. But he gets as much as 75% of his customers through facebook advertising !

Crazy right?

He had been doing this from quite some time now.

It doesn’t matter what business you own, digital marketing can work in 99% of the business.

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Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Shantanu Sinha

Hello Rachit,

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow our business fruitfully. As we are all
interlinked into this entrepreneurship, and we need to brand out our brand at global level, we need
to learn the methods, how we can reach the customers globally and convince them through the powerful

Mobile audience and e-mail marketing is one of the most effective measures, which can be used to
touch the customers globally. As many of the customers are nowadays highly getting involved in the usage of the
mobile phones and e-mail, everybody is linked through the e-mails these days.

Social media is also one of the weapons to target the audiences digitally, as every second person is linked
with any kind of social media sites.
Thanks for the valuable share man 🙂
Have a great week ahead.

Tristan Chua

Rachit, thanks for sharing an informative article in regards to digital marketing. I’m just to the marketing world and my job right now as an junior marketing associate I’m compiling list of websites that can help me create strategies and give me ideas for my future reference. Thank you once again and keep up the great work!


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