Gorakhpur – The Perfect Holiday Destinations for Me

The definition of a perfect holiday is different for everyone. For some it is taking international flights and visiting a foreign country, but for me it is merely visiting my hometown, Gorakhpur. It is a place where I love being and hanging out with my cousins and friends. May be things are so special there because I visit it quite rarely ( only for some days during summer days ). But whatever it is, I love enjoying being there. In this post I’ll explain one of my visits when I visited a water park along with my cousins.

The Journey was amazing and worth the time and money we spent to reach the Water park.

As soon as the journey started, we encountered a problem. One of my brothers was in another state. We wanted him to come as quickly as possible, but he hated traveling in Domestic Airlines. So, we have to wait for a complete week so that he came via a train. The wait was un bearable and all of us were impatient.

For the record, we were 4 brothers who planned to visit the Neer Nikunj Water Park. 3 of us were already in Gorakhpur, and one of us was in Delhi.

Well, after a whole he finally landed and we greeted him the usual way. After an hour of casual chat about various topics, we finally started planning about when to leave for the water park.

We all mutually agreed that we would give a visit the water park after two days, as we needed to buy some clothes and swimming suits before going the water park. We knew the water park authorities provided the equipment as well, but we wanted to take back the accessories, hence we bought it.

It was the actually the next day that we bought our swimming suits. After that we left for the water park in the morning. We realized that morning is the best time to hit the water park as it gets really crowded as the time passes by.

So, we took a cab from our home to the location where the water park was located at started by standing in the queue for purchasing tickets. Personally I don’t like waiting ( I am a little bit impatient )  but this time it didn’t feel like I was waiting. The queue was moving fast as well. Soon it was my turn and I quickly purchase tickets for all of us.

Once we entered the park, we asked the authorities about the changing rooms. Then we changed into our swim suit and ran towards the swimming pool. We made a splash into the pool and started laughing ( for no apparent reason ).

rachit singh

We had also managed to carry out water proof DSLR with us so that we can snap a few memories from the water park, and we clicked dozens of photos while eating, swimming and playing with each other.

Once we were done swimming and were tired enough, we sat down and ordered food. After eating the delicious food , we returned home on another cab.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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