Earn Money on Autopilot With LOL WordPress theme

Earning money on autopilot, am I high ? Well, I am not.

From the last quite months I’ve been writing on the “Make Money Online” Subject, and have mentioned here more than one ways for you to start earning an  income online. I publish these articles only after I verify that the system is legit and assures payment. Maybe this is the reason that my methods require you to do some work , instead of sipping a cold ice tea.

In this article I’ll reveal you one major secret. With the amazing LOL WordPress theme , it is a possibility to generate income without hitting your head on the wall and messing up with affiliate marketing etc.

I Know there would be several questions pondering your head, Wait and I’ll wipe all of them out.

What is Earning with Autopilot ?

As per the normal norms, people assume autopilot to be system where you generate cash while sleeping and merely doing nothing. However in this article earning with autopilot refers to a system where you generate income cash while sleeping but by doing some minimal efforts in the starting.

Is it possible to Earn autopilot ? I don’t know about any other website you might have seen, but as far as the method in the article is concerned , I’d say, Yes, it is possible !

Introducing the LOL WordPress theme

lol wordpress theme
LOL WordPress theme is a wallpaper wordpress theme which is just the perfect solution to create humorous websites. The theme is made by Rakesh kumar, one of the best WordPress theme developers out there. LOL WP theme has been made by keeping several things in mind, such as Speed, SEO and Adsense optimization.

Among the best features in the theme comes Bulk Upload, translating to the fact that you can upload all the funny images at once and then wait for the money to roll in.

How Wallpaper Websites generate money ?

What you end up doing when you are bored with the default wallpaper ? You search for wallpapers and use them after downloading.

You might have noticed several sites which offer wallpapers have enabled Hotlinking or tools and plugins which redirect you to there website if you wish to download there wallpapers.

This makes sure that you visit their website in order to download the wallpaper, in general these websites just have to show you wallpaper in prime, the rest of space in either for links or for selling advertisements. Having so much space to be sold for google Adsense, with banners in appropriate spots , these websites generate high CTR and several of them generate a good income out of it as well.

The Humor and Memes website

meme faces

One thing which got on the trend from quite a time on the web are the memes and funny/humorous images. In one of my previous articles I discussed how websites such as 9Gag create popularity, brand and income on the web.

These websites receive traffic from nearly all the age groups from 12 – 50.

Generating too much traffic these websites generate a great brand and income as well.

Memes are easy to create if you have imagination and humor. There are several websites that offer free meme generators. Some of the meme generators you can try to make memes are – ImgFlip , MemeMaker and MakeAMeme.

These websites make meme creation easy and you can later upload these memes to your website.

Earn Money on Autopilot With LOL WordPress theme

Now comes the real question, How can you earn money on Autopilot with LOL WordPress theme.

lol wordpress theme

There are 3 versions of the frontend the theme offers. Not only it offers three front ends, it also offers ad spots with maximum CTR ( Click through rate ).

This is how it all works out –

  1. You activate the LOL WordPress theme, Uploading is very easy and takes no more than 2 minutes.
  2. You configure your theme according to your needs, upload your logo and Favicon.
  3. Upload your newly created memes, wallpapers or images that catch attention. The theme offers bulk image upload which enables you to upload all your images at once.
  4. Place Google Adsense Ads in high paying Adspots.
  5. And wait for the money to roll in.

Why Lol WordPress theme ?

Lol WordPress themes is the perfect choice as it comes custom packed with features to make it easy for you to earn income online. Some of the awesome features the theme offers are as follows –

  • Custom Logo Upload
  • Custom Favicon Integration
  • Built in Adsense manager, no extra plugins needed
  • Easy Youtube embed , just drop the URL of the video on the Page.
  • Single Image at a time to give maximum benefit for page view.
  • Perfect Image Upscaling according to screen size

   Get LOL WP Theme

Although the theme fills the requirement of several plugins, still there are couple of plugins which would add the 5th star to your website. Some plugins I’d suggest are – WordPress SEO by Yoast, Image SEO, WP- smush it, image hotlinking plugin, social Share plugin etc.

Final words – The theme was made by Rakesh kumar ~ Binarynote.com. He has created several wallpaper themes and websites.

In my personal account, I’d say that I’ve used this theme on two of my websites and it stood firm on what results the developer promised. The best part about earning  with a wallpaper or meme website is, you don’t have to spend hours after hour in creating quality content and then waiting for traffic to dive in.

In this case you create a wordpress site, upload the theme , upload memes and wallpapers, share them on social media, under a short period you’d be attracting audience and results. This is what makes me call this system “Auto-Pilot”. If you are looking for a solution where you are interested in making no efforts and still want an earning online, then are trying in the wrong place.

With minimal efforts and right strategy , you can generate adsense revenue with this system. Kindly leave your suggestions and opinions in the comments below.

If you have used the theme, please tell me about your experience in the comments below.

So, How much money did you made on Autopilot using lol WordPress theme ?


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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