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Earning from affiliate marketing is beneficial, but managing all of the affiliate links is such a pain ! Cuelinks define themselves as a 2 minute content monetization tool for affiliate marketing. I got to know about cuelinks few months back, through a mail. I decided to test the tool, and after using it for a while I thought to introduce this to you marketers.

Its been a while that I started earning from a source other Google adsense, and that second source is affiliate marketing. If you are confused from where to start, you can read my article on earning with affiliate marketing, when you start marketing yourself, you’ll know there are a lot of links you need to manage. When you begin earning with affiliate marketing, you’ll sign up with several affiliate programs, make a lot of affiliate links and start promoting them on your Blog / website.

cuelinks review
With so many links and products, you not only need to manage them at one place, but also need to track their stats , sales and reports. There is so much with the links to keep record of, and cuelinks can help you with all this. Cuelinks aims at changing your high paying keywords into affiliate link automatically.

About Cuelinks : What is Cuelinks ?

Cuelinks introduces itself as “CueLinks is a 2-minute Content Monetization tool for bloggers, deal site owners, coupon sites, forum owners or any publishers or in fact, any websites which sends outbound traffic to online shopping, travel, finance or matrimony websites

Cuelinks stands firm on how it defines itself. The best thing is, it needs very less time to setup and start earning. Have you ever though to open a coupon website ?

Coupons / deals / offers websites are becoming quite popular trend on the Internet these days. Coupon websites such as retailmenot have become quite popular. With cuelinks not only you can track your links and convert them into affiliate ones but also create a successful coupon website. Even if you aren’t interested in making one, you can always earn from turning your keywords into affiliate links.

Salient features of Cuelinks :

  • Simple Sign-up process.
  • Fast Approval.
  • Easy integration of CueLinks affiliate code/script.
  • Timely payments.
  • Tool to create any link into affiliate link.
  • Automatic affiliate link conversion.
  • Large variety of advertisers.
  • Category based Ad Widgets

Cuelinks converts high paying keywords into affiliate links : You never exactly know which keyword can open flood gates to your website / blog. This marketing tool converts your high paying keywords into affiliate links, it is almost a auto pilot which earns you money. You can choose the maximum number of words which are to be converted into links, this helps you maintain user experience. Neither google nor a reader would love your content being over stuffed with links.

cuelinks merchant search

Merchant lookup : There is a large base of merchants of whom products you can promote on your website / blog. There are merchants from several different countries and companies. You can also convert any ordinary link into affiliate link. No need to sign up with different e-commerce websites , just pick up the product link and get a affiliate link in exchange.

Cuelinks Installation : Javascript

Installing cuelinks in your blog / website is very easy and takes quite less time compared to setting up advertisement banners on your blog. For setting up javascript you need to copy a javascript and paste it above your </body> tag.

After you install the javascript in your web page you can easily turn off auto convert keywords into links from the dashboard. You can also limit the number of keywords to be converted into links.

Cuelinks : Resource Center

resource center
Cuelinks provides you with a lot of options to earn, leave the changing of keywords into links apart, cuelinks has three more options to earn ( two are defined in this heading and the last is in next heading ).

The two options available in the resource centre are : Link kit and widgets.

How to use link kit ?

link kit

There are lots of e-commerce websites out there, if you wish to sell more than one or two products you might find yourself messed up with registering with a lot of e-commerce websites. To avoid this mess, you can use link kit, just paste any ordinary link ( make sure cuelinks has partnered with the merchant ) and click on Link me.

How to use the widgets ?

There are basically two types of options you can make widgets with. Deal widget and coupons widget, if you were reading this article carefully in starting, you must know I talked about coupon and discounts websites. If you run one or wish to start one such site, these coupon widget can be extremely useful for you.

It doesn’t effect whether you are creating a deal widget or coupon widget ( in terms of size ).  You can select which category products show up in the widget. After you successfully create a widget you access its html code. The different sizes available for the widgets are : 300 x 250 ( the best size to place in the sidebar ) , 300 x 600 and 720 x 90 ( best size for header placement ). Below is snapshot of Deal widget and coupon widget.


 The Merchant database

There are lot of merchants in cuelinks database, including a lot of countries and companies. You can select from a large variety , I recommend you should use coupons and deals for the country which results in most of your traffic. For example if your site is popular in United states you should probably sell coupons for 6Dollarshits or something similar.

Final words : Cuelinks is a great tool for those who don’t want to waste time managing their affiliate links and programs. Cuelinks also has a faster and quick approval, my blog was approved under a single day. There is only one reason why I am not using cuelinks at hacknovations, because I want to target a specific audience, and hence I promote specific products only.

One thing I noticed in the cuelinks website was, no matter which section you open up, the page title always says “Dashboard”. Although I am not using cuelinks on hacknovations I’ll use it on my coupon website which is under construction and would surely launch in a month or two.

Now, it is your turn, tell me your opinion and views on this tool. Your comments, feedback and opinion are welcomed below. If you have used cuelinks, or are using cuelinks please tell me your experience below. You can sign up for cuelinks on their official  website.

Anyways, did you earn anything from cuelinks ?


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Thanks a lot for complete review . I started using the service in my forum. I have just installed the script .


    I hope it would help you increase profits at your blog. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


I am using cuelink javascript on my forum. But sometimes its not redirecting properly and i am also not getting my commission then. It not updating sales on saturday and sunday. Why ?


    Prawin, I am going to ask cuelinks about this, I’ll email the answers to your email address you provided.

    Thanks for commenting.

Chirag Jain

The cuelink office is closed from three days. They mail me about this. They said that they have updated the details on 1 PM


    Hi Chirag,

    I am more than happy that you took time out of your busy time to comment here and updating.

Chirag Jain

They will update info today itself at 1 PM


Cuelink service is still unreliable, many a times transactions are not fully tracked. Also they don’t provide what was sold so, you are their behest that whatever they are saying is correct. I cam to know this when suddenly my subid tracking stopped and they escaped it by just saying that there were some technical glitch at their end. Then your partly tracked or not tracked traffic data are never restored with simple excuse look at your end. Mine code has not changed since 4 months and it works with all major affiliate network but they won’t listen.
Planning to switch to some other like tyroo or payoom. Guys please suggest how are they.


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