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I am all ears!

It doesn’t matter whether you found a problem while surfing my blog, or have something to tell, either way, you are on the right page.

Through this page, you can get your word to me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can ( promise ).

You might want to contact me because:-

  • You found out a mistake in one of my article(s).
  • You want me to write about any specific topic on this blog ( or yours ).
  • You want to discuss some work opportunities with me.
  • or maybe something this list doesn’t have!

There are three different ways you can contact me

1st. Reach me on Hacknovation’s facebook page. ( average replying time is under 4 hours )


2nd. Shoot me an email at

average replying time is 48 hours due to a large number of emails.

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