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For the business to flourish and expand across the globe it has to own some of the exceptional and unique strategies that no one has adopted so far. Incorporating those unique strategies into your business can be highly helpful to enhance your business concern. One of those unique strategies includes customer relationship management.

Starting from the way you behave and treat your customers to the methods you adopt to make your customer be updated and delighted about your products and services.

How can all this be possible? You all know that communication between the business and the customers are vital and a base for all the forthcoming processes. To interact with the customers business people use the popularly used medium of communication that is the emails.

Through email marketing business people send emails to all their customers on their email list to make sure that their clients are well updated on their new launches and other vital information regarding the business.

There are many tools available in the market to assist you to do this job successfully. One such email marketing tool is Constant Contact. In this article, I will be briefing you about this constant contact application and its reviews.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing tools since 1995. It is a highly reputed and most used email marketing tool in the market for so many years. This application is chiefly designed to help in uplifting the small businesses to meet their customer’s requirements and to enhance their overall development.

It has various subscription plans that have a wide variety of features. The email plan includes basic e-commerce marketing, unlimited emails, and other required services which are most vital in the overall growth of the small businesses.

This Constant Contact application is specifically designed for small or micro-businesses with 10 or less than 10 employees who have limited time to access their newsletter regularly.

To hit the market and to be a sturdy competitor, it has introduced and upgraded many new features to this application. Those new features include an  array of features that focus on integration, marketing automation, personalization, and segmentation.

It also includes 160 plus company templates that could match all those professional emails. Constant Contact’s integration features have been partnered with top picks of applications comprise of Facebook, Shopify, Eventbrite, WordPress, Salesforce, and even more applications and software.

The latest update of this application in 2019 entails more feature expansion such as in-app Facebook and Instagram ad creation, social media tools posting and monitoring, and the proficiency to provoke a Google My business entry with the assistance of this application.

It is also provided with the SEO tool for developing keyword usage, landing page features which makes it easier to create a call to action landing page.

Features of Constant Contact

Constant Contact has several features that highly support the small and micro businesses to perform various forms of an email marketing campaign and build a strong relationship among the customers. The features of Constant Contact are listed below.

  • Constant Contact offers two different kinds of plans according to the size and requirements of the business. Those two plans have different pricing. Based on the email list count of the organization you can opt for any one of those subscription plans.
  • It also provides customers with 30 days of customer guarantee. If the customers are not satisfied with the service of this application and they want to close their account it is possible to perform this action and 100 percent of the whole paid money will be returned.
  • The email plans offered by Constant Contact are highly helpful for the budding small businesses for an email marketing campaign which includes list management, template building, and audience segmentation. This email plan is for those small and budding enterprises with a limited number of subscribers.
  • The next email plus plan is for a medium-sized enterprise that meets the more sophisticated needs, offering A/B testing, automated email services, event marketing, and registration, online donation, online survey creation and management, and so many other facilities.
  • There is also a free trial facility for 60 days are available in which the user has access to all the basic and premium features including unlimited emails but those emails can be sent only to 100 persons. After the free trial, you can also upgrade to the paid version of this application whenever you are ready.
  • The trial session will not roll back and all your data will be saved for prospective references.
  • There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee which is an extra windfall when compared to most of the other applications.
  • It has a huge package of more than 100 templates which is customizable and responsive.
  • It also has an extensive image library.
  •  It also provides other features such as real-time campaign tracking, campaign comparison, click tracking heat map, click segmentation, client management, coupon reaction, email marketing automation, marketing calendar and e-commerce integration. Also they provide with custom surveys and polls, online fundraising, multi-user accounts, email integration, Google Ads tool, social share for emails, duplicate contact management, drop and drag emails editor, landing page editor, Facebook and Instagram Ad management, social analytics and engagement, and so on.

Constant Contact Review

Here I have listed some of the reviews of Constant Contact with their pros and cons. Every application software has both the pro features and also at the same  time it has certain drawbacks.

After using the application for some time you will be able to get a fair review of their services. I have some reviews in terms of pros and cons for you to acknowledge even better about this Constant Contact application.


  • Constant Contact’s email creation user interface is so good and powerful. It enables you to create and design emails and newsletters for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Other than the sender the user also has the option of adding buttons, images, links, attachments, and more.
  • Constant Contact is not just an email marketing tool but also it has a step ahead of features that the normal email marketing tools lack. It has event registration, A/B tests and so much more features other than the basic ones.
  • It offers you a variety of templates to choose from. Whether you are sending professional emails, or bulk emails, or personalized emails you have plenty of options for the templates to apply for each category of emails that you send. You can also set up branded templates and enable others to work with those templates.
  • You can easily create more campaigns and also can use them at any time you require.
  • It also facilitates easy uploading of contacts via excel or cvc files through emails.
  • The subscribers are constantly upgraded by the latest features that are launched by the application. This helps to maintain a user-friendly bond and service among the customers.
  • It allows users to customize their emails according to their preferences. You can customize your email by altering the preheader text, changing the custom colors, augmenting gifs, etc.
  • This application software also includes some value-added features such as the database management option, management review and suggestions, and so many other professional features are encompassed.
  • The overall email marketing process is super easy and not time-consuming. Designing, editing, reviewing, and uploading the emails has become so quick with the help of this Constant Contact software.
  • To have a track of the target audience this application allows the user to analyze the several persons who opened the email, read the emails , and clicked on the link attached with the emails, etc. can be tracked by the business people and it is highly useful for the betterment of their overall performance of the business.
  • It is effective in decluttering the email list of the business regularly. People who left the organization or people who have unsubscribed from the business are all taken into account and are removed from the email list with the help of this software.
  • It offers users a wide range of templates that are of high quality and at the same time, it is easy to use.
  • With the help of this software, you can easily handle your spam folders and invalid email addresses. This helps you to identify both the spam emails and the invalid addresses that block your email list.
  • Uploading the email list of your subscribers from other platforms is made easy.
  • It has a great email plugin that works well with WordPress and other CRMs.
  • The overall result of your email campaign is drafted in the form of graphical representation so that you can easily track your success or drawbacks that you currently undergo. The data collected regarding your business performance is greatly beneficial for you to decide and implement further plans and policies.
  • You can also resend the email messages to those clients who have not opened your emails so far. This helps in reminding your customers about the hard work you put in to satisfy them.
  • The Constant Contact system allows you to create effective email campaigns that assist in gaining more potential customers.
  • It also allows you to segment your contacts the way you need so that it will be helpful when you send different emails to different groups of people. This feature prevents last-minute collapses.
  • This application has some interesting niche features including event management which are easy to handle in many business situations.


  • The security system of this application is not so strong. It does not have a two-step authentication system of security.
  • Updating the contact list to a new location is quite troublesome.
  • The structure of the solder can be even more accessible as sometimes it becomes difficult for the user to search through the older emails.
  • The customer support service should be even more fast responding to the clients who come with some urgent queries that have to be solved on time.
  • The campaign email feature needs to be a little more flexible. Some email campaigns are only to a specific industry type and not open to all.
  • There is no clarity relating to the bounced emails.
  • This application can be improvised and can be supported by the mobile phone as well. This ensures the portability of the application.
  • The spam testing feature is not available to test any missing links, documents, and other files that you failed to attach with your email before sending. 
  • So in this article, I have mentioned the features and reviews of the Constant Contact application. This is also an effective email marketing tool that has some special features like the other top email marketing tools such as MailChimp, Sendinblue, etc.

This application software is highly useful for small and micro-businesses who have set their first step into the marketing world. Constant Contact also acts as an excellent beginner supportive email marketing tool. All you need is to analyze the tool before using it. This is to ensure the suitability of the software to your business requirements.

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