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Today in this review article I would talk about Code library, a freeware code management software for freelancers, from the house of binary Earlier I’ve reviewed their wallpaper theme, now this time it is their software. This software is custom made for freelancers, and developers, and lies in the code management category. In this article I’ve marked some of its pros as well as the thumbs down for this software. Being a site builder myself, I’ve used this software for quite a days now.

 What is Code Library Software ?

The meaning lies within its name, made with the combination of two words i.e Code and library. The meaning its name conveys is a library, or a place to keep codes. But “We can’t judge a software, by its name”. Diving inside the software, this is a code management system, a place where you can keep your codes safe and access them on the go.

But, What are these codes ?

If you are a freelancer developer and love to play with languages, There would be several times when you would encounter a situation when you would need to keep a piece of code safe aside before editing or before making changes to it, so if situations go wrong you have your last resort, that earlier code saved. Codes can be anything ranging from your footer code or the entire style sheet , or the basic html of your website. Let it be css, html or wordpress or anything else, codes are everywhere on the internet ! The simple site you see on the front is lot more complicated behind, and who would know this better than a developer himself.

Salient Features of Code Library :-

  • Extreme Light weight (Setup weights around 4mb Only)
  • Portable
  • Easy built in backup and restore
  • User friendly interface


 Pros of Code Library

Lightweight : The software is extremely light weight and works quick without any glitches. During its usage for testing, it never froze nor did the commands or codes function improperly. The software works perfectly for the purpose it is designed to work.

Adding Extra Languages : No matter in which language you develop, the software comes with pre-installed 3 languages, although more can be added and deleted as per requirement. This makes the software flexible and able to work with all kind of languages and storing all kind of codes.

Backup and Restore : You can easily backup and restore your codes. The software comes built in with feature to backup the codes and a restore option to restore them later. This proved quite handy for a freelancer like me, who is always changing and formatting PC’s.

Easy to use : This software comes with no tutorial or how to guide, and trust me you don’t even need one. Using the software is very easy, and takes less than minute to understand how to use the software.

No Advertisements : The software doesn’t place any in-app ads in the software, this makes the software work without any glitch.

Cons of Code Library

Any review isn’t possible without [highlight]highlighting[/highlight] the thumbs down of it. And so is with this software too. Happily the software doesn’t have too many down sides. Despite of being so useful this software lacks in :

Security : The software doesn’t have the feature to add a security password to install/uninstall it or to access it. Though the software doesn’t save your data or access it remotely. But still addition of a password to the software makes it secure, not totally secure, because passwords can be cracked. But still something is better than nothing.

Installation : The installation happens in a different way from what we are used to, After two steps, you need to click on a computer icon to install. Although It takes no time to install the software but still the installation process could have been easier, if it had been like the usual one.

Final words : I would rate this software 4 out 5. Over all this is a software worth to be bought. The software is available at affordable the binarynote’s official website.

Do let me know your experience below in the comments, how has the code library been to you ?


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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rakesh kumar

This is a wonderful software to manage your existing code. Though it does not have any security feature as it was developed for a single developer in mind .Hope to add extra security layer in near future.


    The software is fantastic , no doubts. But still be waiting for the next version 🙂


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