Cloudways Review : Is it Worth the Extra $$ ?

cloudways review

Quick Summary :

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that lets you focus on building good websites and not be worried about server complexities. Cloudways is used by digital agencies and big websites to build and manage websites on the cloud. The company also offers great customer support to keep you feeling secured.

TL;DR : Cloudways offers great customer support along with speed optimization to ensure best experience.

Cloudways was created by Uzair Gadit, Pere Hospital, and Aaqib Gadit in the year 2009. The headquarter is located on Malta island, Europe. The offices are also located in Spain and Dubai. Cloudways helps 8,000 users from 43 different countries every day to launch more than 12,000 servers and 25,000 web applications.

The mission is to provide managed cloud hosting solutions so that the clients can concentrate on the business while the company handles their hosting headaches efficiently.

Cloudways offers a great balance between affordability and great functionality when it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting.

Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways cheapest achieved WordPress hosting plan is  $10.00 per month for 25GB of storage, 1TB of monthly data transfers, 1GB of RAM, and a single-core processor and scale upward to $1,035 for 3840GB of storage, 12TB of month data transfers, 192GB of RAM, and 32-core processor.

Unlike most other web hosting services, Cloudways lets their customers build a site without spending much of their time and energy. Anyone can sign up for a three-days trial by just creating a username and password and log in using either GitHub, Google or LinkedIn credentials.

After you have logged in, you're tasked with picking a content management system (CMS) from several popular sources such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Media Wiki, PHP Stack, Prestashop and WordPress.

Cloudways Advantage

In terms of security, Cloudways engineers safeguard their customers installation from attacks by releasing regular operating system and firmware upgrades.

Cloudways boasts super-fast page loading times with the help of their cutting-edge technology stack, such as Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, Redis, PHP-FPM, MySQL/MariaDB for databases, SSD (solid-state drives) which is created for maximizing speed.

In addition, Cloudways offers free Secure Socket Layer certificates, which is an essential data protection if you plan to sell product. In addition, the recommended Rackspace email comes with Sender Policy Framework and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) authentication technology for added security.

If you go on the Cloudways home page and scroll down, you will find Cloudways reviews from its community where customers provide reviews about their products and features the company offers.

It also differentiates Cloudways from traditional hosting and illustrates its benefits and talks about the security it provides. You can even share your feedback about their products and services and rate your Cloudways experience about its support, features, uptime and describe your overall journey.

The company also monitors tweets and apply sentiment analysis. Sentimental analysis is used to classify tweets as positive or negative. This allows the team to work out a score (an approval rating) of how many people like or dislike a company.

This allows the company to output an approval rating score, which is based on real people, positive and negative, opinions about Cloudways on Twitter. Cloudways approval rating score is 77%. This is based on a total of 13 tweets that mention Cloudways on Twitter. There are 10 mentions that share a positive sentiment and 3 remarks that express a negative sentiment.

CloudWays Review : Salient Features

  • Top performance with MaxIOPS: You can host your websites and applications on our ultra-fast and low-cost cloud servers.  MaxIOPS  is their proprietary storage technology gives you up to 2x the performance compared to industry standard SSD VPS hosting.
  • Deploy on a secure, always available cloud: You can eliminate all hardware-level troubles and concentrate on your core business. The control panel and API enables you to spend less time managing your infrastructure. They offer an SLA of 100% availability.
  • React to changes in demand: Make sure your cloud servers don’t get overwhelmed by traffic spikes. One can benefit from ultra-fast response times by using our proprietary storage technology. Scale servers up and down without downtime.
  • Customize your cloud infrastructure: Freely configure cloud servers to allocate the resources as you see fit. Get started with our public cloud, set up your own private cloud, or create a hybrid cloud solution! Simple, low cost pricing.
  • 24/7 inhouse support: With a 1m 55s average median response time and a 95% customer satisfaction rate, the company is providing the best inhouse support in the industry. You can chat, call or email at any time.
  • 2x the performance as the competition: The in-house technology leaves the competition in the dust. You can compare it AWS EC2, Azure, Digital Ocean, Linode and Vultr. In Europe, UpCloud has been recognized as the number 1 cloud provider in 2016 and 2018 by market research company Cloud Spectator.

Cloudway Review : Explained

Customer Support

Along with the ratings from customers, Cloudways offers 24/7 customer service, so anyone reach someone around the clock in case of any confusion or problem. If you wish with speak to a human being, you must fill out a form to request a separate phone call or Skype call.

You also have the option to speak with a customer service representative via web chat. That way, you can get answers in immediate fashion.

The members fed you with accurate information about the differences between cloud hosting and traditional hosting and the company's payment structure. Cloudways offers two standard support options, Live Chat and Ticketing System.

Chat Service is planned to provide an interactive method to request and receive basic information and troubleshooting assistance on a first-come, first served basis.

Particularly, to avoid clogging the Live Chat system, interactive support sessions are subject to a maximum duration time depending on the support plan level you are in: Standard Support with 15 minutes max chat duration, Advanced Support with 30 minutes max chat duration and Premium Support with no limit, chat is offered via Private Slack channel.

When the chat duration goes above the limits set, the live chat agents will create a ticket with all the information provided during the chat session to be followed up by their senior engineers via ticketing system.

Expected response times for tickets presented by customers or created on the customers’ behalf by the agents are High Priority Tickets and Normal Priority Tickets which includes Standard Support, Advanced Support and Premium Support with a set duration.

Customers who have signed up for Premium Support Add-ons are offered two additional support options, a private Slack channel and phone support. Premium Support is offered from Monday to Sunday, 24h a day (24x7x365). Cloudways goal is to respond to any request through these channels within five minutes.


As with the standard support options, the Response Time goal is a time to acknowledge and “work started” only, not a time to resolve. Cloudways Ltd. realizes that our Service Availability and Response Time goals may not always be met. In case you do not like the service, Cloudways refund policy helps you to refund your money within 90 days.

In fact, the structure is so detailed that Cloudways' customer service team simply provides the to this link for further details.

In addition, users have the option to use the Stack Path CDN (content delivery network) which uses a global network of more than 65 points of presence.

Those data center nodes store copies of your website. When someone visits your site, the system automatically detects their topographical region and delivers your site from the network node closest to them. Cloudways also provides step-by-step instructions on how to do this. Cloudflare has a network of 152 datacenters globally.

Cloudflare recently added 22 locations in mainland China. The access to the new mainland China locations requires an Enterprise level account. There is no price listed on their site for the Enterprise plan, you have to call customer service for that. It will undoubtedly be more than $200/month though since that’s the price of the next lowest tier plan, called the Business Plan.

The software infrastructure is built on Cloudways’ ThunderStack. It consists of the Nginx and Apache web servers, MySQL, MariaDB, PHP 7, and several kinds of caching. The operating system is Debian Linux. Security measures include platform-level firewalls on each server and continuous monitoring.

Two-factor authentication is available and recommended. API keys based on OAuth restrict access to the Cloudways API. Customers can install free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates through the user interface.

Most customers, other than those working only with their own PHP applications, will require additional infrastructure from one of Cloudways’ third-party services. Customers can use as many services as they want from one account. Cloudways’ 2016 revamping shows that it’s eager to expand its offerings to attract more customers.

The one-stop Cloud Console makes operations simple for customers who don’t want to deal with command lines and multiple user interfaces. The company seems to be trying to encourage two different markets. In addition to the console-based hosting, it encourages PHP developers with features such as Git integration and unlimited application deployment.

Important Thing to Note :

Caution Over Pricing Model: In addition to charging for the use of its services on an hourly basis, it charges for infrastructure services on a monthly basis.

Customers should be careful to understand what they’re paying for. Malta is an EU nation with a stable government and sound economy. However, some North American businesses with strict requirements may have concerns hosting with a European company.

Cloudways’ record is inspiring but not as long-standing as that of some other hosting companies. Conservative customers may prefer a better-established hosting service, but Cloudways is eager to satisfy those who can bear a certain amount of risk.

Conclusion :

Cloudways is one of the few companies that offer a great balance between affordability and great functionality when it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting. Their WordPress cloud servers come with a fantastic feature set, and you can scale hosting resources as your website grows and trust the company for your data protection and get different features.

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