How to Change the Posted Via on Facebook ?

You must have noticed a Small text “Posted via..” Below your Facebook Status. Do you know ?, You can change it pretty easily. Last time I Published an Article “How to Get 5,000 friends in 7 Days ?” . This is the Second Article in that category. In the Near future I will be publishing more and more Articles under this category. Leave this alone, Lets stick to the subject.

There are many Reasons Why you might want to Change that Posted via on your Facebook Status, I Often do it to play pranks and trick my Friends. And You can use it too, to do the same. Well, never mind the reason Behind it, You can always do it using the Trick mentioned Below.

Change the Posted via on Facebook

1. Visit

2. When the Site opens up, It will display various Options through which you can post from.

3. The list of which Includes Iphones, Calculator and many more other.

4. Click on a name, A pop-up will open up, Enter your status in it and Post it.

In the Screenshot above, you must have noticed that I have posted the above status via Skype.  Well, If you are pleased enough you can also Post status via your name, Your website name or any custom name you wish to. Read Below to find out how.

How to Change Posted Via to your Blog’s Name ?

If you run a blog, you must have a Facebook page for it. And chances are quite possible, you Facebook Application under Its name too ! Well, If you don’t .. Create one Facebook Application for your Blog. It will be Very helpful. It can serve for various purposes like Adding Facebook comments etc to your Blog. In this Section I am also going to make use of a Facebook Application. So, to Post under the name of your Blog, You should :

1. Open

2. Replace the Bold and colored text with your Facebook App Id.

3. In the Window which opens Enter your Status and Post it.

Final Words : Did you faced any problems while following the Steps ? Well, Though I cross check my Articles But Still I will be happy to help if you ask me the problem below in the comments.

Apart from this Kindly Leave down your Suggestions, and Feedback to Motivate me. If You Found the Article Interesting, Please do share It on Social networking websites.



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