Blogging 101 : The Pros and cons of Video Blogging

Ever been to YouTube?

YouTube is certainly the world’s biggest video directory. With countless number of videos, it is also the home of most of the finest video bloggers.

Video blogging is one of fastest growing trends on the World Wide Web. It is proving to be the new way of content delivery. Video bloggers are earning handsome amount of money and fame on the internet. Video blog or video log which is often referred vlog is basically where the medium of blogging is a video. This “video” can be embedded alongside text, images etc.

pros and cons of video blogging

Everything has its own pros and cons. Video blogging isn’t an exception to this. This is indeed what this article is going to be about. In this article I’ll highlight the major pros and cons of video blogging.

The pros of video blogging

  • Videos are more attention grabbing compared to text posts. Videos help you instantly engage your audience to your website.
  • Leaning back and watching a video while sipping an ice-tea is preferred over reading long text paragraphs. Often users want to watch a video instead of reading an entire blog post. Additionally your readers might not read your complete blog post, but they will certainly watch the complete video.
  • Did you ever noticed the bounce rate of websites such as Youtube, buzzfeed etc ? These websites have quite a reduced bounce rate. If your website has some amazing videos, readers won’t be hitting the back button. This results in reduced bounce rate and increased user engagement. If you aren’t sure what bounce rate is, you can read one of my articles over here.
  • Videos are easy to share. When you share a usual text based post, it shows just a link which needs to be click. But videos are directly embedded in user’s feed. Websites such as Facebook allows users to watch shared videos without even opening the link.
  • Additionally people tend to share videos more than text. Videos can be kept on mobile. They are shared widely shared across devices via Bluetooth, wifi etc.
  • Videos don’t only engage desktop and laptop users. Use of mobile devices and tablets are increasing day by day. It has been increased to such an extent that google has an algorithm for mobile friendliness. In devices such as smartphones and tablets, the visible area is limited and reading text isn’t much comfortable. Reading text posts on phones for long periods of time isn’t so conventional. Instead of text based posts, watching videos on smartphones is preferred. Videos can be even watched on mobile devices and tablets for long periods of time.
  • With video blogging you can get more exposure in short period of time. In a normal text based blog it sometimes takes more than couple of years of get into spotlight. But it is not what happens with video bloggers. Videos can get viral easily. Video bloggers often get into spotlight in a short period of time.

The cons of video blogging

Although video blogging has several pros, but there are also downsides of video blogging. Below are some cons of video blogging ~

  • The first problem with video blogging is that it might not be suit with the subject that you tend to produce. For example if you have a poetry blog, videos might not suit your blog. On the other hand if you have a food blog, then videos will surely be a hot shot. Hence, depending on your blog niche, videos may or may not suit your blog.
  • The second major problem is producing videos. Video making and editing isn’t walk in a park. In general, videos tend to take much more time in production that usual text based blog posts.
  • You need to be a technical geek or have a technical team behind you for video blogging. Filming your content, getting camera ready, editing the content and later uploading it can together take a significant amount of time.
  • Video editing isn’t so easy. It takes quite a large amount of hard and technical work. It often requires professional software suites. These softwares are sometimes priced high and beginners or newbie’s might not be comfortable purchasing them.

cons of video blogging

  • However some online tools such as make editing a bit easier. If you don’t know wideo, read my review to know about its feature. [ Review ] . If you are a video blogger, or if you want to be one, be sure to check this free tool.
  • Another big problem is the storage capacity. A usual page on my blog rarely exceeds 2Mb. This is because I optimize my images to reduce image size. Text can’t increase the page size much either. But videos are capable of doing so. A high definition video of 4minutes can weigh as much as 20Mb.
  • Over time your video heap will grow dramatically and sooner or later, your server will run out of space. However majority of the video bloggers upload their videos to third party video hosting websites and embed them in their page. This saves them from worrying about storage capacity to a great extent.
  • Content production is another issue video bloggers have to worry about. Youtubers such as vsauce and buzzfeed publish content rich videos. To publish quality stuffed videos, you need to conduct a detailed research. This is indeed the reason for their widespread success.

Final words ~ Video blogging is a trend spreading quickly over the internet. Video bloggers are getting into spotlight from all over the world. Video bloggers earn a handsome amount of income too. If your video blog is famous, thousands of advertisers and sponsors would like to promote their brand through your videos.

Video blogging surely has some pros like more user engagement, reduced bounce rate, more attention grabbing content. But its cons like video production, storage, and niche suitability can’t be ignored.

If you are looking forward to become a video blogger, make sure videos related with your subject and niche. Creating a video blogs for poems and poetry might not be suitable. On the other hand creating a video blog for cars, science, humor etc is quite suitable.

Let me know your suggestions, feedbacks and opinions about what do you think about video blogging in the comments below.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Bilal Khan

Hi Bro,
Really amazing Post,Nice sharing keep up it.

Joy Healey

Hi Rachit

Very informative post thanks. I know I’m in the minority, but I prefer text to video, because I can quickly skim through text to find something that I want to go over again. The other bad news about video for me is that I have a bad habit of falling asleep in it. (Same with TV!) But I guess that says more about me than about people’s videos.

As for producing videos….. all my attempts have gone firmly into the recycle bin!

One day….. Joy


    Hi Joy,

    Thanks for telling your opinion. You are not minority, a lot of people have similar opinions.

    I have made several videos for clients and friends. I even made my resume in a video. I am no expert in video making , but I love trying it.


Thanks for Sharing Nice post . your article is very helpful .

Sonam Gupta

Hi Rachit

Excelent article, I truly enjoy all blogging pros and cons, I am strongly agree with your every subject have some pros and some cons.. but I love blogging
Good work

Sonam Gupta


    Hi Sonam,

    As I mentioned above as well, every thing has pros and cons. And video blogging is not an exception to this.
    I am glad you enjoyed reading the pros and cons.
    Thanks for commenting.


Very informative post.
Video blogging is a very good but i think it is very dangerous……
we receive many issues like copyright,etc
But allthought nice concept
Nice sharing keep up it.


    Yes, I agree. Video blogging is something which gets a lot of copyright issues.
    Thanks for commenting valuable suggestion.


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