How to Move Blogger Blog to WordPress ?


Ask Yourself, Why Am I moving from Blogger to WordPress ?

And I am Sure You all will come with different answers. It is Quite Fair, As in Blogging, we have different niche, categories, topics which we cover. As the content varies, the Design, Features and Requirements would surely vary a lot. For a personal, travel or a Food Blog, It is OK to start with a Blogger Blog <If you Blog for passion only> But To take your Blog and Blogging to a whole new level you would need a total re-design of your Blog, You can consider moving to WordPress, as an Upgrade ! And this is what I’ll be Guiding you with this Article.

First Things First : What is Blogger/WordPress Anyway ?

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Note : If you know these basics, you can unhesitatingly Skip to the Main content from the Article Blue Print in the right. Although Reading this part won’t harm you either. For  your better convenience I Have Linked the sub-titles in the list to the right. Clicking them would take you to another page to the given heading.

Blogger : Blogger is Google’s Free Blogging Platform which is closely competing with WordPress now-a-days. Blogger was started on 23,1999 by pyra labs and has been loved by a lot of bloggers since then. I too, like several bloggers started with a Blogger Blog and later moved on to WordPress. Blogger gave me no “Down Times” and I grew a good command over HTML through It.

WordPress : WordPress came to the Field lately on May 27,2003. is a Free Script and an excellent CMS (Content Management System). Most of the Bloggers around are using WordPress’s Self hosted version For Blogging. I Moved onto WordPress on 15th August 2014 after I felt I was running out of resources on Blogger. I Faced several Down times on WordPress, But Still moving on to a better host now has cut these down.

So, Let’s get Started :

Section #1 Migrating to WordPress

1. Install Blogger Importer. Either Download it from here or Go to Plugins > Add new > and search for it. Quick Tip {Go to tools > Import > Blogger}

2. After Successful Installation, Run the Importer. You would need to type your Blogger Blog’s Address and Allow Permissions for the import to Begin. It took hardly a minute for me to import 50 posts, 199 comments.

3. Take Your Time Deleting, Editing Categories, Comments etc. If you ran a Multi-author Blogger Blog, You should create a new separate Login for respective authors.

Section #2Get Your Blogger Blog Ready

Well If you followed the steps above correctly, You would have by now moved all your posts into your new WordPress Blog by Now, But What I said posts, and comments not Images !

Yes , When your Blog was at Blogger, your images were hosted at Picasa. Now You have moved your posts but not those Images. Also You wrote a large number of posts, with their Links lying all over in search engines. You probably can’t afford to loose the traffic coming from those links. SO, now you have two new obstacles : Import your Images and Redirect those links to New WordPress links.

Importing Blogger Images :

Plugins reduce the work load by 70%, you would realize this after Following this step. Without any plugin, You would have to Download all the images, and then upload them to your WordPress posts. With this Plugin in use you can do this pretty easily.

1. Download and Install the Blogger Image Import Plugin.

2. Now Go to Tools > Blogger Image Import.

3. Type the Blogger Blog’s Address. Set the limit estimated so that you can import all your Images.

Setting Redirection to the WordPress Address :

1. Download and Install Blogger 301 Redirect to WordPress Plugin.

2. Go to Tools > SEO Blogger to WordPress

3. Goto Blogger Dashboard –> Design –> Layout –> Edit HTML. Switch to Classic Template and Copy the HTML and paste it in Box Below. And Click on Generate Button Above. {You can also check Download Images}

Section #3 Setting Up WordPress

After this job, you probably need to configure your WordPress Blog {If It is newly created Blog}. But I am not Including this Section in this Article, as It can Really messy and a bit off the Topic too. You can Read my Next Article : Things To Configure After Creating a WordPress Blog.

Final Words : If you encountered any problems in the steps listed above moving your Blogger Blog then Feel Free, to ask it Below in the comments, Or If you prefer contact me to let me do this for You.

If you think I missed something, Do comment It Below. I Would love If you leave down your Feedback and Opinions in the comments Below.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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