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I’ve been around the blogosphere for around an year now, and one thing which I learned is , The most hard thing for any blogger is to get into the spotlight. There are thousands and millions of blogs online , making it really hard for you to compete with them for traffic.

There is only thing which is on the top of priority list of any blogger , and it is traffic. Yes, you heard it right its traffic. To make any income out of your blog or even to get your blog famous as a brand you need traffic, massive traffic.

But the problem is, with thousands of bloggers writing nearly the same thing how will you derive traffic to your blog ?

Possibilities are that you’ve read hundreds of articles on “How to get traffic to my blog” and nothing of which worked out. You messed up your hands with SEO , but still it takes time. So, how exactly should you work smart in order to get traffic to your blog.

Such as You are a blogger, there are a lots of bloggers out there on the web too ( isn’t it obvious ? ). They can be big bloggers like neil patel, john chow, zac johnson, Jeremy Schoemaker and many more. Also , there are bloggers with blogs less popular than yours. As a blogger you have a different though, different working style etc. Have you ever wondered if there was some place where you can meet like minded bloggers and Increase your traffic without making life too hard ?

You might have imagined it till now already, but in case you might have not. I am introducing you BlogEngage ~ A premium blogging community where bloggers from the all niches submit their articles in order to receive traffic, backlinks and much more.

About BlogEngage – Blogging Community

As I wrote above too, BlogEngage is a community of bloggers, where bloggers from all the niches login and submit their articles to get more traffic, backlinks and earn money online. Blog Engage comprises of several pro-bloggers and is recommended by all of the bloggers who are currently benefiting from it. If you are a blogger who needs quality traffic and juicy backlinks to your blog, then blogger, BlogEngage is just the right destination for you.

5 Reasons Why I Promote BlogEngage

1. It Comes with a Price Tag – When I was a kid it once happened that my Dad gave me a pencil he got for free from some item he purchased and the same day I bought a pencil from my weekly savings. Under a week or so, the pencil I got for free was lost although the pencil I spent bucks on remained with me until it got so small that writing was impossible.

Moral of the story is, I accept free is best but priced is even better, because once you have paid for something you would be more attached to it. And yes , 2000+ paying members can’t be wrong.

2. Blog Engage feels premium – Due to the fact that it is a paid community , you won’t be getting across any fake accounts or similar things on it. There would be only authority bloggers along with you. This is indeed where pricing works, you can clearly see that Facebook which is a free social community and everyone is open to join, there are thousands of Fake accounts and persons who shouldn’t have joined, joined Facebook. As a result it is being widely misused for several activities across the globe.

But BlogEngage is clean, there are only bloggers from different niches who come together and talk , share their views.

3. You Make Money on the Go ! – BlogEngage comes down with its own Affiliate system where you can promote their service and earn re-curring payments. The best part is their payment threshold amount is $50 , and you get $10 as soon as you join their program , Yes, you heard that right. Click here to Join the BlogEngage Affiliate program.

4. Your Youtube Channel – BlogEngage is a video ready platform, this means it shares your youtube videos too by embedding them and hence distributing it to the community. This also increases your youtube comments, shares and subscribers. One thing and so many advantages !

If you are probably making use of Youtube monetization program this means that it will automatically reflect an increase on your earnings too.

5. Maintain relationships – On BlogEngage You can add other bloggers as “Friends” and have private conversations with them. In addition to messaging, it also has a live chat system to get you a real conversation feel.  You can also guest post on BlogEngage , this would quickly get you in notice of other bloggers.

Maintaining relations with authority bloggers would prove very helpful to you and also your blog to increase your web reach and popularity. Also who can forget that you get massive amount of traffic and backlinks when you submit your posts in the community.


Final Words – If you use blogengage i.e if you are an existing user please leave down your feedback about the service below. And if you are still not using BlogEngage I would highly recommend that you start using it. BlogEngage has more than one advantages ( most of which I mentioned above ).

Finally I introduced you readers a tool, if you sign-up and use BlogEngage kindly tell me your experience in the comments below.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Andy Ramkal

Sometimes to get traffics and backlinks is easy, but sometimes it is hard. We have to work hard to get them. But it is possible to do.


    Yes You are right Andy, most of the times we work hard to get traffic and backlinks, although sometimes it gets quite easy.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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