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I don’t know if everyone is like this or not.

But, I am the kind of guy, who’d be more than happy to spend weeks on finalising logo, but when it comes to come up with a domain name for new blogs, my mind goes blank ( I go well with finding brand names ).

It has happened multiple times. I finalised niche, theme and everything.

Then, I realised I need to get a new domain name and simply nothing came in my head.

Now, if this sounds a tad bit relatabled, this post would quite helpful for you. I’ve curated a list of 9 blog domain name generators. I suggest, that you open all of these in new tab from the table below, and then enter your root keyword or some industry word to start your domain hunt.

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1. Wordoid

Wordoid defines itself to produce “made up words”, that sounds great. They’re phonetic, i.e, easy to pronounce. Overall, they work great for naming your new brand blog.

The best part of using the synthetic name is that they don’t have any meaning, so, there’s no obligation to stick to a particular niche. You can give whatever meaning you prefer. The tool is capable of generating wordoids not only in English but also in French, Italian, Spanish and even German.

wordoid domain name generator

  • You can choose between the 5 available languages. There’s also an option to try and mix these languages in order to create a totally different and unique word.
  • Although I didn’t expect a quality option in a blog name generator, wordoid offers one. The more high quality a word is, the more real they will sound and appear to the language they’re generated from. The reason I didn’t expect a quality option in a name generator is that, why does a tool need to generate a low-quality name in first place? But, the option still is great. You can select high, medium or low.
  • Pattern. If you’re looking forward to purchasing partial matching domains i.e domains that have a part of your keyword in them, you’d have to play around with this option. You can choose to enter a keyword to be included either in end or in the beginning. If you leave the field blank, it’ll come up with random words.
  • The last option is the length. You can configure it to get results which are five to fifteen words long. If you find a cool word, you can purchase it straight.

2. Lean Domain Search

blog name generator

A lot of people find it very difficult to find a domain name. The process gets confusing and irritating as more and more domain you check is taken. This is where lean domain search proves to be useful. The tool aims at finding cool domain names that haven’t been taken yet. It skips the non-sense and jumps straight to pinpointing a great domain quickly.

A lot of people prefer PMds, i.e, partially matching domains. Some have one, or two keywords in the blog’s name. The tool lets you input one keyword and generates potential domain names.

For example, I wanted to build a theme review blog, so I entered theme into the search bar, and it came up with 3k results in 1.5 seconds. Needless to say, the theme is a very crowded industry, and finding a good domain could be a bliss. The time, and performance of this tool were amazing.

  • Keyword: You can choose to have your keywords either at the start or at the end of the result.
  • Extension: Although dot com is extremely popular, there are tons and tons of other extensions that are equally cool. But, since it is most commonly used, LDS searches for this extension itself.
  • Customize results: You can filter by length and alphabets. This allows you to find a more suitable name for your blog.
  • Availability: A lot of people use these tools, a lot of people might even have the same ideas as you and so they’re being purchased all the time. If you find a good name, do a domain availability check by clicking on it. The tools also check if the domain is available on Twitter.
  • Shop: If you first want to prepare a list and then purchase the best one, you can bookmark domain ideas for convenience.

3. Name Mesh

Name mesh, much like other domain name provider, generates suggestions based on random options, SEO, and common domains. It also has a convenient option which you can turn on to filter domains that are already registered so it hides domains that have been already taken by someone.

You’re given choices that are filtered on a number of factors. The name generator has a database of tons and tons of words that it uses to generate unique domain names.

tumblr blog name generator

Users can also add special characters in order to modify results.

  • Common : This tab displays mainstream top-level options like dot org, net, and com.
  • Similar : This tab lets you find domain names that are based on antonyms, synonyms, related words, thesaurus entries and much more.
  • New : This tab shows your new top-level extensions that have just launched, like .link, .email and .desi and so on.
  • SEO : These suggestions are for people who’re looking for a PMD and want their keyword to be in the domain at all cost.
  • Short : I personally love short domains. This tab is designated to contain domains that are short (and sweet)
  • Fun : Another tab that modifies the keyword in order to produce brandable options. This is done possibly via phonetic variation, slight spelling mistakes, merged portmanteaus etc.

Name Mesh also has an extra and mix tab that display results from other tld and mixed words.

4. Domains Bot

Domain work is very easy to use name generator with clean and simple UI to help you make domain selection a quick process. Like other name generators, you need to feed some keywords, and the tool will do the rest.

business name generator

After entering the keyword, you’ll get a bunch of results which you can customize it to find the results that are more suitable for your purpose. You can select which extensions you prefer to use, what price range you want the domain to be in and so on.

You’ll also be able to cross check the availability of these domains and if their social media accounts are available. The tool also makes it extremely easy to purchase the domain right from the result page from a handful of providers.

  • API : via their API, you can easily scan and register domains under minutes. The API also supports new gTLDs.
  • Domain monitoring : This feature is for companies, and brands that wish to integrate this service into their list of features or into their strategy.
  • Pandalytics : for most people, this isn’t a big of a feature. This helps companies and bloggers better understand their market via big data.

5. Nameboy

This tool helps you to find new domain name and blog titles and register them instantly.

On the main page, like a lot of mention on this page, you enter the primary keyword or the root word. You can also specify a secondary keyword if you wish to do so. You can also configure whether or not you’d need a domain that has a hyphen in it or not.

creative name generator

They have a cached database of domains, which means that you’d need to double check the availability of the domain name.

  • Wishlist : Like one provider mentioned above, nameboy also allows you to save the domain that you liked. You can make a list of domain names to later on finalize from.
  • Management : This is a very handy feature that lets you track the domain names that you’ve bought letting you manage them from one roof.
  • The secondary phrase : a lot of websites allow you to enter a root keyword, but name mesh also allows you to add a secondary keyword which further fine-tunes the results.
  • Rhymes and Hyphens : This is one of the customizations that you can do in your options. You can allow/disallow hyphens domains in the list. You can also pick domains that rhyme, they’re easier to pronounce and thereby good to brand.

6. Panabee

blog name generator quiz

To start a blog, you need to go through multiple steps, and thereby, it’s okay if want to rush through this step quickly. Panabee is one such that was designed to quickly generate domain name ideas for your next blog.

You can this tool to generate ideas and domain names for any niche. Like many other domain name generators, you’d need to feed a root phrase from where it takes things forward.

You also get to configure what extension do you need, such as .net, .com, .org etc.

Once you find a name that’s available, you can click on it and register it via GoDaddy. You also get to see related terms just below the domain name in the suggestions.

There is also one separate list of international and registered domains. Despite all this, it is presented in a way that you get a clean and simple interface for a flawless experience.

  • Social media : Panabee also checks whether the domain that you’re about to book is available on social media. This is very important and becomes very crucial later on in branding. Imagine, purchasing a domain name and then finding out that someone else has the twitter and facebook username for that name ? panabee prevents such situations to happen.
  • Suggestions : If you searched for a domain name and it turns out that it’s taken, panabee will show you recommendations based on the keywords that you have entered. It’ll use suffixes, abbreviations and more to find another name which hasn’t been taken yet.
  • Internation : It can also search for international top-level domains or extensions such as, and so on. Now, to register domains of some other country, there are some legal things that you have to take care of, but you can check availability here.

7. NameStation

fashion blog name generator

The tool calls itself an intelligent solution which helps you in generating domain name ideas for the particular keywords that you enter ad in the extensions that you specify.

If you’re trying to find the perfect domain name, which works well in every aspect, this can be a good tool. The recommendations by this tool are fit for branding, as well as for SEO purposes.

You can also get suggestions for keyword list. Not only this, it also gives you suggestions from names that users have entered manually.

  • Instant availability check for domain list generated
  • Proven SEO friendly domains
  • Keyword Suggestions based upon semantic relationships
  • The crowdsourcing name can be held if you need a serious brand domain
  • You can also go through a list of 600k manually submitted domain names
  • You can find random names, affixed titles and more
  • More than 407 tlds are shown up when you fire up a search

8. SpinXO

product name generator

Another great tool which helps you find blog names without hassle. It even helps you assistance in finding username on youtube, twitter, and Instagram. The tool is extremely simple and easy to use the tool. One of the major USP’s of the tool is its ability to find social media usernames.

  • You can configure multiple things before firing up the search, like numbers, keywords, interests and more.
  • The tool produces random results which are likely going to be available for registration
  • Also helps in generating Instagram, youtube and twitter usernames. The tool also tells if they’re available or not.

9. Dot-O-Mator

Last on the list is Dot-O-Mator, with a not so fancy name, it helps you to combine different headings in order to create a list of potential domains. You can start by simply feeding your own keywords, or try several lists. Once you’ve finished doing that, you can then merge them to come up with a bunch of domain ideas.

best free blog name generator

You can also check if the domain names show is available or not. Like some other generators, you can also prepare a sort of wishlist. They call it “Scratchbox”. You can also download their iOS app just in case you’re a domainer or do client work.

  • You can feed list of keywords that you want to be placed at the end or start, and merge them to create perfect domain name suggestions
  • Scratchbox lets you save result or domain names that you think are worth purchasing
  • Instant availability checker to check if the domain has been taken or not

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