Top 10 Best Black Friday VPN Deals and Coupons 2021

Wondering what black friday vpn deals to expect this November ? I've compared, and compiled the list of best vpn deals which I expect this year.

Express VPN

✔️ Works with all operating systems
✔️ Extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
✔️ Unlimited bandwidth, speed and servers
✔️ Provides 1 month money back guarantee

5 out of 5


✔️ High security encryption
✔️ 100% safe from online threats and malware
✔️ Offers 2 year plans
✔️ 1177+ servers in 60+ countries
✔️ Best suits for streaming services
✔️ Free Proxy Support

5 out of 5


✔️ No Logging
✔️ Vigilant Mode
✔️ 24/7 Support
✔️ Free Plan

4 out of 5

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Black Friday is just around the corner and is also one of the most awaited days for the one who loves shopping along with savings.. right?

I personally am from that crowd that enjoys shopping when I grab the best discount deals and thus spend less from my pockets and save more. And most importantly like everyone even I prefer many discounts, coupons, offers and cashback.

Definitely, VPN is also another industry that offers some mind-blowing discounts for the Black Friday. And when choosing the best deal I suggest you grab something that provides you with a long term plan.

Remember that the annual plans will let you save the most as it will have a maximum discount. Moreover, you can grab an annual plan this Black Friday and directly another one on next Black Friday.

Not wasting much of your time, I will just take you to have a look at the best Black Friday VPN deals of 2019 as there are tons of VPN sellers across the world, everyone offers some discounts and deals during best shopping seasons to attract more customers and hence it becomes overwhelming to choose the best one from among the lot. Relax, I am here to help you through the same only.

Top Black Friday VPN Deals for 2020:

ExpressVPN – 49 % OFF + 3 MONTH EXTRA

Yes, you heard me right, this 2019 Black Friday ExpressVPN is offering 49 per cent off in addition to three months of extra services. Express VPN is a best known VPN when it comes to encryption and is available for all operating systems like Windows, Androids, Mac, Linux and etc.

It also offers Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari extensions, along with a guarantee of 99.9 per cent uptime on their servers. It comes with unlimited bandwidth, sever switches and speed as it serves 94 plus countries and 145 plus locations around the globe.

When it comes to customer support, it is available either via email or live chat window and also respond to your emails and messages very quickly. ExpressVPN supports only three devices at a time and also provide the 30 days money back guarantee if you don’t like their services.

Key Features of ExpressVPN:

  • Works with all operating systems
  • Extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Unlimited bandwidth, speed and servers
  • Provides 1 month money back guarantee
  • Servers operating in 94+ countries and 145+ locations
  • Quick support from their team

Checkout Express VPN

Ivacy VPN – 87% OFF ON 5 YEAR PLAN and 77% OFF ON 3 YEAR PLAN

Ivacy is best known for its Operating Systems, and in addition, it has given us many popular apps to use including Chrome and Firefox and hence it’s a one-stop VPN for all your devices. It has an Internet Kill Switch feature that gives you an option to automatically disconnect to the internet connection when the VPN stops working so that your data doesn’t get tracked by any third party.

Ivacy VPN lets you use 5 different devices from one account simultaneously and provides you with the best speed and also high speed torrent downloads. The official site of Ivacy allows you to explore many features provided by them.

This year Ivacy is giving two awesome deals on Black Friday: First, Buy 2 years Ivacy subscription and get 1 year completely free - Just $ 2.25 per month; and Second, Get 5 years of Ivacy subscription as low as $ 1.34 per month.

Key Features of Ivacy VPN:

  • No Browsing Logs Policy
  • 5 Devices Simultaneous Logins
  • 1000+ Servers in 100+ Locations
  • 24/7 Support
  • High Speed Downloading

Checkout Ivacy VPN

Nordvpn – GET 75% OFF

Nordvpn is the VPN that everyone seems to prefer when it comes to full security because it actually provides Military grade encryption, CyberSec that protects you and your device from malware and other online threats and also has a double VPN that encrypts your internet traffic twice to safeguard your online privacy.

Nordvpn has the ability to automatically switch to another VPN provider in case of the first VPN drops. It successfully hides your IP and sends the traffic through dedicated IP provided and also has an extension for Chrome. It has 1177 plus servers in 60 plus country around the world.

It connects to the fastest servers to give you high-speed downloads, streaming and torrenting along with P2P traffic control. Nordvpn allows you to connect to the maximum six devices on one single account simultaneously. The most important feature of Nordvpn is that it has a dedicated IP that provides you with a separate IP which is not shared by any other Nordvpn users, making you more anonymous to any website.

Key Features Of NORDVPN

  • High security encryption
  • 100% safe from online threats and malware
  • Offers 2 year plans
  • 1177+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Best suits for streaming services
  • Free Proxy Support
  • Dedicated IP

Checkout NordVPN

TunnelBear – GET 58% OFF

TunnelBear is another one of VPN that is quite favourite and recommended as it features many great features. It also has a free version, so that you can try the services and if you want to extend it, simply go for the paid premium version.

It has servers in 20 plus countries. And also features strong encryption, no-log policy and ISP throttle control. The normal cost is $ 10 per month but you’ll get the same discounted this Black Friday.

Key Features Of TunnelBear

  • No Logging
  • Vigilant Mode
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Plan

Checkout TunnelBear

SaferVPN 2019 – GET 77% OFF

SaferVPN is a new provider in the market, but it was still successfully launched its servers in 700+ locations around 34+ countries across the globe. It features DNS and IP Leak Protection, Strict No Logs Policy, 256-bit AES Encryption, OpenVPN, Unlimited bandwidth and traffic, automatic kill switch. It most importantly has a 30 days money back guarantee, interesting right?

Key Features Of SaferVPN

  • 256-Bit Strong Encryption
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Security
  • 700+ servers in 34+ countries
  • VPN Kill Switch
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Checkout Safer VPN

Purevpn – GET 88% OFF

Pure VPN being new in the VPN industry, provides the services as other experienced VPN service providers. And it best supports the gaming consoles. It also works quite well with Chrome, Smart TV, Amazon and other devices.

Similar to Ivacy VPN, it provides 5 simultaneous logins with a single account. It has a 24 * 7 support team to give you solutions anytime you require. Purevpn had 750 plus servers in around 141 countries around the globe. It gives you amazing features of Security, Anonymity and Speed.

Further, like other popular VPN service providers, Purevpn also provides a 31 days money back guarantee.

Key Features Of PureVPN

  • P2P and VOIP support
  • SAS - Security Anonymity Speed
  • Cheap 2 year plan
  • 24 by 7 support
  • 750+ servers at 141 countries

SurfShark – GET 83% OFF

Surfshark is the only VPN service which you can easily use on unlimited devices with only a single account. It is available for most of the operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux. It has a dedicated Google Chrome extension and Firefox addons so that you can browse to all the website without any restrictions.

SurfShark gives good speed when it comes to streaming online and downloading kinds of stuff. It has the Multihop feature that adds double protection that helps to hide your online activities and the Zero Knowledge DNS feature does not leave any footprints for security breaches.

SurfShark also helps you to protect from unwanted ads, trackers and malware. Like other popular VPN service providers, even SurfShark provides 30 days money back guarantee.

Key Features Of Surfshark

  • Unlimited devices
  • no-logs
  • 24 by 7 Support
  • Allows torrenting
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee

IPVanish – GET 77% OFF

IPVanish is another one of a well-known service provider in the VPN industry. It is mostly known for its uninterrupted service and compatibility with major Operating Systems like Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, etc. and also supports all the streaming devices. IPVanish has overall 40000+ Unique IPs with 850+ servers in 60+ countries across the globe.

Most importantly, IPVanish provides 256 bit AES Encryption, Unlimited bandwidth, Zero traffic logs, P2P traffic for torrenting, SOCKS5 Web Proxy, Unlimited Server Switching and many amazing features. Furthermore, it supports up to 5 simultaneous connections with a single login account.

IPVanish also provides a 7 days money back guarantee, so that when you don’tloke their services, you can cancel the same.

Key Features Of IPVanish

  • 850+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Supports Tier 1 VPN service
  • Allows P2P traffic for torrenting
  • 100% money back guarantee for the first week
  • Zero log policy

Other Good Black Friday VPN Deals

Hide My ASS (HMA) – GET 75% OFF

Key Features Of HideMYAss

  • IP Shuffle
  • Leak protection
  • Split-Tunneling
  • 840+ servers in 190+ countries
  • Military-grade encryption
  • DDoS protection
  • Private Internet Access VPN – GET 64% OFF
  • Key Features Of PIA
  • Encrypted Wifi
  • P2P support
  • SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Quick setup
  • 3272+ servers at 25+ countries

CyberGhost VPN – GET 74% OFF

Key Features Of CyberGhost

  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic cover 5900 servers worldwide
  • SOCKS5 Proxy
  • 1146+ servers in 28+ countries
  • Strict No Logs Policy
  • Friendly support: chat or email
  • 256-bit AES Encryption, OpenVPN
  • L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

Invisible Browsing VPN – GET 68% OFF

Key Features Of Invisible Browsing VPN

  • Provides maximum privacy
  • Zero logging policy
  • Peer-to-peer file-sharing support
  • 180+ servers in 50+ countries


I hope that my article helped you to find the best Black Friday VPN Deals of 2019. Just remember to check the features, compatibility and connections so that you are able to safely work by staying in a secure and anonymous network.

To sum up, here’s the list of deals I included in my article:

  • ExpressVPN – 49 % OFF + 3 MONTH EXTRA
  • Ivacy VPN – 87% OFF ON 5 YEAR PLAN and 77% OFF ON 3 YEAR PLAN
  • Nordvpn – GET 75% OFF
  • TunnelBear – GET 58% OFF
  • Purevpn – GET 88% OFF
  • SurfShark – GET 83% OFF
  • IPVanish – GET 77% OFF
  • SaferVPN 2019 – GET 77% OFF
  • Hide My ASS (HMA) – GET 75% OFF
  • Private Internet Access VPN – GET 64% OFF
  • CyberGhost VPN – GET 74% OFF
  • StrongVPN – GET 56% OFF

Make sure to choose wisely.

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