Best Black Friday SEO Deals in 2020

If you’re searching for all of the Black Friday SEO Deals, then you’ll really like my curated list of SEO Deals.

I considered the discount value as a one-time deal or a lifetime deal, an analysis of the tools either by own use or found on the Internet, customer service and, in particular, the quality of the data to show the following offers and this is my list.


Discount: 40% OFF

Price Range: $35- 40/month

Sales Start from :  Dec 2,2020

Coupon Code: Auto applied

Pros: lifetime


Black Friday at Mangools just decided to start with 25 percent discount on any of their plans. Not for three months or for a year, its a lifetime deal. You’ll pay the lowest price for the same sum as long as you keep your service with them.

Mangools is an all-in-one SEO suite of tools that got all the important tools at an affordable price to get started. The tools are as follows:

KWFinder is the most detailed keyword analysis tool since I’ve written an excellent review and used it since 2016. It is ideally suited for someone starting an Amazon or affiliate niche site as they give the best results with reliable Keyword Difficulty value as personally analysed by top SEOs.

SERPWatcher is one of the ultimate pace and accuracy-focused ranking tools and I was blown up using it when I began using it a few years ago. I absolutely loved how they were built for performance rather than an old age tracker.

SERPChecker is useful when it comes to searching the top 100 SERP results for any given keyword at any location with precise localized results.

LinkMiner is a competitor analysis that provides an easy-to-use way to recreate the backlinks of the sites you have set up. By option, you can sort to see which one can easily do, thus saving hours of time.

SiteProfiler has an overall web overview where you can enter the site URL to see all relevant indicators such as traffic, ranking of organic keywords, patterns, etc.

For this Black Friday, for a very limited sale, Mangools offer a 25 percent lifetime discount as if the deal is gone, it will be the last and will not offer anything at all in the middle and you’ll have to wait for next Black Friday.


Discount: 50% OFF

Price Range: $90 – 100/month

Sales Start from :  Not Confirmed yet

Coupon Code: Auto applied.

Pros: 100+ SaaS Deals.


SEMRush is one of the SEO tools you need to cross your mind first when you think of SEO. A lot of people are asking if SEMRush has a decent deal to sell on this Black Friday.

SEMRush is a genius SEO tool that can help with keyword research, competitor analysis, backlinks, content research, site monitoring and more. For anyone expecting SEMRush deals, knowing the features of this tool will benefit you mostly on this Black Friday.

SEMRush gives you a powerful competitor analysis to view the exact keywords that help your competitor websites rank in the rankings of the organic search engine, showing the traffic volume of each of them.

Keyword analysis is the center of SEO, and SEMRush provides users with excellent keyword recommendations backed up by its massive database of more than 3 million keywords, as well as shows the keyword difficulty score for each keyword.

The backlink research is another essential feature of SEMRush and it enables you to search the backlinks of any website URL supported by advanced reports and powerful filter.

SEMRush provides you with powerful content research that allows you to enter your keyword content in the tool and check how well it performs on social media sites, organic search results and, apart from that, helps you to know the amount of backlinks it has.

You can monitor the SEO rating of your website for both mobile and desktop versions with SEMRush Rank Tracking. In addition, you can allow automatic ranking reports to be sent directly to your email address.

SEMRush web monitoring is a very useful function that lets you set up notifications for your brand-related keywords, and then you get alerts to your email address whenever someone mentions this keyword on some website. This will help you monitor the PR and connect the building activities of your competitors.

SEO PowerSuite

Discount: 70% OFF

Price Range: $290 – 300/yearly

Sales start from : Not Confirmed yet

Coupon Code: Auto applied.

Pros: 100+ SaaS Deals


SEO PowerSuite is the one you can go with for anyone finding an SEO package with advanced & extensive features. In fact, this is the right time to buy SEO PowerSuite, as this SEO Tools Black Friday gets very cheaper for its price.

Proven and used by over 500,000 SEO experts, SEO PowerSuite is an ideal tool to optimize any website type. It helps you boost the ranking of your website, beat the competition, and it creates more traffic for you to improve your sales significantly.

You can have a faster SEO for your website aside from that. If you work for clients, you can definitely keep them majorly satisfied with Accurate rank monitoring, Profound link analysis, Powerful keyword research, SEO on-page, Deep competition analysis. SEO PowerSuite is a collection of four powerful tools:

  • Rank Tracker
  • WebSite Auditor
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • LinkAssistant

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker offers you limitless tracking and supports 561 search engines. It allows you to use complete automation to find high-traffic keywords.

It makes tracking the Search Engine Rank simple and doesn’t take more than one click. Unlike Manual ranking tracking, you will need much less effort as long as you use this tool.

It also allows you to add up to 5 additional websites at max to keep track of your competitors’ rankings for the same keywords.

Most importantly, it displays the rankings of competitors in the form of clear tables, visual graphs, or special reports to give you perfect clarity. It also allows you to check if the ranking of your site has gone up or down. Another important feature is that it enables you to check your rankings in different countries.

Website Auditor

Website Editor is a handy tool for on-page auditing and technical SEO for increasing online traffic. It’s also a reporting tool.

It slithers your website just as search engines do by auditing every resource on your site, both internally and externally. It includes HTML , CSS , JavaScript, Flash, images , videos, etc. This helps you visualize your site as it shows to search engines.

Most importantly , it helps to highlight every issue on your site with the most comprehensive technical audit; from broken links and images, content duplication to poor mobile compatibility, W3C validation errors, and more.

On top of that, you will see the pages affected by the errors as well as instructions on how to resolve them. It allows you to easily create XML sitemaps and a robot.txt file. For any of your web pages, you can also use this tool for On-Page SEO.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is yet another powerful tool with over 4,500 users that can help you with excellent backlink research to a large extent.

SEO SpyGlass has a very elegant and user-friendly interface with the most up-to – date index. It lets you find backlinks of consistency and is much cheaper than the other checkers for backlinks.

Most significantly, all backlink data from various sources, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, can be combined into one location. Besides that, with simple to interpret graphs and diagrams, the interface is nice and clean and user-friendly.

Link Assistant

LinkAssistant is a great tool for identifying opportunities for link building. A user can always choose research techniques from the 10 available prospecting mechanisms such as Guest Posting, Reviews, Commenting, Forums, etc. or one can have one’s own methodology created with any search engine and the tool will help you identify hundreds of relevant link prospects.

It also provides you with various statistics and insights so that you can verify the performance of links using factors such as Page / Domain Authority, Domain Age, Social Media Metrics and more.

At the same time, use of the tool helps you to keep away from harmful links.

Most importantly, you can contact the Link Prospects using email templates, track sends, and replies, flag important emails from the app itself.

Last but not least, you can always check whether your acquired links are working well or have the wrong anchors with the One-click link verification, so that if a link fails verification, you can contact partners at once.

As far as the pricing goes, in addition to the free version, it provides two packages for users to choose from.

Professional is available around $290-299 and is suitable for individual site promoters. Provides features such as Unlimited Sites and Keywords, All SEO features (unlimited data), Rankings, On-Page, Backlinks, Social, Save Projects with SEO History, Schedule tasks to run on autopilot and Copy Data to the clipboard.

Enterprise is available for $699 and is suitable for SEOs and SEO agencies. It includes all the features of Professional and, in addition, includes features such as Export Data, White Label SEO reports in PDF and HTML, and Save, print, deliver reports to clients. Both plans come with a 100 % money back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase.

If we consider SEO support, it is quite reliable and you can always submit a ticket if you have any technical difficulties with any of the SEO tools.

Apart from that, it has a powerful knowledge base, a FAQ, and a lot of video tutorials for all four tools. It can’t get any better than buying this SEO PowerSuite Black Friday tool. It’s going to go live on the 21st of November and continue until the 23rd of November this year.


Discount : 60% OFF

Price Range : Net yet Confirmed

Sales start from : Not confirmed yet

Coupon Code : Auto Applied

Pros :All-In-One SEO tool

Website :

SE Ranking is an effective SEO All-In-One tool. It offers a complete set of great marketing tools for everyone (small business owners who manage their websites as well as SEO professionals and digital agencies).

It has all you need to promote your website and is easy to use even if you have no experience with online marketing.

The software provides a complete set of tools for keyword positioning and keyword research, website audit, competitor analysis, keyword suggestion and grouping, backlink monitoring, automated professional reporting.

In addition to these features, SE Ranking also offers unique tools such as page changes, monitoring and even social media management.

LongTail Pro

Discount: 50% OFF

Price Range: $25- 30/month

Sales Date: Already started

Coupon Code: Auto applied.

Pros: lifetime.


Simply put, Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool. However, it’s a highly-specific keyword research tool that has been developed especially to find long-tail keywords.

It also provides a number of other functions, such as competition analysis, keyword competitiveness, and rank value and not just this. This tool also offers regular updates to your site’s keyword ranking for major search words.

One of the main highlights of Long Tail Pro is that this keyword analysis tool does far more than just keyword research, unlike other tools on the market. It’s an all-rounder platform that offers you the best of keyword research and rank monitoring at the same time.

You can easily search for long-tail keywords that are important to your brand by entering your seed keyword and selecting your target location and language. The tool does all the heavy lifting for you and provides a list of long-tail keywords that you can aim and boost your SEO.

LongTailPro offers 50% off on their existing low cost plans and the deal ends on December 2, 2020

Hope you will be more helpful in understanding the significance of each SEO tool and why most experts rely on such items. If you want to be the one to raise the websites of your client, then catch this Black Friday Sale and, owning the software will improve your SEO, ranking and conversion eventually.

I don’t want you to skip this fantastic sales deal that’s going to pay off for the whole year. If you’ve skipped it, either you’re going to have to wait for another year, or you’re going to have to pay several times higher costs when you really need them.

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