Best SERP Tracking Tools for SEOs to Use in 2021

To know how much you have reached a higher SEO of your website or blogs you must always have a check on the SERP rating of your website.

SERP rating plays a prominent role in knowing the overall reach of your website and helps you to track for further advancements needed for the upswing of your website.

There are several things that you need to focus on whilst considering the SERP rating of your website. To know your position in the rating based on SERP you can always opt for the SERP tracking tools.

So in this article, I am going to brief you on the various aspects of the SERP tracking tools and also the best SERP tracking tools available in the market.

What is SERP? 

Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is nothing but the result pages or websites given by search engines to the users who have searched for a particular content using a particular keyword.

The user enters the prospective keyword in the search engine for which it will list the most high-quality content relating to the user’s queries.

What Are SERP Tracking Tools? 

The Searches Engine Results Page (SERP) tracking tools are very much helpful in tracking the SEO ranking of your website. They have a crucial part in enhancing the alltogether standpoint of your website.

These tools display all sorts of information such as the changes in keywords, trends, most searched keywords, and also allows you to compare those keywords with that of your competitors.

Role Of SERP Tracking Tools 

There are plenty of functions that are offered by the SERP tracking tools that assist you in the betterment of your website’s growth. Following are some of the prominent roles of the SERP tracking tools.

  • Monitor the ranking of your website across diverse locations, search engines, and intent buckets.
  • These tools always check on your work progress and notify you instantly when there are any downfalls in your progress so that you can rectify the blunders that you’ve made so far.
  • It also tracks the competitor’s performances and enables you to know their strengths and weaknesses.
  • It helps you to gain knowledge in reverence to the places where you are lacking or gaining visibility with a wide spectrum of features comprising of the SERP snippets, videos, carousels,  and more.
  • It also clearly defines the correlation between traffic, rankings, conversions, or revenue of your website.

Important Factors To Be Considered While Choosing SERP Tracking Tools 


Accuracy is one of the most important factors to be considered while you choose a SERP tracking tool. The accuracy of the keywords are so integral when it comes to the overall ranking of the website.

A SERP tracking tool if it lacks sufficient accuracy to track the keywords and other perspectives is not worth trying.

No Of Keywords 

Keywords have all the power to do things that you have not expected. It can elevate your website to a higher level and likewise demote your website very band if not pro properly researched and used.

So you must always opt for a tracking tool that helps you in looking after all the things related to the keywords simultaneously.

Granular Tracking

While you look for the best SERP tracking tools you must also look for the tool that offers all the granular details and also a high-level dashboard.

Tracking of national and international campaigns and to serve the clients effectively you must make sure that you possess a tool with a high level of granularity tracking features.


Not all the tracking tools of SERP are designed for a specific set of people with the same requirements and budget.

While you are in the process of selecting the SERP tracking tools for yourself you must also look for the features that it offers and the price it has levied for all of those features.

Best SERP Tracking Tools 

So far you might have got a better insight regarding the SERP tracking tools now I will also list out the best SERP tracking tools that you can decide on for the better and good development of your website.

  • AccuRanker
  • SEMrush
  • Pro Rank Tracker
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • SERPWatcher

These are the best SERP tracking tools that you can get your hands on them without any hesitation. But before you choose any of these tools make sure that it can meet all of your requirements and also your budget.


AccuRanker is a standalone SERP tracking tool that is most widely used by popular SEO agencies and other consultants to track their progress and rankings, monitor the competitions and acquire more traffic and conversion rates with it’s fastest and accurate tool features.


  • This tool helps in running on-demand upgrades of ranking data and other related information.
  • SEO agencies, SEO professionals, brands, business firms, and all other people who want to track their SERP factors with great accuracy and obtain the updated data can opt for this tool.
  • It can track data on all of the major search engines such as YouTube,  Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc.
  • It keeps a record of all the historical rank performance of your website and can be useful for future citations.
  • You can track 50 plus SERP features that are readily available for all your chosen keywords with the aggregated SERP inquiries.
  • All the ranking details are presented in a well-streamlined manner for easy understanding.
  • It supports multiple keyword tracking and also assists in accessing multiple sites at a go.
  • It has an effective competitor analysis feature that analyzes the performance and rankings of your competitors and compares them with your performance and lets you know the area where you lack and must improve.
  • It also has a free live SERP tool with which you can obtain your keyword ranking results anytime at any place.
  • The keywords page of this tool helps you gather all the information on how your keywords are processing in the search engines.


AccuRanker has a wide range of subscription plans based on how many keywords you have to monitor in a day. It also has 14 days of a free trial. The subscription plan starts from $109-$110 per month.


You all might have heard about SEMrush somewhere or the other as it is one of the most popular tools in digital marketing platforms.

It has over 18 million users. It is not only a SERP tracking tool but also has a variety of other features.


  • SEMrush is a position tracking tool that allows you to monitor all the SERP related things from an international level right down to the local area and also can access any type of devices too.
  • It allows you to gather all the required details regarding which URL of the competitors are ranking high and gaining visibility in SERPs and also it detects the segment ranking performance tags, different locations with their diverse SERP features.
  • You can set a date range of 7, 30, 60, or 90 days to view the ranking changes of your website relating to the past performances.
  • It provides accurate and scalable tracking features that can be highly helpful for the determination of future enhancements of your website.
  • SEMrush’s SERP tracking will analyze your web pages with the best possible factors to rank so that you will know where to focus your SEO resources to the fullest.
  • A slight change in your SERP rankings will be instantly put forward to you so that you can respond immediately and rectify what’s wrong with it.


It has 30 days of free trial and the subscription plans start at $99-$100 per month.

Pro Rank Tracker 

Pro Rank Tracker is another great solution that is optimized for SERP tracking.

Even though it does not have advanced features to track and manage larger business firm but it does have the potentiality and adequate features that is best satisfied for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • It helps you to stay tuned and updated with the latest ranking information and also the on-demand requests.
  • It can track rankings across all the major search engines including YouTube, Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and listings on Amazon.
  • It allows you to analyze the top 100 results for any of your keywords.
  • You can have access to all of your historical data and analyze your competitor’s performance as well.
  • You can track e-commerce sites or products on Amazon.
  • You can generate a variety of reports such as current ranking position, progress, comparison, and benchmarks.
  • It is made customizable on both the system and report levels.
  • It can track keywords for a variety of locations. To prove this it supports 32 Bing versions, 35 Yahoo sites, and also 187 Google sites.


It comes with seven days of free trial and the subscription plan starts at $25-$30 per month.

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a standalone SERP tracker that has plenty of users across the globe. It is used by thousands of CEOs and also by Microsoft to track the SERP across different stages and locations.

This also helps in building customized white-label reports.


  • It is used to track SERPs regardless of their locations, niche, or device.
  • It also integrates data with third-party tools such as Google Data Studio.
  • It assists in measuring the market share and also an in-depth analysis of the competitor’s performance.
  • Keyword tracking and reporting are the two main objectives of this tool. But it also supports some of the secondary elements such as white labeling, performance reporting, keyword optimizations, competitor analysis, and traffic analysis.
  • This tool supports the entering of keywords in special characters too. This is to make you understand that they also support foreign languages.
  • You can develop your own customized templates by modifying the graphs, charts, columns, and data display.


Advanced Web Ranking offers you a wide range of subscription plans which start from $49-$50 per month. It also has 30 days of a free trial.


SERPWatcher (affiliate) is an all in one SEO platform tool from Mangools. It is an affordable and user-friendly tool that is trusted by some of the world’s largest and reputed brands including Airbnb and Adidas.


  • It has a performance index that helps you to identify your website’s organic traffic potential across all the tracked keywords with its full ranking and volume metrics.
  • You can get the daily ranking updates and check those rankings in the SERP previews.
  • It can track rankings in 52000 plus locations on any device.
  • You will be able to get all the updates regarding any changes in the rankings via email alerts or any other forms of notifications.
  • It allows you to track historical data by any time frame such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
  • You can share all your report related data with your clients, colleagues, and other users. Also, you can schedule the reports set alterations via email.


The pricing subscription starts at $49 -$50 per month. It also has 10 days of free trial.

These are the best SERP tracking tools that are available in the market. You can opt for any of these tools after you are clear regarding all the details of the tool as well as your business requirements.

According to the needs of your business, you must choose the proper tool that caters to all of your mandates.

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