Best Free Logo Makers & Logo Generators in 2019

If you are about to starting a new online store or getting the spark back by redoing certain things about your store, then the first thing you should put your focus at is the logo of your store. A logo is an emblem or sort of a graphic design that represents your brand. Sometimes a logo connects with people more than the brand name itself. If you look at various start-ups, you would not only recall the name but also their logo. A logo gives you the recognition for the products you develop or services you serve.

Here are a few reasons why and how logos can take your business to another level.

# Brand Identity

People will recall the identity of your brand through the logo. Logo marks ownership, and thus merchandise represents your brand. It lets potential customers and the audience know more about you as the ‘brand’.

# Word of mouth

That’s how the interaction between the business and the customers start through – logo. Potential customers are lured towards attractive offers, products, and services as well. And, then the interaction will only increase when the people will start talking more about your business.

# Stand out from the competition

Among all the businesses which are running parallel with yours, a good logo will set you apart from them. This recognition will not only help you start getting more customers, but also give you a name in the market.

Before you start deciding on the tool you should use for creating the logo, you need to keep some important points in mind that will help your logo reach a wider audience. You cannot simply shoot in the sky, and expect your logo to find the place in the audience’s hearts.

The facts that you must keep in mind are as follows.

# Know your competitors.

This point is important. You need to know about who you are competing with, what businesses and ideas they hold as well as promote. You can learn from what kind of designs, styles, and graphics are being used by successful competitors. Remember not everything your competitor uses will work for you.

Some will work, while some won’t. You simply need to research their work and widen your horizon of ideas. This step is important because you surely want your logo to be relevant with the times today, whether you are growing a new business, or refreshing an existing business.

# Know what you want to convey – loud and clear

Before you go on designing one logo, you need to know what you are trying to convey. You definitely do not want to end up having a logo that is insignificant and meaningless. Thus, whenever you think about the logo, first think about what the audience should see or understand when they see the logo.

# Brainstorming

Brainstorming is the key to finding a good logo. You will never get the best design in one go. A good logo will always require multiple edits, and changes. So, keep brainstorming and do not settle until you find the best out of all.

# Feedback is must

Ask people around you what they feel about your logo. But make sure you are asking for feedback from people who are honest and constructive about it.

List of Best FREE ( Online ) Logo Makers in 2019

best free logo maker


This one’s on the board of logo makers for quite a time now and offers many free as well as paid templates for images, flyers, cards and many more things. They have a really impressive lineup of templates that have a lot of free as well as paid logo options. Start with their templates, and then start playing with – text colors, styles, fonts – to match what you want for your brand.

If their existing templates do not do it for you, then you can upload your own images to add to the logo with drag-and-drop functionality. You can then design your logo as any format of the image. All you need is a bit of creativity to give the free logo designs a sense of your unique touch that would represent your business.

Oberlo Logo Making Tool


When your business concept is still in the development stage, getting started with your venture can be a bit daunting. The logo does not need to be complicated, but it is definitely worth putting your efforts into. Oberlo’s going to save you a lot of time and also give you the kind of logo that you probably desire. If you are someone whose budget is fixed as well as limited, then this is the best choice that you have. Oberlo will ensure that you are giving your efforts into the biggest tasks of the business by maximizing the efficiency.

Oberlo has a very user-friendly interface with many options that allow you to create the logo according to your set of customizations. Once you are done with entering the store name, you can focus on playing with different options like selecting different icons, the color, size, positioning of various objects on the interface, as well as frame.

Logaster Logo Making


Within a few minutes, Logaster can help you make a wonderful logo for your business. Logaster does not require you to be skillful in graphics. All you need to do is enter the name of your store or company, and then click on the create button. This one uses more than hundreds of design algorithms so that they can give you a personalized and customized design to ensure a better product.

However, it must be noted that this is not even nearly sufficient for what you need to make an ‘effective branding’. This is why there are designers who moderate and constantly improve designs to keep you updated with the latest trends.
On the personal vision, you can make modifications to the text, color palette, logo icons, layouts, and many more things. After you are done with making the logo, you can download it either as image format (jpg, png, jpeg) or in vector formats (pdf, SVG).

The boon of this one is that it optimizes the already created cards and logos for you and your business. Also, you can get your logo design on any of the five backgrounds, which include white, corporate, black and white, negative version as well as transparent. And, all these backgrounds have many layouts.

Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services

This free logo maker comes with thousands of pre-designed templates that can be saved for free in the cloud. You need to first choose the industry your business works upon, and then the text. Further, you can choose the kind of logo you want to design – icon, badge, initial-based or text-based logos. And, in the end, narrow your choices down to the most favorite type of font style.

Go through all the pages consisting of the free designs showing your defined text. As soon as you find the design that you like, either save it or you can start making custom edits. Make changes to the layout, colors, and fonts to make the logo suit your brand. Once you are done with editing, then you can finally create your logo.


This one is a free online tool for making logos that aid you in creating better designs for your logo. The interface is fairly easy to use and gives you the ability to customize on the basis of your choices, and requirements. Firstly, you need to choose the industry to which your business belongs to.

Once you are done with that, you got to choose one out of different visual styles available. And, then you can add the business name as well as your slogan if you wish to. Lastly, choose the logo which closely represents your brand and edits the logo according to what you want it to look like. Play with the colors, icons, fonts, and layout until you find the right one.


Like the name says, this logo maker was created due to the hipster movement that happened some years ago. Thus, the logos that are generated by this logo maker reflects the hipster style. This is why Hipster may not be an option for everyone. It is simple to use, and you need to do nothing, but run through different alternatives before you ensemble the logo together. No special graphics designing skills are required for this logo maker – even a newbie can start designing.

Graphic Springs

Just like its competitors around, this one also has produced an abundant number of templates that you can choose from. These templates are divided into multiple categories. After you enter the business name as well as the tagline, then you can choose the image category. After this, you are supposed to choose your logo and then start editing. Make sure that you filter out your options through different new and popular logos available.

To increase the creative liberty that you have with your logo design, you may start with shapes as well as symbols to add the decorative touch to your design.


It is also a very useful website meant for creating logos for business. The tool with the logo options comes as a free application. It has numerous prompts that can be used to create more stylish and unique logos. Some complain about the ‘cartoonish’ type of the nature of the logo. But, it can certainly appeal your audience, if you utilize the tools properly.

The best part is that you can download the edited logo as a free PNG file – not all of the logo makers give this feature. The resulting logo is always a high-resolution image that can be used anywhere. In fact, even if you are not satisfied with the outcome your editing has produced, you may give it to a professional designer who can refine it in a better way.


This tool is easy-to-use software which makes it really simple to let you drag the shapes as well as text to exactly where you want them to be. You must start with searching different shapes as well as icons, then edit the colors, size and all the features that would make up your logo. Add text the way you want to and arrange it to suit your needs. And, of course, trying out different text – sizes, styles, and colors is a must.

As soon as you are done, you can download and save the design. Though there is a free download, it still has limitations. So if you want a high-quality version for your website, then you will have to pay $19.

DesignHill Logo Maker

Most of the logo makers only provide a generator for the logos, but DesignHill gives you the benefit of the community of designers. This tool has been called the best free logo maker out of all the mentioned above and many more tools. The logo-making involves a three-step process: picking a template and then tweaking it according to your needs. Also, if you are perplexed about which designs to use, then you may also consider seeking assistance from the design marketplace as well.

This tool prompts you to add all the possible information that you can add. Your logo will turn out to be more refined if you enter the most accurate information. There are few other features that DesignHill brings, and they are design contests as well as options for getting accustomed to professional designers.

Hence, this is all about the best free logo makers available in the market. But it is rightly said that everything comes with a price.

These logo makers provide free editing tools, but they do require some payment to be made for downloading the logo. You may be able to download the low-quality logo in some of the logo makers, but if you are interested in a high-quality version, you will have to pay a small amount of fee.

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