Best Fonts for Bloggers To Pick for Their Blogs in 2021

A bad font will injure everything for you though you get everything else right. A well-crafted content on your journal will offer your readers and unhealthy insight if your font is unhealthy.

A font encourages the reader to consume your content. And if it’s terrible, you’re progressing to lose your guests, conversions, and sales. in a nutshell, your blog isn’t going to exist with a terrible font.

Selecting a font for your web site isn’t that simple. you may suppose that a font that looks easy and easy to read is true for your audience.

Fonts and typefaces are very distinct. A font may be a weight or a style of a particular type. And typefaces are primarily many classes of fonts. for example, Times New Roman may be font and typeface may be a type.

The Ultimate List of Best Fonts for Bloggers


Arial font never looks bad on any web site. you’ll be able to use it anywhere on your web site. From headings to the body of the text, this can be one amongst the most familiar fonts and can lead to better readability. The font is used by Facebook, Google, Amazon, Reddit, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and many alternative websites.

  • Typeface: sans serif
  • Best Use In: anywhere on the website


This sans serif type font was designed by Matthew Carter and has become notable as a result of the standard of the font that doesn’t degrade on little resolutions.

For this reason, is used by over two hundred,000 web sites and is ideal for any kind of website. Some websites using this font are eBay, Pinterest, Apple, Flipkart, Quora, WordPress, The Guardian, etc.

  • Typeface: Sans serif
  • Best Use In: anywhere on the website


Another font designed by Matthew Carter, Georgia is that the most widely used serif font on the internet. Brian Dean from Backlinko uses this font for his blog’s content.

The font is perfect for using in your blog post content as it’s simply readable. you’ll be able to also use it in your headlines, but I might suggest a mixture of Georgia and a sans serif font have some distinction.

Websites exploitation this font embrace BBC, Forbes, TripAdvisor, Business the top, and more.

  • Typeface: Serif
  • Best Use : Within the Body text of your journal posts and web site


Lato is an associate degree ASCII text file font family designed by Ɓukasz Dziedzic within the year 2010. tho’ the font is comparatively new, it’s become wide well-liked and is used across many alternative websites.

The Lato font family is therefore numerous that there are many alternative designs available that create it perfect to be used anyplace on your web site.

You can use the bold type of Lato font for your web site headings and use the traditional style for your journal content. The font is used by websites like Freelancer, Grammarly, Alexa, Starbucks, Buffer, and more.

  • Typeface: Sans serif
  • Best Use In: anywhere on the website

PT Sans

As the name suggests, pt Sans may be a typeface type that is an ASCII text file. The font is incredibly easy and used widely in several blogs.

Other website’s exploitation platinum Sans embrace ClickFunnels, Story Pick, Social Media Examiner, Hollywood Life, etc.

  • Typeface: Sans serif
  • Best Use In: anyplace on the web site


Gotham may be a good font for headlines and titles because of its appearance gorgeous with its style and width. it’s a typeface font and was introduced in 2000. Backlinko uses this font for the journal post titles and headlines.

You can use it for your body text too however I might recommend using it for headlines and complementing the font with a typeface font for the body text.

Some notable websites using this font square measure Dropbox, Upwork, The Verge, Hostgator, Rolling Stone, Vox, and more.

  • Typeface:
  • Best Use : In web site headlines


This serif font was designed by Eben Sorkin and is an ASCII text file font. Merriweather may be an easy and chic serif font and is appropriate for headlines.

If you’re trying to find a classic rummage around for your web site, this font is ideal. Websites like GoodReads, Bored Panda, Harvard, Daily Dot, and encyclopedia use this font.

  • Typeface: Serif
  • Best Use : In website headlines


Oswald is a font designed by Vernon Adams from Google. This typeface font was at the start launched in 2011 and was updated until 2014. New bold and lightweight weights were value-added to the font that makes it a lot of fashionable wanting. The font appearance gorgeous in daring weights that is why it’s good to be used in headlines.

Search Engine Land uses Oswald font for his or her headlines

The font is additionally used by websites like WWE, PhoneArena, TomsGuide, ClickBank, and CreativeBloq.

  • Typeface:
  • Best Use : In web site headlines


Used by over twenty-one,000,000 websites, Roboto font was designed by Christian This font is used all over and you may not even know.

The font is ideal for headlines and body text as a result of the various designs and weights available.
Some huge websites using Roboto font square measure YouTube, Alibaba, Vice, NDTV, Asus, TMZ, begin Sports, and more.

  • Typeface: Sans Serif
  • Best Use In: anywhere on the web site

Helvetica Neue

Designed in 1983, this font is one of the most effective fonts within the world. And that’s as a result of it’s over 100 completely different designs.

This makes the font good to use anyplace on your web site. you’ll be able to use the daring weights of the font in your headlines and use the regular weights within the body text.

This is additionally the font Apple uses nearly all over. Websites using face Neue embrace GitHub, StackOverflow, Whastapp, SlideShare, Yelp, Vimeo, Pandora, and more.

  • Typeface: Sans Serif
  • Best Use In: anywhere on the web site


Montserrat font was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky. this can be a daring and fashionable wanting font utilized by several websites.
The font is often used on different kinds of the web site and anyplace on the web site.

Websites like NBC, film Pilot, TomsGuide, and LeadPages use this font.

  • Typeface: Sans serif
  • Best Use In: anywhere on the Website


Tahoma is a font by Microsoft designed by Matthew Carter. It’s one of the most in style sans serif fonts and is used widely on a distinct web site. The font is straightforward nevertheless elegant that makes it excellent to be used on blogs and websites.
ZippyShare, Marca, MakeMyTrip, Khan Academy, and selection square measure some websites victimization this font.

  • Typeface: Helvetica
  • Best Use In: anyplace on the web site

Zilla Slab

Zilla block is that the style type utilized by Mozilla for its product like the Firefox browser. it’s swish curves for a higher look and usefulness.

Due to its light-weight, the Zilla slab could be an excellent suited body content. it’s out there in ten completely different font weights and may even be used for headings. It pairs best with Roboto and Open Sans fonts.

Open Sans

Designed by Steve Matteson, Open Sans is my favorite font to use on a journal or web site. it’s neat and is optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces.

Available in ten completely different designs, Open Sans is best fitted to Heading, however, will be used for body content while not a flaw. And it pairs best with Oswald and Montserrat.


Bitter is another in style font that is meant for snug reading on any laptop or device. it’s designed by Sol Matas and has only three designs out there.

The ‘Regular’ vogue is thicker than different ‘regular’ typefaces. It will be best used for web site headings and sidebar. And pairs best with Open Sans and supply Sans professional.


Raleway is a chic type that appears straightforward on the eyes and skilled at the identical time. it’s out there in eighteen completely different designs and supposed for big size usages like headings and page title. Open Sans and Josefin block look glorious once paired with Raleway.

Nunito Sans

Available in fourteen completely different designs, Nunito Sans could be a well-balanced font with swish curves. it’s sensible on each article’s body and page headings. However, I choose to use it for the sidebar. Nunito Sans pairs well with Roboto and Montserrat typefaces.


As you will have already guessed, Ubuntu is that the font utilized by in style ASCII text file software package which works by identical name. it’s edges that look cool for technology-oriented websites and blogs.

Available in eight completely different weights, the Ubuntu type is most-suitable for content body and graphic coming up with. And it pairs well with Open Sans and Oswald for an expert nevertheless elegant look.

Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans comes below the group of fancy fonts and is so widely used for graphics coming up with work. However, because of its elegance, it will be used on an internet site while not an abundant drawback.

It is out there in ten completely different designs and appears neat for heading and sidebar titles. Moreover, it pairs best with Open Sans and Lato. If you’re using Josefin slab, check that to use a large font size since it will be tougher to scan in smaller variants


Arvo is another professionally designed type that looks pleasant on all screen devices. because of its thickness and curves, it may be used as an elaborate font.

It’s conjointly appropriate for prints Associate in Nursingd originates from an Estonian name that means “number, value, worth.” Arvo is out there in four completely different weights and pairs best with Oswald and Lato for a sophisticated look.


Another in style font is understood for its simplicity and adoption, Volkorn is wide used for article body and headings. It’s out there in eight completely different designs and pairs well with Lato and Roboto. This font is additionally adopted in prints in cases wherever a simple approach is taken. As you’ll see within the pic, Vollkorn doesn’t hurt eyes once reading notwithstanding smaller font-size is used.

Playfair display

If you’re searching for an elaborate font that is easy-to-read however doesn’t provide a bit of expertness, Playfair show is that the best Google font you’ll get.

It is popularly adopted by fashion blogs and feminine bloggers for body content additionally as headings. out there in half-dozen completely different weights, Playfair show combines best with Raleway and Open Sans Condensed.

Allerta Stencil

Initially designed for signage and posters, Allerta Stencil could be a tight fancy font which may be simply and scan from a distance.

Each letter of Allerta is distinguished that improves readability. However, it won’t look sensible on blogs and websites for body content. Allerta Stencil could be a theme best used for graphics coming up with and prints. It is out there in a mere one style and pairs best with Special Elite typeface.


The O font was at first designed for KDE Project, a libre desktop for the GNU+Linux operative systems. it’s stunning and because of its simplicity, O font will be used on desktop and mobile devices freely.

Available in mere 3 body weights, O is employed for article body and sidebar font. The letters are longer than usual and agents to give an expert look. it’s popularly paired with Open Sans and Oswald typefaces


Perfect font for essay writing, Lora could be an in style and one among the most effective Google fonts out there for free of charge. it’s brushed curves that make it appealing and complicated at the identical time.

It is out there in four designs solely, that square measure enough for story writing. Lora is best paired with Open Sans and Lato fonts. For the online, Lora looks good for the article’s body.


Lobster is another very talked-about fancy theme that is perfect the choice for graphics designing however the article body. because of its complexion, Lobster is that the hard-to-read font and needs stressing the eyes on bound words.

However, Lobster is a superb choice for headings (considering that they aren’t too long) for fun-filled writing. it’s out there in a mere one style and combines best with Raleway and Josefin slab typefaces.

Final Words

Content readability can impact the user experience of your site which in turn boosts the bounce rate and lowers the time a user spends on the site. Selecting a decent font may not seem an important task at the beginning, but as you start concentrating on blog metrics, you would know the significance.

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