Best Email Verification & Validation Services in 2021

Email verification is a very crucial process when it comes to email marketing. You can’t really move ahead with your sale strategy without verifying the validity of the email addresses in your contact list.

Errors while writing an email address, are very common. Owing to such mistakes an email address may turn invalid. When messages get sent to these invalid email addresses, they obviously get bounced. This reduces the deliverability score during the email marketing campaigns. To achieve a positive ROI on email marketing campaigns, the email bounce rate must be reduced.

You can minimize your email bounce rate by availing the services of email list verification providers. Here’s a list of some great email list verification services you can choose from.

Best Email Verification & Validation Services

CleanMyMails : Featured Email Verification Service


Although a pretty newcomer to the service, CleanMyMails surpasses a lot of email verifiers in multiple areas and does that at a very affordable price compared to some email verification tools. Since I often do guest outreach campaigns, I need an email verification tool to ensure those campaigns give max ROI, I gave CleanMyMails a try. The result was pretty good. From the user interface to the accuracy, I was satisfied and would certainly recommend CleanMyMails.

It’s also a super-strong point in their favor that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee along with a 99% email delivery guarantee.

Points to remember : 

  • Accuracy- 99%+ email delivery guaranteed
  • Real-time verifications- Yes
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee- Yes
  • Pricing- 100K emails for just $250
  • Monthly Subscription- Available
  • Tiered Discounts- Yes
  • Turnaround- 10k emails within 3 minutes
  • Free De duplication- Yes
  • Free Trial- 100 free email verification
  • GDPR compliant- Yes
  • Support via- Phone, Email & Live Chat



With its advanced data protection and 98+ accuracy rate, ZeroBounce has earned renown for email validation. Along with helping users maintain a healthy database it also offers an efficient system for email scoring, ZeroBounce A.I. It is dedicated to determine the security status of an email address.

Its proprietary technology makes use of algorithms to detect catch-all domains and identify which emails can’t be validated. It verifies if an email address is good or bad. It includes a system that focuses on detecting and removing spam traps from databases making use of proprietary algorithms.

The service identifies users with a tendency of marking emails as spam and separates them from others. ZeroBounce will bring down the number of bounces you encounter by identifying the unsafe addresses. It provides the toxic domains feature, these domains take care of emails that are associated with spam, abuse, or are bot-created.

While many companies cache results and use them again for the validation services of other customers, ZeroBounce doesn’t adopt this method. It always validates your data in real-time. Cached results from other customers are not put to use for your validation. This contributes to the accuracy rates the service promises. So, you pay for data that you actually get, at that moment.

The system works towards their detection and gets them removed. It has an impressive turn-around time as it processes 100,000 email addresses within less than an hour. For uploading lists and emails it accepts csv and .txt formats. It provides services that can be customized, the system can be scaled up to process file uploads and entries can go as high as millions. You can invite users to all work within one account under the same credits.

It provides four different levels of access: owner, admin, dev and simple user. ZeroBounce will add all the missing information to your email lists, such as the client’s name, location, gender, etc.

It makes use of artificial intelligence to decide how valuable an email address is. Zerbounce is also determined to safeguard the data of the users. It includes GDPR-compliant systems. the company adheres to the US-EU-Swiss Privacy Shield Framework, and it is presently working towards obtaining SOC 2 Compliance.

The team at ZeroBounce makes informative guides available to improve email deliverability, an in-depth explanation of spam traps and other facilities for the users.

You will receive your downloaded results in the form of an encrypted .zip file that contains .csv and .pdf reports. Users can create multiple API keys for various uses. The usage can be tracked based on the API key. If the API has been employed in different places and one of them needs to be turned off, that particular key can be disabled instead of replacing the key in multiple areas utilizing a new key.

It uses class-leading anti-greylisting technology. This is a step towards putting things in place through spam filters to make sure that marketing emails flow through safe networks. Installation is not mandatory for using ZeroBounce. Users can upload bulk lists, monitor API usage and download results on their account dashboard by simply logging in.



MyEmailVerifier provides you services to rid your list of all the wrong and inactive email addresses and claims to produce the best results. If users upload their complete unsorted list to their client area, they get a list of emails that are genuine and have no problems.

Once a secure list is ready, you can start sending your campaigns to people. This email address verification service provides real-time verification API for businesses that include email marketing as part of their strategy. It helps you build up conversion rates by improving the deliverability of your emails.

MyEmailVerifier is both user and client-friendly. The company is determined to fulfill every client’s requirements in the best possible way. It verifies if an email address is valid or invalid. The company specializes in Yahoo/AOL email verification. It displays a warning to the users on encountering disabled yahoo/AOL accounts.

As yahoo has recently introduced changes in its policies, this feature is especially helpful for bringing down the possibility of bounces. It works towards reducing the bounce counts by identifying the risky email addresses.

It utilizes toxic domains to find out email ids that have abuse history, those created by bots and other addresses that are unsuitable.

The system operates for the detection and removal of such emails from the user’s list. There are certain greylisted domains, you may not receive an immediate response from them on your first attempt. Retrying after 5-10 hours is advisable. Available integrations include Aweber, GetResponse, SendGrid, RapidAPI, etc.

Email Checker


It is one of the longest-running email checking services that give accurate email verification services available at multiple tiers, offering something to fit every budget range. Email Checker includes detailed integration documentation for Java, Python, PHP, and C#.

By both pay-per-use and full subscription plans you can get a platform for email validation which ensures that the email addresses you deal with are accurate and checked under all circumstances.

For the different requirements of its customers, the Email Checker provides different integration offers like using API for automated batch file submission and retrieval, access to FTP account and manual upload among others.

It has a batch API service designed from the ground up, that ensures faster batch processing of big sized B2B lists. Its dashboard has a drag & drop interface and is easily accessible to the users.

It provides you with a fast API with market-leading uptime. Email checker includes detailed documentation with an abundance of code examples, hosting takes place in GitHub. For the highest possible rates of accuracy, the company offers extreme Yahoo and Ymail options in their real-time API.

Xverify – Intelligent Email List Cleaning


This EU Privacy Shield Certified agency is based in the US, you won’t be disappointed if put your trust in them to assure the safe and accurate cleaning of your data. Xverify also provides DPA’s (Data Processing Addendum) to its customers who need this as part of their GDPR Compliance. 

It works towards verifying if an email will ultimately get delivered and not bounce back. Apart from this it also keeps a tag on emails involving high-risk, disposable emails, emails linked to online fraud, and other similar emails that can harm delivery. It includes an auto-correction feature. 

10% of the invalid email addresses in your list may be the result of typos. The in-built auto-correction instantly notifies the end-users when the spelling of a domain has been put in incorrectly. 

Xverify’s built-in fraud protection safeguards its users against email addresses involved with any online fraudster and chargebacks and finds out if email id is a temporary account.

It provides an accuracy rate of about 98% in terms of cleaning across all the major email platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc. It offers an impressive email verification response time for major domains such as AOL, Comcast, Gmail Outlook, and Yahoo taking less than 1 second to complete the process.

However, for validating a B2B email address, the time required to respond maybe more. 100,000 email addresses of B2C data can take up an hour and 100,000 B2B emails around two hours. Xverify offers services at affordable rates of less than $0.01 per email validation. Under pay-as-you-go plans, it provides customers with special discounts for large-volume lists.

API and JavaScript implementation methods are used for real-time verification. Your email lists can be uploaded in a .csv file format. Downloaded results are available in the .csv format. Users receive the same file with an additional ‘Status’ column, showing the status of each email address.

It removes emails that are hazardous and can slow down your workflow. You need not download or install the software. Xverify also detects habitual complainers, spam keywords, bad domains, disposable email addresses, and role-based accounts to guarantee effective results.

The affiliate monitoring feature will enable you to find out which affiliate or sub-affiliates have sent you a lot of trash data. It comes with the “Send Shield” technology, a unique email verification procedure which takes place in 7-steps to reduce the dangers of fraud. You can also monitor your own IPs for detecting blacklisting.



BriteVerify requires proper confirmation of the user’s identity with a Linkedin account after they’ve entered an email. It does not provide its services immediately after you sign up.

The verifier is neat and navigating through it is easy. It works on a drag-and-drop interface for the greater part. Once a list has been uploaded, users get a price quote for it based on the record count.

The services are priced at the rate of 1 cent per 1 verification, or 0.75 GBP if you don’t check more than 250K addresses each month. So, the cost of 100K emails amounts to $1,000. The accuracy rate for verification is 98%. The service works using a real-time API.

BriteVerify allows bulk email verification. The time needed for processing is 2 to 3 hours on average. The format for both your unchecked email list that will get uploaded and the data you download after processing is csv.

You can avail of a free trial by requesting one. It provides domain validation along with the detection of DEA. BriteVerify incorporates integration with a wide range of mail sender platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, etc. You need not download it if you wish to use it.



This email verifier is on the newer side and provides all the features customers require. There’s no need for a contract, you can make monthly payments based on the volume of your email checks. It offers a fine verification speed. An average list of 100K addresses takes around 45 minutes of processing time.

The company gives a 97% guarantee in terms of clean email delivery. Files can be uploaded through a service account. Users can update their own lists when the download has been completed, or export it to the email sender account.

Charges for 100K emails is $400. You get the facility of bulk email verification here as well. Your uploaded email list and the data you download after processing are in csv format. Neverbounce makes use of real-time API to ensure your emails never bounce.

About 1 hour is required to process 100K addresses. You get a free trial for your first 100 emails. You can avail of both syntax check and mailbox check. It offers spam-trap detection for better verification.

Users also get the additional features of results segmentation, 1000 free verifications with API, list analysis archiving and multiple ESP integrations. Installation is not necessary.

Mailbox Validator


Mailbox Validator offers users both single email and bulk email validation but the services require signing up. Once users sign up, they can upload a file with email addresses and begin the process of checking.

Before the list is ready for download you’ll get notified through an email informing that the validation process has been completed. Dashboard and navigation are could be more organized, but the most important part – verification is in good shape.

The price of 100K emails is $200. It has real-time API and provides both syntax check and mailbox check. Apart from domain validation, you also get DEA detection.

The upload and download format for files is csv. The first 100 emails get processed free of cost. Mailbox Validator provides users with the greylisting featureduplication removal, and spam-trap detection.

Additionally, it has role-based account detection, connection to SMTP servers and 1-year storage of results. Installation is not required.

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