Apps to Earn Talktime On Your Smartphone

So, here’s the thing, you use your smartphone daily. You use Facebook, Instagram sharing all your “Hawty Selfies” with your online #buddies & chatting all day. Admit it, we all do that, even me at times, but ever wondered that you can use your smartphone for something productive ? For Example earning a little balance for your mobile. Well you can , and with some more offers you can earn handsome offers & talk time. Let’s start with the things you can earn on your smartphones. Well we have Recharge balance, discount offers for online shopping. Talk time minutes & so much more.

Let’s start with Earning talk time & balance, but the main problem is most of the apps are available only on Play store & are not available on Apple & Windows Store. So if you use an apple or windows device than it might be little hurting. But don’t worry, we have Plan B too.

Also there are some apps which I would love to recommend for you. First one is Ladooo. This app is on my top of the list as it has more balance to install apps , plus, it has great contact support. Ladooo has recieved quite positive user feedback and is working great without glitches.

Next one is Mcent. Just use it as it has more balance for installing apps than any other app. But beware, it has many bugs & sometimes you don’t get balance either. Don’t abuse me if you didn’t get balance. I already told you.

There are whole lot of other apps like Earn Talk time & the play store is flooded with such apps. Just don’t get messed with wrong apps. Check for most downloaded and rated apps.

Warning : All these apps work with real android devices only.. So if you are trying to install it in your PC or laptop with Virtual App player. Don’t waste your time. I did so already =D

Coupon Dunia : Online Shopping

Love shopping online ? this might help you. Coupon dunia has a lot of promotional codes, coupon codes and coupons. Download the app from the store. Next register yourself with an account and get various coupons & offers to use while shopping online on sites like Flipkart , Amazon & several other sites. Also various coupons for Restaurants are available too. Even for your loving Macdonald’s too. Just copy the codes from the app or the website and shop online while saving.

Gift cards : Everyone loves these

E gift cards

Would you like to earn free Gift cards? Here’s the list of some cool apps & websites that can be used to earn variety of gift cards while playing some games & completing some easy tasks. Check these apps, Appbounty, Junowallet. Also there are hundreds of similar apps which functions the same. Check the ratings of the apps, if you want earn some real gift cards. Also, there are also some apps that will give you talk time while watching ads.

Plan B : Earn talktime while Sending SMS


Want to earn easy money while texting to your friends. Some apps Like LINE, HIKE & WE CHAT provide various offers & balance if you use their apps for instant messaging. For ex. There’s an offer in LINE app which comes monthly or weekly which provides free talk time to you if you send their stickers daily. Cool… isn’t it. I myself earned around quite fair amount while using all these methods within a month. I assume that’s enough information to make some money with your mobile. Comment below if you used any of these techniques & give a suggestion if I missed anything.

Final words : I know, these apps won’t turn you into over night millionaire. But this would be still better than nothing. I’ve been using these apps from quite a time and none of them let me down. There is only one thing you need to be aware of , there are lots of fake apps too. If you wish to know whether the app is fake or not, look for user’s comments and feedback. Also search google for “App’s name + scam” , results would surely help you.

You can also earn online by selling photographs online, or by affiliate marketing. So, how much did you earned from these apps which make money online with smartphone ?


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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