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Hacknovations is a blog about Blogging & Content Marketing. Focused on building up a resource for upcoming, new & existing bloggers to help them blog better. Hacknovations was founded on 22nd April 2014  and has witnessed several up’s and downs since then.

Hacknovations in a Nutshell

We’re a startup based in India. We believe in being open & transparent. One of the many ways we convey this across is by clearly disclosing our affiliate links. Another way we’d like to do it is by sharing our story so far.


The blog was started as “just another blogging” niche blog. Despite a lot of blogs in this very niche, we grew at a rapid pace. One of the key reasons why this blog grew fast back then was due to rapid content publishing on this blog. Our quality wasn’t top notch, but we were publishing one article a day.


This was the year of our growth. We were covering topics such as SEO ( search engine optimization ), blogging, infographics, make money online, Android and reviews. Due to the wide variety of topics and our DA, PA, we were getting approached by a ton of brands for sponsorships. The blog was making a fair income for me. We disabled Adsense in mid-2015 and started focusing more on affiliate marketing.


This was the year of my downfall. I became the only person publishing content on this blog. Due to schedule, personal problems and much more, I couldn’t get time to publish any content on this blog. Our traffic died, Alexa rank dropped, and we lost all our search engine rankings.


After thinking a lot,  I decided to focus more on a specific niche i.e Blogging.

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