5+ Secrets Bloggers Won't Tell You

What is blogging?

In simple words it is sharing your knowledge and what you know. But does that mean a blogger will reveal everything about him/her?

The obvious and correct answer is NO. A blogger (even pros) never reveal their complete secrets. This is why their position and value is supreme in the industry. The secret behind success of companies like nestle, coco-cola, red bull etc is indeed that they have managed to keep secret the formula of production of their product.

10 things bloggers won' tell you

But it is not the only reason why bloggers might hide secrets from you. As a reader you must be curious to know what these secrets are. In this article I will share 5+ amazing secrets bloggers won’t tell you.

Note ~ The following facts are derived from my personal blogging experience. The facts may vary from blogger to blogger. I don’t intent to hurt the sentiments of any blogger or reader. The article is intended for fun and cheerful purpose.

5+ Secrets Bloggers won’t tell you (Even Pro’s won’t)

making money is not easy
> This blog is not making money ~ How much does an average blogger earn? Well.. Majority of the blogs in the blogosphere earn nearly nothing.

It might sound a bit strange for a reader but for bloggers, it’s nothing new.

There are many reasons why a blog is not making money. Never mind the reason. Some bloggers don’t blog for profit, such as personal blogs, cause blogs etc. We all know “majority” of the people who dive in into blogosphere are after money and profits.

Any non-money making blogger would never mention he/she is earning nothing out of his/her blog.

Earning money blogging is not that easy. Few months back a reader emailed me a question asking “Can you really make money blogging?”. For a more detailed answer on this topic you can read that article.

If you ask a blogger, he definitely won’t tell you that his blog is not making any income.

> Some terms sound odd and meaningless ~ For some bloggers terms like affiliate marketing, seo, cascading style sheets etc sound like terms from outer space.

you know seo
For newbies these terms can be pretty confusing. I am part of more than 5 blogging groups on Facebook. Most often quite simple questions are posted.

On one side some bloggers aren’t interested in knowing what these terms are, and on the other side some bloggers make efforts in researching about these terms.

My 101 section is devoted primarily for introducing terms and things related to blogging.

It is easy to find a blogger including these terms in his/her posts , when asked he/she might not be able to explain what these terms.

A blogger won’t reveal you that he is not sure about those odd terms.

> Comments motivate me ~ Comments act as motivation for me (and for other bloggers as well). It lets me know that my blog and my work is actually being read.

Sometimes comments even make the article more informative. Every time I receive a notification email about someone commented on my blog, I have a smile on my face.

While a blogger may or may not tell you, but for sure he/she would love when someone comments on his/her blog.

But sometimes situations are opposite. Quite often I receive abusive comments, negative remarks, spam comments etc. Comments like this don’t receive love from bloggers.

> Content production isn’t easy ~ On an average I update one post per week or in three days. It might seem easy to write down 1000 words and publish them, but it isn’t.

content production is not easy
Quite often I hear people referring content production as an easy task. Content for sure is the king and the reason for the failure of majority of the blogs.

Many people believe that bloggers just copy paste content from google. This is not complete truth. Blogosphere has several fine content producers. Blogs with copied content fail to create brand. Although it is a fact that a lot of bloggers practice spamming and copy paste.

But readers are always hungry for “something new”. Bloggers continuously try to publish new and innovative content. It sometimes gets very hard to come up with a subject to write on.

After writing for a while some bloggers also face writer’s block.

> We also have life ~ Being a tech blogger, I never shared any personal thing except on my about me page. This is same thing with most of the bloggers in my niche.

Bloggers, especially tech bloggers and gamers are mostly called “computer worm” because they devote a lot of time with computers.

You need to accept the fact that bloggers too are humans. It doesn’t matter how much time they devote to computer.

Niche doesn’t matters, when I read or hear any blogger being criticized, I feel sad. Criticizing a blogger’s work is a bad idea. Most times the only thing a blogger has is hope. Breaking his/her hope by criticizing his/her work is not good.

> Selecting a perfect theme is damn hard ~ I changed my blog’s theme more than 50 times. This is because I am very selective. Most of the bloggers too get fed up with their blog’s theme after using it for a while.

In the first place finding a perfect theme is very hard. Most of the pro-bloggers use premium themes and custom build themes.

Also, changing the theme in short period of time can have an impact over blog’s SEO too.

As a reader you can figure out dozens of mistakes in a blog’s design. But as a webmaster it is quite hard to find a theme that can satisfy the taste of each and every reader.

After spending on several premium themes I thought to use a fairly simple theme and focus on content only. I now use a theme that lets readers focus on reading my articles.

> Managing a blog is not that easy ~ There is a huge difference between just publishing posts and actually making income from them. Majority of the bloggers are just bloggers, they are not marketers.

blogging is not easy
A complete blogger is a single person with personalities of an author, a marketer, promoter, web-designer, web-master and much more. Managing a blog is not easy. You have more than 10 things to care about.

A blogger is also an excellent student. To be able to continuously produce content and engage readers, a blogger has to be a consistent reader too.

Being the only administrator at this blog, I have to manage several aspects of this blog like logo creation, selecting perfect theme, content creation, managing ads, replying to reader’s comments, managing social media profiles, reading and responding to emails and much more.

Final words – Blogging isn’t walk in park. It’s a tough way from scratch to spotlight. Regardless of what hardships may come in a blogger’s life, he/she continues to publish content on his blog.

These were some things a blogger won’t tell you. This article was intended to bring some behind the scenes of a blog for readers.

If you are a blogger, please share some facts you won’t tell your readers. Let me know your facts, opinions and feedbacks in the comments below.


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Bro you have told about the top 5 Secrets….
It is very nice bro…
I have a Doubt – List me some good money earning website (affiliates) to earn .
But the above secrets are really awesome and stunning.

Alize Camp

It’s good to see these secrets from you and revealed it. Hope it will help more in next time with blogging jobs.

rakesh kumar

Hi rachit,
The bloggers who actually make money from there blogs even does not reveal that they are making big money. Most of the time screenshots and others thing shared on social media and blogs are only to attract the newbies who actually want to know how they are earning money.


    I agree with you. Photoshop is a quick tool to generate fake screenshots to post on social media and attract newbies.
    Thanks for commenting, hope to see you here often.


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