10 Plugins to Install After Fresh WordPress Installation

A few hours ago, one of my co-authors created his own blog. After a fresh wordpress installation he asked me which plugins he should install on his newly started wordpress blog. For a moment I was stuck, what plugins should I suggest ?

I went through my posts list, wondering there might be such an article, But there wasn’t !

It was a bit confusing for me to recommend the list of plugins. After finally recommending him some plugins, I though I should write an article as it will help a lot of readers who might start their wordpress blog in future.

So, here it comes the list of suggested top 10 Plugins to install after fresh wordpress installation.


10 Plugins to Install After Fresh WordPress Installation

1. WordPress seo by Yoast – By far it is one of the most installed plugins in the wordpress plugin directory. It has completed 1 million downloads, and so many users can’t be wrong. The plugin servers for more than one purpose for optimizing your blog for seo. Plugin also has functionality for adding sitemaps, adding open graph meta, editing .htaccess file, robots.txt file etc. You can also add breadcrumbs easily with this plugin. You should surely install this plugin after a fresh installation.

2. W3 Total Cache – W3 total cache is one of top most caching plugin and is used and recommended by most of the pro-bloggers. A caching plugin ensures that your site runs fast and is optimized for users. A caching plugin stores the data in visitor’s cookies so that same resources need not to be downloaded again and again. This increase page performance and conversation rates by decreasing page load time. You can also purge resources when you make a major change in blog.

If you don’t want to install w3 total cache, you can install wp super cache. But if you have the choice between these two plugins, you should choose w3 total cache.

3. Rocket lazy load – This one should probably be in your list if you are a speed minded bloggers. After installing this plugin, images would be loaded only when visible to the reader. For example if you have placed an image in post footer, it won’t be downloaded when reader is on top of page. As the user scrolls to the post footer, image would be downloaded once visible to user. This widely improves your page loading time and performance. There are couple of lazy loading plugins, but this one works fine without any glitches.

4. Google Analytics by Yoast – Google analytics is the #1 tool for measuring your site traffic , stats and user behavior. With this plugin you integrate google analytics within wordpress dashboard, you can view analytics from within dashboard as well.

Google analytics offers a detailed overview over your audience. You can view traffic right from the time of code integration, compare your reports, live visitor view, most popular pages arranged by most searched and most visited pages. This plugin is easy to install and integrates analytics view inside wordpress dashboard. There are several plugins made for google analytics but this one works fine.

5. WP Database backup – Backup is important, and this plugin makes backing up your database easy like walk in a park. If you’ve been reading my blog for quite a while you might have read one of my previous posts In which I explained how to backup wordpress database easily. In that article too, I used this plugin. The plugin makes backing up restoring database quite easy. You can backup database and restore it when you wish. From the starting of your blog itself, you should take regular backups for security purposes.

6. Clef – Clef is an awesome plugin which I recently installed on all my blogs except Hacknovations. Clef is brilliant security plugin which replaces your default vulnerable password form with a two factor authentication login form which works with a combination of your login form and your smart-phone. Yes, you actually login with your smart-phone. This makes your blog super secure. Like the previous plugin in this list, I have reviewed this plugin too in one of my previous posts. You can read my complete review in this post. Clef is one of the most recommended security plugins to protect against brute force attacks on password based login form.

7. Jetpack – I recently removed this plugin from my blog due to some compatibility issues. The reason it was making a lot of Unnecessary database queries. Although I recommend installing this plugin as it saves the space of more than 20 plugins. The features of 20 plugins are combined within this plugin and it can help you boost your blog’s performance. Like WP seo by yoast, this plugin also has been downloaded more than 1 million downloads. The plugin provides option to activate/deactivate modules based on your need. And who can forget it connects your wordpress.org self hosted blog to wordpress.com platform for stats and some other features.

8. Akismet – If you are quite new, you might have not faced spam quite much. But as you’ll advance you will receive tons of spam. Majority of the comments redirect to spammy websites, they don’t even add to the conversation. Bot spam are totally non-related to the article and reduce keyword density as well. Akismet is the most recommended plugin for spam protection. Akismet automatically puts a stop to your spam comment without any captcha field or visitor irritating stuff. From the time of installation ( 4 months ) Akismet has already protected by blog from 134,998 spam comments !

9. Floating Social bar – You should install a share bar to make it easy for your readers to share your post. Majority of the plugins reduce your site performance and increase the loading time. A drastic increase in loading time can drop your conversation rates. This plugin is very light weight and has negligible effect on the loading  time of your blog. The floating bar can be displayed on posts and pages. The plugin adds a floating horizontal share bar with social media buttons on top on posts, and it slides down as user scrolls down the page.

10. 404 to Start – With time Error 404 pages can increase, and these pages have a negative impact over your rankings. The more error pages you have, the more negative it will be for user experience. This plugin redirects any error pages to the homepage, or any url you enter. The plugin renders a 301 redirect from error page to home page or any URL you enter. A 301 redirect tells google that page has permanently moved away. This plugin decreases your error pages. For example if you go to this URL > https://www.hacknovations.org/i1h2ou12ohe80jsd it will redirect you to my homepage because it is non-existing page and without this plugin you would have been redirected to a Error 404 page !

What Plugins do you Install after Installing WordPress ?

These were a handful of plugins I install after a fresh wordpress installation. Although the list is my recommendation, I still think you might know some better plugins you might be using and suggest them too. If you know any plugins which can make this list better, do comment its name below to help me make this list better.

Final words – This was the list of 10 plugins you should install after installing WordPress. As I asked above you can suggest some plugins you use to make this list better.

Leave your suggestions and opinions in the comments below. Also do check out the following articles 1o things to plan before starting a blog and Things to do after a fresh wordpress install.

So, What plugins do you install after installing WordPress ?


Rachit Singh is the think tank & editor of Hacknovations. He is the author of two crime fiction books, founder of a content marketing agency ( Scribbify ) and a passionate marketer. He contributes and has been featured in several publications.

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Rakshit Joshi

Thank You for the suggestions, brother. I needed it badly. 😉


    Glad I could help. Thanks bro. for commenting. As you are building a website from scratch this might help you a bit.

Bilal Tahir Khan

Really Superb list i think all plugin is very use able and important for new word press user.mostly blogger use these plugin.
Thanks for sharing with us keep up it
Have a nice week ahead.


    Yes, I agree. Most of the pro-bloggers surely use and recommend these plugins. Thanks for commenting bro. You can tell a few plugins you love.

Joy Healey

Hi Rachit

I also install Broken Link Checker by Janis Elsts – helps keep those broken links under control 🙂

And I also always use Wordfence security plugin, although having just had a site hacked I think I have to look at Clef 🙁

Thanks for the suggestion, Joy


    Yeah I Agree, broken link checker is a plugin worth installing. Although I avoid installing wordefence as it creates several database tables and for me it seems quite a mess. So, I just install Clef security plugin to prevent my blog from brute force attacks. Additionally I have installed a protection against Ddos attacks.

    Thanks for taking your time to comment.


hey bro! this is such a wonder full list of plugin that must be installed on WP. thanku..


    Hi Mohit,

    I am glad you found the list useful. Nice to see you around on my blog.

    Thanks for commenting.


404 to Start and contact form 7 is a must for my new website, btw thanks for the great list of plugin..


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